Monday, August 9, 2010


So, I was looking at some old Daily Puglets over the weekend and found when we all wrote those Six Word Memoir things. It was such a cool way to get to know everyone, and I think I've made a bunch of new friends since then, so if you haven't already written a pug-sized memoir - today's your day!

If you already put your life in six words (or just aren't into writing) I have another getting-to-know-everyone idea: movie characters (TV ones are OK too).

If you were a movie character, who would you be?

I would be Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club, played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. It's kinda hard to explain why my character is played by two actors, but I think the Brad Pitt / Edward Norton combo pretty much sums me up. The Brad half of Tyler Durden is supercool, a little wacko and a total stud; the Edward half is a little dorky, kinda snarky, and smart. Sounds a lot like me to me. Right??

Brother Dutch's movie-character-self would totally be the guy from the movie Rain Man. Not the cool guy in the sunglasses played by the Oprah-couch-jumper dude, the other one. The ridiculously smart one who'll only wear underwear that comes from Wal-Mart and freaks out if he doesn't get to watch Judge Wapner.

Totally things Dutch would do. If he wore underwear and watched TV.

Google says Dutch's movie-character-self (played by Dustin Hoffman) is Autistic, which Google also says is almost kinda sorta like having Asperger's. I've heard my human say she thinks Dutch has "doggie assburgers", but I always thought she was talking about farts. The Rain Man guy is sooo much like Dutch though, I'm thinking she meant Asperger's, not assburgers.

Anyway. Who would your movie/TV-character-self be??


Crabbie Chris said...

Hehehe...this is easy. I most resemble Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter story, played by Helena Bonham Carter. I was named after her because of the traits the character possesses. First off, I'm fiercely loyal, and I will stick by your side until the bitter end (Spoiler note...just like the character did with Lord Voldermort). Next, I am super smart and crafty, I can get out of any situation with my brain (or my good looks). Mom also thinks I resemble her, I seem to have the same hair color with while highlights (my wisdom patch on my chin). Mom says our biggest similarity, is that sometimes I have a lot of trouble-making and evil running through my veins. I pug has to do what a pug has to do...just don't put a wand in my paw.

Foodie Girl said...

Very funny Puglet! My human says I'm just like Donkey from Shrek. Apparently we sleep the same way. She also says that Bo, cat brother, is Puss and my daddy is Shrek. I guess that makes her Fiona!

Noodle said...

I must have missed your 6 word memoir thingy. (I'd just moved to my forever home.) So, here it is:

Having allergies sucks. Need more food!

As for fictional characters, I'd have to go with that little dude, Oliver. I think he was originally a Charles Dickens literary character, but I'm sure they made a few movies about him. Like me, he was an orphan. Also, like me, he can't get enough to eat and desperately pleads for more food! "Please, may I have some more." My pathetic little bowl of food is never enough!!

Erin @ Slipcover Your Life said...

Hey dutch, quick question for you (kind of pertains to the rain man thing), my friend says you don't like henrietta chicken dressed as elvis, just the one dressed in the bikini, is this true? This would def. help explain your movie character a bit...

Georzetta said...

My family says that I am like the singer, Madonna. I can never get enough attention and I am always telling everyone what to do.

Annie Pug

Anonymous said...

hahaha. This post is so funny. "assbergers" what a riot!

Catherine said...

Ever see The 40 Year Old Virgin? I'm the double for Andy Stitzer, Steve Carell's character. A super nice guy, who's a little clueless and never got laid.

Pablo the Pug

Anonymous said...

Cleo (my furry sister) & I actually took a 'test' to see what famous person we would be a long time ago. I am Johnny Knoxville because I'm silly & a 'jack'***!! Cleo turned out to be most like Oprah.

(BTW it's 10:37 am here & I just got out of bed!!!) Mom says I'm also a bum.

Frodo (& Cleo)

Ollie said...

I'm like Chopin played by Hugh Grant in the movie Impromptu: sensitive, shy, girly kind of guy who is still a babe magnet because of his good looks and artless charm.
There's a scene in the movie where Chopin faints during a duel he has been forced to accept and his lady love (George Sand) runs onto the field to rescue him.
This is where we differ. My gal Minnie would never have to do that because I wouldn't faint. I would just run like hell.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Bella T -

That Helena Bonham Carter lady was in my movie too! I can kinda see how you look alike - she's got the orbs too (yours are cuter though).

