Friday, November 12, 2010

FFF: crazy ears (and white stuff in a can)

Flying Dutchman

My human asked me to let Dutch hog the blog again today. I think he's getting a big head from all this attention, but my human just laughed when I said that so I don't think she agrees.


So, my human's been working on some top secret Frolic thing with DUTCH(!) her official logo dog(!). I don't know anything about it, except that she's ta
ken like a billion pictures of Dutch running around with his ears in the air. And I've gotten in trouble for messing up more than a few of those pictures by going poodle on him. I guess Dutch's grandpuppy inherited the crazy ears, because his do the same exact same thing.

Flying mini-Dutchman (aka Denver)

You might be wondering why there's no pictures of my ears going crazy, seeing as this is the Daily PUGLET and all. Well, I guess it's because my ears don't go crazy. They kinda just stick up straight and make me look like a hayena. Or a bat. Neither of which is very flattering.

2 pugs + 1 can whipped cream = very funny things

But my human said we can have a special Freeze Frame Monday edition to make up for my lame ears. And Dutch won't get to be in it because he's afraid of white stuff in cans. This picture of me & Bellatrix is a preview (it gets SO much better).


Anonymous said...

Hey there Puglet,
We think when canned whipped cream was invented they had pugs in mind. This stuff is to die for...rates right up there with bully parts and string cheese. Every and then mom will come home with a can of the spritz stuff and we go balistic. Can't wait to see the other pics of you and Bella-T enjoying white goodness.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Molly in PA said...

TGIF, Puglet!

I've got a *reeeal* crisis here. You see that can that you're licking out of? There are TWO of those in my house, I see them everytime my Human opens the fridge door, yet I had no idea they were for *ME*. She's never shared that whippy stuff and that is a problem. Thanks for giving me a mission this weekend: Whipped Cream Cans.

Oh, and nice collars Dutch & Bellatrix!

Molly in PA

Crabbie Chris said...

So last night I was finally waking up after our adventures, and guess what? I had dried whip cream on my paws. YUMMY!! Mom thought it was kinda gross, but I licked it all off anyways. I had tons of fun yesturday, and thanks for sharing your moms can of whip cream with me. Anytime you have extra, I'll run right over.
Oh if you ever have a chance, have your mom get you whip cream from's a dream in a cup.
P.S. Glad you like my collar Molly. I love the holidays!!

Joan Princing Art said...

Boy, you are SO lucky! My mom won't feed me any of that and it looks GREAT. She keeps saying I'm on a special diet for some stupid skin infection. Sure looks good though.

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. My mom is actually considering buying a can of white stuff just to see what I'll do- Thanks! She's all proud of herself for teaching me how to do The Jimmy. Do you have any other great tricks she can use for an excuse to give me peanut butter? I think she just likes watching my tongue go crazy, but whatever- I get peanut butter!


Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
Guess stopped on her way home from work and got us a can of whipped cream. Tonight after dinner its white faced sweet goodness.. whoo hoo we can't wait.
Oh thank you Puglet if you were here I would kiss you.
Ellie from San Antonio
Emmitt and Eli would do the butt sniffing thing!

THE PUGLET said...

SA Pugs ~

You have no idea how good the white stuff is. I'm glad I inspired your mom to pick up a can! My human says giving white stuff in a can to a pug is as fun for the humans as it is for the pugs. I don't know how that's possible, but she and Bellatrix's mom did laugh a lot yesterday.

THE PUGLET said...


You can Jimmy now too? That's awesome (and I really mean that 1)because you're cute and 2) because you're in a totally different state, far far away from my cookies).

You should take a video and post it as a reply to me & Frank's video. We can start a whole collection of Jimmys!

We tried to teach Bella-T to Jimmy yesterday. She's about 66% there.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Molly!

I can't believe you have cream cans in your fridge. And I *really* can't believe your human has been keeping them from you all this time!

You definitely have to pull one of those coup things. Operation Free the White Stuff!

Mel said...

Wow! I'm so impressed how Mini-Dutch managed to get the same fly-ear pose! He's a talented pup and clearly not camera shy like his grandad. :)

Duncan the Pug! said...

I want more Pug posts!

Dutch is cute and all.. but really, PUGS RULE! :)-Duncan

Suki said...

Hi Pug!
Are you expecting a new spotted addition to your family... ? Could this be the top secret mission?
You have bat ears too? Mine go straight up when running super fast.


anti snore said...

I think she just likes watching my tongue go crazy, but whatever- I get peanut butter!Thanks for giving me a mission this weekend.