Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know sometimes I act like it's all about me (I mean, this is The Daily Puglet). And as much as I wish this was true, I know it isn't. And to prove it, today I'm going to write about something not about me at all.

Dutch's bad microchip, to be exact.

It's kind of a long story that happened before I came along, but
from what I understand, Dutch had two microchip thingys and one of them kinda malfunctioned. Not like blew up or anything - more like moved, got stuck next to a nerve in his shoulder, and drove him nuts whenever he walked.

For months, Dutch scratched and scratched and scratched at his left shoulder. He saw three different vets, but none of them could find anything wrong with it. Th
ey just thought he was being weird. Like, OCD weird.

Dutch saw a whole bunch of special vets - skin vets and bone vets and nerve vets - but none of them could find anything wrong. My human came up with some crazy microchip theory, because Dutch always scratched in the same place and the place he scratched was kinda where a microchip goes. But the special vets thought she was just being weird too.

The scratching went on for like 6 months. When it got really bad, and there were no more special vets to see, my human took him to a vet friend of hers in Tahoe. He listened to her crazy microchip theory and thought it sounded "logical" or whatever. They took xrays and found out the chips in Dutch's shoulder were exactly where he scratched.

Dutch vs. The Bad Chip, round 1

The story gets longer (if you can believe that) but Dutch ended up having surgery to get rid of the evil chip(s). He had two of them (another long story), but the doctor could only find one (and that took hours or digging). So everyone crossed their fingers and hoped they removed the right evil chip.

Blah blah blah, Dutch healed and things were better without the bad chip. Until a few weeks ago when Dutch started scratching at the bad chip shoulder. Now he's walking kinda funny on that side, like he's trying not to bend his leg. My human's been waiting/hoping it would just go away. But it hasn't and now she's all worried.

Dutch on ice after bad chip removal in 2008

The good news is, we might take a trip to Tahoe to see the vet who removed chip #1. The bad news is, my human is afraid Dutch might need surgery to get rid of scar tissue. Or chip #2. Or something.

I'm not sure positive thinking can fix bad chips, but I figure it can't hurt. If all of us think positive at the same time, maybe Dutch will be OK. I kinda really want to go to Tahoe though, so don't start thinking yet. I'll say when.


Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Poor Dutch - we are sending positive thoughts and vibes his way!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Foodie Girl said...

Poor Dutch! I'm sending positive thoughts and will have my cat brother send them too.


Wilma said...

Oh Puglet,
I am so sorry to hear this news. I will definitely send positive thoughts and wishes for him to feel better fast. Me and Brigitte don't have those chips, but Sluggo does. Mom didn't hear a lot of bad things about them until it was too late. I know your Mom is real worried for Dutch,it was very nice of you to devote todays post to your bro. But, I'm not surprised you did
(((Power of the Paw)))

Simply Pug said...

We send pug hugs to poor Dutch.
We hope he will be up and running soon!
~Baby and Lucy the Pugs

Mel said...

Oh no Dutchicles! I hope your brother will be okay very soon Puglet. Even though my thoughts aren't puggy ones, I'm still sending healing and wellbeing thoughts his way!

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh No! Brother Dutch I am sending my positive thoughts your way. In fact, all day today I will shoot my orbs at strangers, steal their positive thoughts, then mind-orb them to you. I'm glad I got lots of sleep last night, my orbs are well rested. My mission is to gather so much positive energy, that you'll be dancing on the beach in no time.
Pug, once again you show how sweet you are by sharing your blog with your brother.

Noodle said...

Oh NO! Poor Dutch! Puglet, I think it's okay to hope for Dutch to be better AND that you get to go to Tahoe (for a non-scary-Dutch-related trip.) Thank goodness for your human's vet-friend!! I'm very luck because my human has one of those vet-friends too!! I've got my paws crossed that Dutch is unbroken soon!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet...it's true you really do love your brother. Pugs have extra room in their hearts, I'll put Dutch in mine so he can have even more love. Pugs & Kisses, Ellie from San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dutch! Pug prayers from PA for Dutch, Puglet.

Molly in PA

TLO said...

OH, no, poor Dutch!!! Sending very positive, loving vibes from the Northeast.
Paws crossed,
Flora (the Pug) and Butters (the Lab)

Ollie said...

I just had surgery in May so I know what it's like to be all stitched up along one side and lying on blankets when you'd rather be out running. Even though you're not feeling your best right now, stay positive. Look at me - I was a mess and now my fur's almost all grown back!
Hang in there buddy, your cyber pack is rooting for you. I'm sending beagle licks your way, rumoured to have powerful healing properties :)

Anonymous said...

You just say the word, Puglet, and we'll start shooting our positive energy Dutch's way. We're here for both you and Dutch!

Buddy the Pug said...


So sorry to hear about that. I didn't know that microchips can do that. That's scary.

Sending lots of healing puggy love your way.

Buddy the Pug

I Love Lucy said...

Evil Chip/Bad Scar Tissue, Leave Dutch alone now!
We love you Dutch. Sending you lots of hugs, love and positive thoughts.

Puggie kisses,

dw said...