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Ollie ~

Maybe Dutch could be one of those understudy things for your movie-character-self? He is also a sensitive, shy, girly kind of guy. He's not a babe magnet though. I think he likes boys.

THE PUGLET said...

"A super nice guy, who's a little clueless and never got laid."

Uhm, Pablo, what's laid? I've never gotten any of that either. I don't think.

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh - Frodo, your sister is like Oprah? That could be cool. Or kinda intimidating. I mean, Oprah!

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Noodle, I think all pugs have a little Oliver in them. Even if they weren't oprhans, we always always always want more food :)

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, I've never seen Shrek. Can anyone fill me in on how a donkey sleeps?

THE PUGLET said...

Hi, this is Dutch. I used to only like the bikini Henrietta, but now I like the playboy bunny one too. They are quite similar, except the bunny one has ears and maybe some plastic surgery.

I don't think I would ever like the Elvis/Earl chicken though. He has stubble on his chest. Eeew.

Anonymous said...

We missed out on the six word thingy...we are going to attempt...Movie, whats a movie? Talked to mom about it, she promised us we would have a movie marathon soon.


Sensitive, shy, SNORER,
around food, hovers.


Bedhog, the Queen
Completely, utterly, PUG.

Pearl and Tess

I Love Lucy said...

Hi Puglet,

This is fun. My mom says my movie character is Lana Turner because I have long beautiful legs, a sway to my walk, and a coy look in my eyes. I don't know what the sway thing is about, but if mom says I have it, fine with me as long as she keeps the treats comin'.

Puggie kisses,


THE PUGLET said...

"around food, hovers."

He hee. You're my kind of girl, Pearl. My 6 word memoir is:

Mouth never empty, stomach never full.

Wilma said...

Hi Puglet,
I like this. I missed the 6 word memoir so I'll do that one first:

Me- call me and I won't come

Brigitte- my mommy my mommy my mommy

Sluggo- little baby brother must have lap

We are all 3 most like characters from Giligan's Island:

Me- Ginger (but smarter)

Brigitte- Mary Ann

Sluggo- Giligan

JJ Lynne said...

oh boy, this is fun. James Dean would be Jim Stark from Rebel Without a Cause, because he is a total badass just like the actor that he was named after.

Ringo would be Donkey from Shrek, because he is a super sidekick who is always tagging along with a member of the family.

Personally, I would be Allison from Yes Man. Allison is played by Zooey Deschanel and she is a lot like me. She is laid back, with a great sense of style, a love for art, and she is full of spunk and energy.

This was a fun little game. I love your idea of being Tyler Durden. He is one of the most badass characters of all time!

<3 - Jess, JD, and Ringo

Erin @ Slipcover Your Life said...

Thanks for clearing things up Dutch! Passing the info along to my friend...

Edward the Pug said...

Well isn't this fun? My 6 work memoir would be:

Snoring is great. Eating is best. :)

And I am hands down sure that I would be Buddy the Elf in that Christmas movie that my humans always watch. I never know what's going on and usually just do what I am told. :)

Great post puglet.

Anonymous said...

OK, our mom has been going brain crazy trying to help us with what movie character we are...she says she may be getting gimpy like your mom. First she came up with Delores Claiborne for Tessa (because, sometimes being a b#($h is all you have to hold onto), but changed her mind to Thelma and Lousie....not sure who is who...she says we can watch it this weekend at granny's.

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said... says if she had to find a character for would be Elaine from Seinfeld.

3pugs2luv said...

