Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday I heard my human on the phone talking to someone about Nikon. Since she wasn't talking about me, I didn't really pay much attention to what she was saying. I mean, she talks about stupid camera stuff a lot.

So, I didn't think anything of it until she started taking Nikon apart. First she took the strap thing off, then the lens and battery and memory. Then she starting hunting around for a box. And that's when I panicked.

ME: what are you doing to Nikon?

MY HUMAN: Nikon is going away for a little while.

ME: away? Away where? For how long?
MY HUMAN: to the camera spa, for about 2 weeks.

What the?? I've been reeeally good since the poodle incident. There have been many MANY times I've wanted to go poodle on someone, but I've controlled myself. I've stomped down my urges. I've been good. Well, at least since the last time my human threatened to get rid of Nikon.

But despite my extrasupergood behavior, my human stuck poor Nikon in a box and gave it to the UPS man. Dutch said "the camera spa" might be human code for going away and not ever coming back!

The address on the box Nikon got stuffed into is some place called El Segundo. It's here in California, but I've never heard of it. I'm a little worried I may not see Nikon again. Has anyone ever been to El Segundo? Is there really a camera spa there???


agent99 said...

2 weeks at the spa? Sign me up!! Hope mom has a back up, or how will she shoot dogs? For that matter, why didn't anyone think of shooting the racoon invader? Oh, yeah, it was 3am.
FYI, I'm on my 5th Nikon. I wish I hadn't lost the FM2 in the divorce. Wish I really knew how to use the D3000.

Edward the Pug said...

OH NO! Sounds'd better consult with Google on this one!

Although yesterday my human sent some of her lenses to the "camera spa"....maybe there is something going on in that place called El Segundo California.....I'm sure Nikon will be back again. Soon.

You deserve some extra cute photos when Nikon gets back in my opinion! :)

Ollie said...

Don't worry, Puglet. It sounds like Nikon needs a break and is going on vacation. It's something my human does regularly so she doesn't lose her mind and Go Poodle on everybody for no reason. She takes a plane though, not UPS.

Anonymous said...

I used to live near El Segundo when I lived in Hermosa Beach, so it really does exist. You look very sad about Nikon, because we all know Nikon=cookies=attention, and what does a pug love more in life (besides food)? Attention.

I Love Lucy said...

Ohhh Dear Puglet,
Do not fret. My human works in El Segundo, and guess what? Her work building sits at the corner of Apollo. I'll ask her to keep a look out for Nikon, and make sure the camera spa takes extra special care to return Nikon to your human safe and sound.

Kimmy B said...

Oh Puglet, Fear NOT! Look at your paw covering some words on the box. It tells Nikon where you live and she can come home after her spa treatment - any time she wants. If your human was sending Nikon away forever, there would not be any words under your paw and then we would all be sad. I just hope she brings you back from cookies from the spa. Or some little slippers. Stay busy & practice your cuteness while she is gone. Bye - Pug Hugs from Tink, Beans & Mick

Anonymous said...

looks like you're trying to stop your human from mailing out Nikon. I'm sure she'll return safe and sound and you'll be posing in front of her in no time

pugsmom said...

My mom had a camera whose name was Fuji. Fuji was silver and shiny and took great pictures of how cute us pugs are. One day the flap that held in Fuji's brain fell off. Mom took him to the place where she got him and they KEPT him!! They gave her another camera whose name was also Fuji, but he was black and shiny. He was also very talented and took great pictures of us. Then Fuji the second's brain flap fell off. Mom didn't want to take him back. She wanted him fixed, not kidnapped. She fixed him herself with a paperclip. Black Fuji is still taking lots of great pictures of me and my puggy gang. Don't despair, Nikon will be back all rested and refreshed and will continue to capture all the cuteness of you and Dutch (and all the dogs your human is cheating on you with too).
Pug hugs, Phoebe in Oregon

Beans4Biscuits said...


Don't be sad about Nikon, it will come back to you even better than before!

Your blond-not-GRAY Who, Sugar

Pugs2Luv said...

OOOOOg our favorite vet is not to far from El Segundo. So if the spa is anything like our vet down there, then Nikon is in good hands. Lets just put it this way we loved seeing our vet so much we never wanted to leave 7 when we did we had all kinds of cookies & was pug heaven. In cas you're wondering we're originally from Southern California, we are not our human. Our human's from the Bay Area but lived in Long Beach & Seal Beach for a few years & we are so happy she did otherwise we would have never met her & we'd be some other humans pugs right now. You'll see Nikon soon don't worry.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Puglet we hope Nikon comes back better thatn befores! Im sure he is just going in for a lil tune up!!!


Anonymous said...

Dutch it totally messing with you! He knows your thing with Nikon, and is trying to get a rise out of you!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Puglet! El Segundo has a special spa just for Nikon, I looked it up on Google so I know that it's for real. Don't listen to Dutch, he's just being a turkey.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

El Segundo is right near the LAX airport!!! If Nikon really needs your help, you could always hop a plane!!!! I am sure Nikon will be fine but we'll cross our paws for you anyway!

~The Monster Crew

THE PUGLET said...

Phew! You guys are making me feel so much better. Dutch totally freaked me out with the whole spa is secret code for "never coming back". Jerk.

And I totally can't believe I Love Lucy's human works RIGHT near the Nikon spa! How random is that? I think the Universe made that happen. Y'know, just in case Nikon doesn't come home soon.


THE PUGLET said...

Agent99 ~

You've had 5 Nikons? Holy! This is our second Nikon. Before that, my human's camera was named Canon. It made her swear a lot, even after it went to the spa. Twice.


I just remembered something. We got Nikon because Canon was sick and a trip to the spa didn't help. If Nikon really IS at the spa to heal, what happens if the spa-time doesn't fix things??

HUGE sigh.