Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's been a few days since we've gone on any adventures. A few very long days. It's because my human still sounds like she's turning into a pug. We've been snuggling a lot more than usual, but I'm kinda getting tired of snuggling and I think my human is too.

My friend Lily's human gave her some ancient Vietnamese secret recipe that was supposed to fix the sickness. Orange juice and ginger and that sticky stuff bees make. It smelled NASTY. My human made new noises when she tried to drink it, but they weren't exactly healthy sounding noises.

She has a vet appointment tomorrow, but tomorrow is a long way away - does anyone here have any ancient or secret things that might fix her now so we can go out and play??

Oh, PS: Sophie's sister Pixie is on the stupid Frolic thing today. My human fell in love with Pixie like I fell in love with Sophie. Minus the pukey feeling. I guess Pixie is kinda awesome:


Kathleen said...

Are those shoes you're wearing Puglet??

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

What about some yummy vegetable soup? Soup always makes my human feel better! I sure hope the vet visit goes well!

Nice 'kicks :)

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

Agree with Molly, soup is the best. Maybe something hot and spicy, helps clean up the Pug noise making cavities. Lots of Pug kisses and licks help also. Keep warm....go Giants!

Pearl and Tessa

Ollie said...

My human says boil and then simmer a large pot of water with sliced lemon (and limes if you have them), sliced fresh ginger and then steep some green tea (best choice but any herbal tea will do) and add lots of that sticky bee stuff. Add as much of each item as you like, there's no "right" formula. It's like making a hot ginger & green tea lemonade. My human swears it's tasty and should help your human feel better because it's loaded with good stuff. The key is to drink as much and as HOT as possible. Oh yeah, cammomile tea is good too but my human thinks the taste is yucky.

Lola said...

My mom's a nurse and still has no magic cures. Just the usual rest, liquids, and over the counter symptom management.
She does say, however, that looking at cute pictures off little Pixie should make anyone feel better.
Lafayette Lola

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh poor Pug! I do feel your pain as our moms both got sick. Mom made some super yummy vegetable soup (she shared those veggies with me!) And she feels like 90 percent better. Mom hopes your mom feels better. Remember pug kisses have magical healing powers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet..
Are you wearing little booties, snazzy!

Our mom has this strange she does when she's *all stopped up*. She rubs Vicks Vapo Rub on her neck and chest. She says it opens her up so she can breath. Told you it was strange.

And mom wouldn't soup if you gave her a bizallion bucks but she uses this Vicks stuff.

We think Pixie is just oh so cute like brother Emmitt, she found her forever home.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from Texas

Suki said...

Hi Pug!
A big bowl of home made chicken-n-dumplins & lots of pug snuggle time.

Cute styling-booties you are wearing.

Since I'm from Texas, sorry Pug, but I have to say this..."Go Rangers!"


Human that sounds like a pug said...

I'm a human who is sounding all pug-like too! I have been eating hot-and-sour soup to keep myself nourished and my nose clear. It also makes my throat less achy.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Pixie, makes me want to cry when I read about what happened to her. I'm so happy she found a loving home w/Sophie & her human.

I haven't tried it, but a gal I worked with swears by something called a Nettie Pot. You put water in it, pour it into your nose and it comes out the other side with (excuse this) all the junk that is inside. She also loves the breathe right strips.

Feel better!!

Ann, Fro & Molly

Foodie Girl said...


The only thing my human mumbled when she was sick was "alka seltzer cold plus". She also took a hot bubble bath with something called Lavender. Said it helps clear up the nose. I tried to get a sniff, but she put it away too fast. The tub did smell pretty nice after though!

Hope she feels better


Anonymous said...

Mom has another ritual that we forgot about, she loves Nyquil. The dim bulb chugs it out of the bottle before she goes to bed.. Our dad says it makes her sleep like the dead. Whatever that means. Yep Nyquil chugged from the bottle.

And she whines a lot but we don't listen.
The 3 Pug E's from San Antonio

Coco from Denver said...

Dear Puglet,
My grandma human swears by gargling with warm salt water (as warm and salty as you can stand, then make it a little warmer and saltier). She is very wise and never gets sick. I don't think my mom human is very wise because she doesn't do this, and then we all get to listen to grandma say I told you so.

I hope your human feels better soon so you can go on some new adventures! In the meantime, enjoy the snuggles!

PS - My human thinks Pixie's pictures are very sweet!

I Love Lucy said...

Puglet, I can't get over how friggin' adorable you are. I hope your human feels better soon, and the "vet" can help her. You and your human are absolutely the best for sharing Pixie with us. My human went all gaga over her. Geesh! What a mush.
You have a generous heart Puglet.


Anonymous said...

Our human say's she has had a couple of blind (and deaf and one was also toothless) dogs, and they do just fine...they manage to get along great...its normal for them. How nice of you to share them with us. Hope your human behaves herself at the Vet!

Pearl and Tessa

Minnie Moo said...

Puglet, my human is sick too. She wishes someone would come up with a quick remedy!

Good luck, keep snuggling.


Minnie Moo

Anonymous said...

Another good trick with the Vicks, put it on the bottom of your feet. Wear socks. In 20 minutes you will feel the effect in your nose. (Suggested by a "vet")

Anonymous said...

Puglet, my human fasts for a day, with only water and hot tea. Long hot bath, and plenty of sleep, and she says she's on her way to getting better. She says look into the benefits of fasting/cleansing, which is what the body is trying to do when it's sick

THE PUGLET said...

My human forgot to feed us today. We ate breakfast at dinner. Does our fasting count??

THE PUGLET said...

My human is going to try all of your ideas. Unless they involve soup with celery in it. Or that Nyquil stuff. She says it makes her sleep like a dead person too. I remember she took it one time and slept for like 24 hours straight. If it wasn't for our dogdoor, me and Dutch would have exploded. Instead, we just starved to death.

THE PUGLET said...

Eeeeeeeew. I just licked some of that Vick junk off my human's big toe. NASTY!!!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Yup. I'm wearing running shoes in today's picture. My human made me - I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

Hey-I just noticed your running shoes-and then your comment. Adorable! You look so cute.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, *your* fasting doesn't count for your humans, but nice try and suffering! That comment about the dogdoor and dead human made me laugh!