Wow you have really stumped our human on this one, Puglet. She has been puzzled by this all day. We have no clue. Phoebe needs a character that's a little bit crazy, not afraid of a fight, ready for any kind of trouble and won't shut up. Zoey needs a character that is quiet, introspective, loyal & supportive to the ones she loves but has one button if pushed will set her off (in her case the evil squirrel that lives in the neighbor's tree).
If anyone knows of any characters that fit these personalities, please let us know. It's driving us crazy. Thanks.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Mimi, Diva Dog extraordinare said...

my mom says i'm named after the character Mimi from the drew carey show because I think i'm the queen bee and everything should always go my way. I can be pushy and aloof sometimes but I know my mom loves me anyway. I consistently ignore the word 'no' and do what i want, when i want

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Wilma ~

I've never seen your Island show but my human said I'd probably be the Skipper "with a touch of Gilligan and a hint of Ginger". Dutch would be Mary Ann.


THE PUGLET said...

He hee Edward the Pug ~

Buddy the Elf is an *awesome* pug movie-character-self. My human can't stand that Wil Farrel dude, but even she liked the Elf movie.

THE PUGLET said...

Lucy, I don't know what a sway is either but if it scores you cookies, I say keep swaying.

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh, James Dean. My human says he's the original badass. Even badassier than my Tyler Durden. How cool are you.

Hmmmm. 2 shrek Donkeys? Now I really have to watch that movie :)

THE PUGLET said...

Uh, Pearl and Tessa - Google says the Brad Pit half of my character was in the movie with your characters!

agent99 said...

Not sure if this counts as a "movie character", but the Foo is a dead ringer for Betty White. She might be old, but she hasn't lost her sense of humor! Hmm, as for me? Well, I'd like to think I'm Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blond. Pretty AND smart.
Love Gen & the Foo (aka Lefty)

Puglet - your post are the BESTEST.

THE PUGLET said...

Hmm, Zoey & Phoebe ~

Maybe you could be Tyler Durden with me??

THE PUGLET said...

Mimi, my human says if I wasn't already Tyler Durden (and wasn't already a boy) I could be Mimi from Drew Carey too :)

3pugs2luv said...

That's a good idea...we are really both ends of the spectrum like Tyler Durden. The neighbor said Phoebe was like Sue Sylvester from the TV show Glee, she's a badass who loves trouble. The only thing we came up with for Zoey is Maxx the Grinch's dog, he's loyal no matter what,somewhat reluctant & really just wants to be loved. You've got everyone around here having a lot of fun thinking of movie characters. Thanks Pug for another great post. Again, you gat us all thinking
Z & P

Buford T. Justice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Buford T. Justice said...

OK, le's see. Our human is racking her brain to come up with movie characters for us.

The first thing that came to mind was for Lacy so here goes.....

Lacy would be the shark in Jaws cause our human says she has shark teeth. If you ever see a picture of her smiling you would know what she means.....

Peg would be Frankenstein. Momma calls her Frankenpug sometimes cause she walks with a limp and has a permanent head tilt and weird tail....She had to be fixed by a Vet way before she came to her forever home and momma loves her to death but she is still Frankenpug.

Bambi would be Shelly from the movie House Bunny cause she used to get by on looks alone but now has learned to use her brain too.

and I, Buford T. Justice would be Hooch from the movie Turner and Hooch because I am ALWAYS making some kind of mischief or getting into trouble.....(I recently knocked 3 ziplock bags FULL of treats off the kitchen counter and ate them ALL!!!!! no I didn't get sick, momma doen't know how I do it.

This was fun, THANKS!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I am Lady and your my Tramp Puglet! XoxoxoxoAine

Unknown said...

Assburgers! LMAO funny!! The actor that best describes me is Donkey from Shrek. My human says if i could talk, i'd never shut up. Six words ~ IMPOSSIBLE!! Here's my favorite line and somthing I would def say...and there was this one time I ate some rotten berries. Man, there were some strong gases seepin' outta my butt that day!

April said...

Hey Puglet,
I guess it's time I quit stalking your page and make a comment, huh? My mommy says my six word memoir would be:

Toys are mine, keep paws off.

I guess I'm a bit possessive of my toys, especially because she keeps bringing stranger pugs to my house and lets them play with my toys. She tells me I need to share because they are foster pugs and need to be extra-spoiled. Whatever!! They are my toys, get your own!

As for the movie characters, I'm not sure about that one yet. When I looked at my mommy for guidance, she had no clue. Sheesh, humans these days, huh???

Thanks for letting me play along,