Thursday, August 26, 2010


Gidget + Dutch's butt

My human says I have a very pug-centric view of the world. Which I think means I sometimes forget that the world doesn't revolve around me. Or even pugs in general.

I mean, it usually does - but not always. And after looking through the Virtual Pug (and other dog and cat) Sunday galleries, I realized just how many cool
non-pug friends I have. Including some kitties.

Dutch + Kumquat + Ben the Panda

Have to admit - kitties are alien territory to me. I've never met one and don't even know what their butts smell like. Dutch, however, is practically a kitty expert. Before I came along, Dutch shared what's now our bed with 3 foster kitties: Gidget, Julio and Kumquat.

Dutch + Gidget + Julio + Kumquat

My human says the kitties were 4 weeks old and supertiny when they came and were adopted about a month later. She also says Dutch was kind of afraid of them at first, even though they were about the size of a hamster? But Gidget fell in love with Dutch and followed him around everywhere. Eventually, he gave in. And when the kitties left, he was very sad.

Dutch + surrogate kitty

My human is kinda irked at the moment because she can't find all the cute Dutch + kitty pictures. But it was like a billion years, 2 cameras and 3 computers ago - and before ME - so what does she expect??

Anyway. Keep filling the gallery with cuteness. I'll be back tomorrow and things will be all about me again.

(read yesterday's post if you have no idea what the gallery is).


Anonymous said...

Hello Puglet,
We live with a fat cat, her name is Lucy. She's black w/black stripes,really when she lays in the sun you can see the stripes. She was at our home first so we have to be nice to her partly because she's mean. Our dad calls her a walking fur bag, she sheds lots. The upside is the litter box and her poop. Yummy! Not exactly chicken nuggets or wood chips but still a tasty little morsel if you know what we mean. Ellie, Emmitt & Eli from San Antonio.. PS you should get to know a cat they are strange little kritters.

Foodie Girl said...

Hey Puglet!

My cat brother Bo looks just like Gidget He's just as small too. I'm told he's only 2 months old and weighs about 3 lbs. Their butts smell OK I guess. Not as good as a pugs (of course). Having a cat brother is fun sometimes. I do get in trouble for playing too rough with him. My human caught me with Bo's head in my mouth. He didn't seem to mind. Well I'll try to get my human to post a picture of us on the gallery. She's not that smart, so I might have to use my pug jedi mind trick to convince her.

- Mookie

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,

My humans have two aliens - they were here before me too, but I think you're not thinking clearly because our house *does* revolve around me, so I do not have to be nice to them. They like to play tag, like they try to come out in the main area to say "here I am, get me" and 90% of the time I lose. In the off 10% of the time sometimes I catch them and lick them alot which really annoys them (like, really bad) but it makes me happy and that's all that counts.

Molly in PA

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Hey Puglet, We have two kitty brothers and one kitty sister. Our kitty sister loves hanging around us pugs but the other two don't want much to do with us. They are fun to chase though :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Ollie said...

Dutch's kittens are cute but don't let their furry sweetness fool you, Puglet. Kittens turn into cats and cats have major attitude. I've been chased down the street twice by cats for no reason. I even saw a cat run after a fox. Maybe there's something in the catnip up here but when cats go crazy, it's not pretty.

Lola said...

I have a black cat sister, Sunshine, and she totally rules the house. She doesn't like me at all. She cries, and when I go to check out what the prblem is, she smacks me around. Hard. Upside my head. Do you think I've learned my lesson, though? Nope. Every time she does it, I can't help it- I go right back for more. Everyone calls her a 'mean ass'. Or a 'witch with a capital B'. Whatever that means.
Lafayette Lola

Pugs2Luv said...

We have an understanding with the non-pug (cat) that lives at our house & that is: you are a non-pug so stay out our backyard & we won't chase you in the front. Other critters such as unknown cats, squirrels, birds, etc. stay out of our way if you know whats good for you.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Pug, you are so pug-centric. You make me laugh every day

Clandestine Cats said...

