Monday, November 1, 2010


Yup. Me, dressed as Dutch.

(Bellatrix is dressed up as a dog who refuses to dress up)

I'll have my human add some more pictures over in the 2010 Halloween Cuteness/Humiliation Gallery.

There's a whole bunch of cuteness/humiliation going on over there (cuteness if you're a human/humiliation if you're the one dressed up). Show off your dressed-up self and let everyone see your Halloween fierceness!

Email your photo to:
(the name of your file will show up as your name in the gallery, so if you want everyone to know who you are, make sure the name of your picture is "YOUR-NAME-HERE.jpg")

Visit the gallery at:

Uuuuuuhm. I just remembered we never picked a random winner from the last gallery (doh!) so we'll do that next week :) Winner will still get a fabulous Henrietta... or a luscious crackball!


Anonymous said...

Oh do NOT look happy. As cute as you look, I would still feel humiliated. Dutch is probably totally loving it. Our stupid human forgot to take pictures of us in our vampire and spider girl costumes...she is saying we have to put them on again...stay tuned for that, good luck!

Pearl and Tessa

Hope your human is feeling better.

Crabbie Chris said...

I attempted to lead a Pug revolution where no one has to dress up. Word on the street is that when you dress up you get extra treats?! How did I miss that memo? I still say down with the costumes!! Pug and Dutch are you with me?

Ollie said...

I love the photo!
Bellatrix looks like a dog with a firm grip on her dignity and she's not letting go.
Puglet, you looks like you're trying really hard to hold on to yours but feel it slipping away.
Dutch looks like the elegant supermodel that can put anything on and still look good.
I did the same thing as Bellatrix and went as myself - after winning the costume wrestling match this year.

Anonymous said...

How original & clever!!! I love the costume, I could barely tell you & Dutch apart!!!

Ann (Frodo, Molly & Cleo)

the teacher's pets said...

Oh, you do not look happy, Puglet, and I can see why! I wonder why you allowed your owners to put a dalmatian costume on you in the first place especially since Bellatrix already refused to play dress up! I must say though that you look adorable as a could pass as Dutch's twin (haha). I had no idea there was a contest going on in your neck of the woods so I will try to find a picture to submit by this evening!

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Chicos!!
We just Love all of your Costume
Spongy & Licky

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet.
Our mom dressed us for the first time ever. (Hopefully the last) I was a banana & won a contest. Emmitt was a lobster.
The best was Eli the little goof, he was a Warlock. Mom submitted his picture for a contest.. then she noticed his *lipstick* was sticking out in the picture. Talk about funny and embarassing all at the same time. Classic Eli !
By the way you make a handsome Dutch even though you look totally annoyed.
Ellie from San Antonio

Angry Butterfly said...

Dave the pug lucked out. I was going to be Bethany Hamilton and dress him up as a shark, but when I went back to the store they were out of shark dog costumes. He was a bat when he was a puppy.

kate said...

Kermit & Gino say:

We lucked out this year. We were supposed to dress up as a hot dog and banana split, but our mom said something about not wanting to deal with the drama of us in our costumes so she took them back to the store. We don't like to be dressed up so this was just fine by us!
Our mom looks like she has a pumpkin in her belly and keeps telling us that we will have a human brother any day now. We don't know what that means but we're hoping it's something good and that this brother likes to share his food and toys with us!

THE PUGLET said...

I think Ollie ins the prize for best interpretation. Bella definitely got to keep her dignity. Mine was more or less gone the minute I was forced to go all matchy-matchy with brother Dutch.

I mean, Dutch's mini-me?? I am so *not* the mini-me type!

THE PUGLET said...

Pearl & Tessa, I feel your pain. We have to get dressed up again for pictures too. Something about not getting a good one yesterday because I went poodle on some "poor innocent chihuahua".

Has anyone here ever met a "poor innocent chihuahua"? Didn't think so.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
You look really cute as Dutch, the horns are a nice touch. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Puglet, your costume is hilarious! I love that you're Dutch, but Dutch wearing his costume. So you're a costume of a costume! LOL

Pugs2Luv said...

Dutch looks thoroughly satisfied with your Halloween costume. You look adorably humiliated! It's really not that bad. Bella doesn't seem to mind hanging out with 2 Dutches.
Zoey & Phoebe

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Puglet, you looks like you're trying really hard to hold on to yours but feel it slipping away.Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet!

I *LOVE* your costume, so innovative and cool!

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

Dutch is wearing a pale blue collar! how cute

SpencerBartholomew said...

How stinkin cute! I love your Dutch costume- very clever. Who is that sassy pug dressed as a "poop factory" in the gallery? Mom laughed so hard when she saw that- so funny and cute!!