Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last night at approximately 2:03 we had a little visitor in our kitchen. The Visitor woke me up, and I woke Dutch up and we both woke my human up. She wasn't exactly happy about this.

Me and Dutch could totally hear and smell The Visitor in the kitchen all the way from the bedroom. And it smelled scary. I wanted Dutch to go first, he wanted me to go first. So we both just stood on the bed and barked. Of course my human couldn't hear or smell anything, so she wasn't exactly happy about this either.

After about 5 minutes of our best barking and growling, my human finally stopped telling us to shut up, got out of bed and turned on a light in the hallway. And there was The Visitor, standing there in the kitchen doorway wearing a mask, just... staring at us.

I wasn't really afraid or anything, but I was kinda too afraid to move because we've never had a masked Visitor (or any strange visitor) in our kitchen at 2 in the morning. And The Visitor was bigger than me and smelled scary. Dutch hid behind my human and growled. My human kinda screeched a little and grabbed our collars. The Visitor stared at us for a few very long seconds, then ran out the dog door.

Of course I wanted to chase after The Visitor's masked, trespassing be-hind and totally go poodle, but my human said no way. I argued, but Dutch didn't. My human locked the dog door shut and mumbled something about raccoons in the hood and no going poodle and rabies. I'm not 100% sure what she meant, and she was kinda grumpy about being awake in the middle of the night so I didn't ask.

I guess maybe The Visitor was a raccoon?? Anyone here have raccoon experience?


Anonymous said...

Puglet, you are so brave, but so smart. Did the raccoon look like you, but with reverse colors (and a nose?) Did it look like he was wearing a black mask a la Zorro? Then that was your caped crusader, and yes, it was a raccoon

Anonymous said...

Puglet.. you had a raccoon in your kitchen..shut up, really?

We have lots of raccoons where we live, the stupid neighbor across the street feeds them, he even named them...Rocky, Morty & Eddie. When they don't get free food they open the trash bin when its trash pick up day.
Did you know raccoons have paws like little hands, they can open stuff..all sorts of stuff.

Hey, maybe the racoon opened your doggie door with his little *hand* paw. What a way to freak your human mom.
Tee Hee, you have us laughing Puglet
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli from SA, TX

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet :)

My human just screeched a little at the thought of a raccoon chillin' in our kitchen - your human is waaaaaaaay more brave than mine.

I also think that your new term "go poodle" is hilarious :)

Molly in PA

AdS said...

Wow, Puglet, I'm glad you are all okay. When I lived in the Bay Area we saw a lot of raccoons and they were waaay bigger than a puglet.

We used to have a cat with a gimpy brain that would hide from everything, a real fraidy cat. One day a HUGE raccoon waddles into our house towards fraidy cat's food! The cat was NOT ok with this and screamed at the raccoon to go away and chased it all around the house! We made our cat door smaller after that.

P.S. I saw some of your videos on YouTube last night and what a superstar you are! Eco-friendly too!

Chrissi said...

Oh my god! This sounds halloweeny. But you, Dutch and your human were so brave.
All the best

Noodles said...

UGH!!! I don't like raccoons or opossums! They have both invaded my suburban turf a time or two. They just sit on the fence staring - and totally freaking my humans out.
You were very brave Puglet, but your human was so right to stop you from GOING POODLE all over him.
Love Noodles

I Love Lucy said...

YIKES! Good lookin' out Puglet and Dutch. If it weren't for you two braves hearts, the visitor may have tried to climb in bed with you and your human, much worse, eat your treats! Scary!

DMBY said...

Whoa, I can't believe that guy came INTO your HOUSE! What a cheeky bastard!

You and Dutch did a good job protecting your mom, even if it was kinda scary.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Oh good thing it ran away!!! Phew!

~The Monster Crew

Lola said...

Hi Pug! OMGosh! So scary... and how brave you are! I live only about 15 miles from SF, and we get tons of critters in our yard- turkeys, deer,racoos, opossums,gophers. I totally bark at them, but only from inside the house or from the other side of the fence. I also bark at our scarecrows, palm trees, and the corn we have growing on the side of the house.
My bark is sort of like a 'woo-woo-woo', though- not really scary, my mom says.
Good lookin out for your human, Pug!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your raccoon was the one that ran across the street when mom was driving home from dining out last night! She said it was ginormous...
OH, Puglet, you are so brave--and Dutch, too. Good for you both for barking and scaring it away!
XO Flora the Pug

Wilma said...

Oh my Puglet! And Mom thought she had it tough with a couple dead mousies I found. I know if one of those guys came in our house, Brigitte would be the one to go all poodle on his butt. She used to chase down a squirrel in nano seconds in her youth.
Mom said check out this youtube video

Also there is one of a raccoon stealing a rug that is pretty hysterical. Maybe you should set up a video cam. That footage could be featured in your next video!