Puglet, you are so cool to show cool cats today. We is proud of you. We is cats too and one of us is on your gallery posing to look mysterious because that is what we be. You pugs have the butt sniff but we cats have The Look. Have you seen the picture? Do you like it? Does The Look make you wonder if you'd ever really be able to do a butt sniff on one of us? From your feline friends.

THE PUGLET said...

Whoa. I had no idea so many of you live with the kitties. And that kitties can be so... uh, mean? No wonder Dutch was afraid of them.

Anonymous said...

We like kitties, they taste like chicken (nuggets?)! Seriously though, we rarely get near one, we live in a pretty dog centric area (non pug except for us and two wanna be puggles)..and they don't come very often to the dog park. New neighbors moved in with cats...they don't seem to want to meet us.

Pearl and Tessa

THE PUGLET said...

"Kittens turn into cats and cats have major attitude."

He hee Ollie. You would make a good T-shirt writer :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Clandestines ~

I did see your uber-mysterious virtual kitty self. I had to ask my human what the word 'clandestine' meant -- that picture is totally clandestine-esque!

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

We don't have any kitty Friends at our house. Grover doesn't like kitties very much, he gets very cranky around them.

Anonymous said...

There are two non-dog, pet-like creatures in my home and they *never* want to play with me... since day one when arrived at my forever home a year ago (recycled at 2 years via the Humane Society), these weird furry things have hissed at me and waived their paws at me like they want to play - but then they just run away when I play back! What's up with that? Do I smell or something?

Mariah (aka "100 lbs of furry luv", per my 12 yr old human sista!)

Anonymous said...

hey puglet
I have 2 kittle siblings. Mitty kitty is black and white and she is 15 yrs old. my mom got her in kindergarten ( her first furbaby). and then theres my buddy crush he is orange and 7yrs old me and my bugg sister bella chicken like to chase them sometimes super fun.

Maxwell the beagle

P.s im not an okanagan dog for much longer.. my ma says we're moving back to our home town prince george british columbia. up north where all my snow is at winter :)

Gabby, The Gabbinator said...

Hi Ya Puglet,

Hooray for your kitty filled post today! This is Gabby the Gabbinator, Miss Gunnie's (the kitty) little sister. Most of the kittys mentioned in today's post sound kind of boring and too bossy. I just want you to know that there are some wild, fun kitties out there and I am one!

Your forbidden obession is woodchips, mine is plastic. I will eat any type of plastic available to me - plastic bags, plastic bowls, the plastic lining from the ream of printer paper, plastic bottle caps, bread bags, potato chip bags, garbarge bags, etc. If you look around our house you can see my tooth prints on every item made of plastic-my human trys to hide plastic items, but I find them!

My human hates to clean the litter box because she is always finding remants of what I eat in my poop - she has a fit! Not sure why I have this obession, but I love it!

Speaking of poop, cat poop is delicious and you should give it a try when you have the opportunity.

I also love paper towels, lint, dirt from the plants and rocks - paper towels are kept under the sink as otherwise they are destroyed.

We don't have any dogs in our house, but my human says she does not need one because she has me. I not only am destructive, but I fetch, I sit on command, my tail wags a million miles an hour all the time, I love to be petted and brushed and I am obessed with drinking water from water bottle lids. No bottle can be opened in my house without me drinking some from the lid ( I have my human trained). There is nothing better than cool fresh water!!!!

I wish sometimes I could be a dog like you and go on all your adventures, but I am living vicariously thru your blog.

Keep up the great work!

The Gabbinator

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hey Puglet...oh I don't do well around kitties, sadly. Tuni doesn't seem to even see the kitties (crazy old lady). Well your brother looks super sweet with the kitties here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, one of my best friends is a cat! His name is Mitch and he is great fun. I drag him around by his tail and he likes to hang onto my harness and spin in circles with me. We really are buds. I protect him from mockingbirds and he keeps me company when mom walks me late at night! Jax in PA

Anonymous said...

Ollie and Lola: LMAO! Those comments just made my day

true about cats though

Anonymous said...

Hey Lola-

Shouldn't your cat be called Stormcloud, instead of Sunshine? Seems to me there's should be some re-christening/renaming going on in your household.