Oh poor Dutch! Puglet, you really do care about your brother Dutch even if you hate to admit it. And I think that makes you even cuter! I hope Dutch can get all fixed up with his chip problem (guess it's not the type of chip you can help with, huh?). *hugs to Dutch* *hugs to Puglet for being a good brother*

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, it's Ellie again. My human told me that when I had an MRI my chip moved but it never bothered me. It moved from my pug phatt neck to my left shoulder. Ouch...poor Dutch. Use your magical powers to make him all better.

pugsmom said...

My human got so emotional about Dutch that she is leaking right now, so I have to take over. We (Phoebe, Kizzy, Olita, and Dutchy in Oregon) are sending positive thoughts and puggy prayers your way. Thank you for giving us a chance to help. We'll be waiting for the good report. Hugs,
Phoebe in Oregon

Pugs2Luv said...

We can't stand to hear that poor Dutch is not doing well. We love hanging out with him while you scout out snacks. We know that with all of the cyberpug(dog) community positively thinking healing thoughts for Dutch, he is sure to be okay. We are thinking of a happy, healthy Dutch; a happy, snacking Puglet & a relaxed, happy human on a fun trip to Tahoe. We'll focus on that until it happens. We hope Dutch gets better really soon.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

THE PUGLET said...

Awww, thanks everybody. I guess the positive thinking shouldn't wait until *after* we go to see the vet in Tahoe, huh?

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the thing with Dutch's chip isn't very common. It's common for them to move, but not-so-common for them to get stuck under a nerve like Dutch's did.

My human will look for some video she took of all the scratching. She sent it to the microchip people to see if they knew anything and could help, but of course they said it wasn't the chip's fault.

PinkPug,INK. said...

Sending Dutch positive thoughts & prayers too!

THE PUGLET said...

PS: if you ever need the most awesomest vet in the world, Dr Broomfield in Truckee is that vet. Before Dr B fices the bad chip, Dutch had seen 2 regular vets, 3 of the bay area's best orthopedic surgeons, 1 internal medicine dude, 1 skin guy, 2 neurologists and an entire team of whoknows what up at UC Davis.

Most common diagnosis? Nothing is wrong - it's a behavioral problem. Aka, Dutch is just weird - which he is, but not even the weirdest dog will stop every 10 feet, mid-fetch, to scratch a shoulder fro no reason.


THE PUGLET said...

Hey Ollie ~

Dutch wants to know how long it took for you to be normal and furry again. Says he feels all "naked" when people can see his skin spots.

Unknown said...

Positive thoughts coming Dutch's way, but also prayers going up to St. Francis.

Lafayette Lola said...

sending all my puggy love and hugs to Dutch today. Hope he's feeling better real soon.
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Seeing Dutch happy and playing, and nerve-chip free!

Anonymous said...

I hope Dutch feels better soon. Give him lots of pug hugs & belly rubs from us.

Ann & Frodo

Minnie Moo said...

Lots of positive thoughts going your way....right...NOW!

Dutch, please feel better!

Ollie said...

Hey Puglet & Dutch,
I'm just getting to the normal stage now (I think us short haired guys grow back slower). I looked really weird because I also have spots under my fur and the entire left side of my back end was shaved down so the whole world could see my secret markings. I wore a tee shirt for 3 weeks to keep the area clean and to keep people from gasping when they saw me (it really unnerved my human).
Now though, I'm as good as new. Surgery sucks but once your stitches are out, it's all in the past.

Kimmy B said...

Chips are supposed to be for eating. Period. I mean the idea is good to have a chip thingy inside you if you get lost but other than that ... who knew they could go bad? Kinda like potato chips if you don't eat the whole bag right away. Sorry I got onto the food thing when I heard 'chip'. Please tell Dutch we love him but not his bad chip(s) and we hope and pray he doesn't have to get another zipper. Puglet, maybe you can give him lots of massage therapy (we want a video) and it will make him stop itching. Here is my prayer for Dutch right now & tonight when I go to bed: "Now I lay me down to snooze, I pray that Dutch begins to lose, the urge to scratch the evil chip and will run & play without a limp." Love, Tink, Beans & Mick

THE PUGLET said...

Hi everybody ~

This is Dutch and the bad chip. I think your thinking might be working - I might be starting to feel better already.

We really should find a way to bottle this stuff!



Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hmmm we think those lil evil microchips need to go. Tuni has two chips (one doesn't work, it was from her previous life) and we hope they stay put. Good luck Dutch!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Tuni ~

That's how Dutch ended up with two too! He had one chip from Europe that didn't scan with american chip-readers so no one knew it was in there until the xray.

(the one that's still in there is an american one)


Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts for Dutch, poor baby. Mom has the same thing wrong with her neck and hurts her arm a lot. Didn't know she had a chip though. OUCH!

Pearl and Tessa

Suki said...

Sending positive thoughts your direction! The rubber, drain things look scary. Glad you have a nice Vet to help and make you better.


Christine said...

I think all the positive energy even got the sun to come out!

I went to Chrissy Field today and bumped into a local who told me that it was their first sunny day in a while-- and I thought of you!

Hope you feel better Dutch!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I asked my shrink mom to help me send positive energy to Dutch. She taught me Yoga breathing and meditation....Ohmmmmmmm.
Jax (the PA Pug)