Foodie Girl said...

Puglet! You brave soul! There are no raccoon things in my hood, but I went to visit my human's mom and saw one. It didn't try to get in the house, but it was chasing a fat black cat with a stripe down his back. I think it caught him too because I wasn't allowed in the backyard because of the smell.

Just make sure your human locks the dog door. You don't want him to steal any of your snacks (since you are already being deprived from the frolic issue).

Give my best to Dutch!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Husband saw a raccoon over the summer when he came home and thought oh no Frodo got out. I can see why he would think it was Fro (little boy has gained weight & now weighs 27 lbs!!!) & is probably the size of a raccoon.
How scary for you guys - glad no one got hurt.

Ann & Fro

THE PUGLET said...

Ok, so it sounds like The Visitor was a raccoon. Now the next question I have is what the heck did a raccoon want with our kitchen? And why wasn't it sleeping like everyone else??


My human is kinda freaked out that there are raccoons in our hood. I mean, we live in the city. Don't wild things need trees and caves and stuff to hide in?

I'm just glad we don't have all the other wild stuff the rest of you have. At least I don't THINK we don't have them. I didn't know until last night that our hood had raccoons!

PS: rabies or no rabies, if any uninvited visitors try to steal cookies from my kitchen in the middle of the night I am TOTALLY going poodle.

THE PUGLET said...

Holy cowpies Frodo -

You're really the size of a raccoon? No way. Maybe the Jersey raccoons are smaller. The one in our kitchen was waaaay bigger than any pug I've ever seen.

BadAnnie said...

Doggie doors are bad business. They always let in the vermin! My friend was working for the US Embassy in Uzbekistan a few years ago and decided to host a Thanksgiving Dinner for the other US citizens stationed there. The turkey had just come out of the oven and was sitting on the counter cooling while everyone was enjoying drinks and snacks when the dual chihuahua alarm went off. "Mom & Dad" went to see what the fuss was about and arrived in the kitchen just in time to see two HUGE raccoons stealing the turkey and trying to make their way to the doggie door with it!!

Massimo said...

You had me going for second... I thought it was something (or someone) else!! Scary!

I'm glad you are ok! I've never dealt with racoons. They mainly come at night and frolic in the backyard... drink water from my bowl... :-|. I'm a deep sleeper, believe it or not.

Anywho, yeah.. you don't wanna get mixed up with racoons. They carry rabies. Gross.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
You are so brave! I have a cat friend who house was invaded by a mama raccoon & two babies via the cat door. They totally trashed the house when the human's were on vacation.

Stay safe, watch out for the masked critter. Thank goodness it wasn't a Skunk! That would have been way worse!


pugsmom said...

You and Dutch don't want to mess with a raccoon. Our big brother Harley the Keeshond, who went to sleep a few months ago, tried to chase a raccoon out of our back yard once and he got his feet all bit up and bleedy too, really bad. Stay away from them.
Our mom saw a coyote about a mile from our house this week. She said people are taking their homes from them and they don't have any place else to go. We get locked in at night so we can't get out the doggie door. I'm not a big fan of wild animals on my turf either. I'm glad the raccoon left without a fuss. Good job boys--and your human too.
Phoebe in Oregon

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Scary Puglet!!!! Stay safe tonight.

Pugs2Luv said...

We're glad no one got hurt or anything like that. The raccoons around here are big, fearless & sometimes a little agressive. We see then all around our neighborhood. The one in your house probably came up through a sewer pipe. Let's just hope he doesn't come back. No cookie is worth getting hurt over.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Salinger The Pug said...

OMG! Mom would have crapped a toaster!!!

Glad you're ok dude!!!


Anonymous said...

I brought in half a squirrel last week, Freaked my mom out big time! It was quite tastey. I was kind of sad when mom took it away.

Beatrice the Sheltie

Anonymous said...

Puglet and Dutch, first of all racoons are just like that! They love cities-trash, dumpsters etc and they love kitchens-flour, sugar, trashcans etc. But they can be very mean and dangerous! No match for a spottie dog or a pug!! You guys be careful cause their claws are really sharp and quick! We know this in PA! Jax from (you know)PA

Sandy said...

Oh my had me really scared...but a racoon is better than a "human" visitor in the middle of the night. I'm glad he left out the same door he came in with no problems. They are pretty smart. We had a pair that would visit here at night. One was swimming in the pool on night. Not sure if he fell in or did it on purpose.

Aine said...

Glad you are okay Puglet!