Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Single Fawn Pug


So, we all know my buddy Frank. Right? He's my best friend and he's awesome. He stayed with us last week and we sumo'd and had tons of fun just like we always do. Blah blah blah.

But there's something kinda... weird going on with Frank.
And it's not just that he eats slow and tries to kill bikes. Weird, but whatever. The weird thing is I think he's trying to be ME. I saw it happen once in this really bad movie called Single White Female. There's this girl and she tries to pretend - like, become - this totally other girl. She kills a bunch of people too, but Frank would never kill anyone. Except maybe a bike.


So, first Frank got my human to fall in love with him and call him Frankie - now he gets her lap and I get her feet. Then he started liking carrots (like me) and made friends with the Aussies (like me) and even started posing for Nikon (just like you know who). He even weasled into my birthday greeting to Spencer's Mom (wearing a scary birthday hat!).

Don't even get me started on Frank doing The Jimmy. Except that my human just put a picture on today's stupid Frolic thing of Frank doing an insanely good one-pawed Jimmy:


I love Frank. He's my bro. But does this all seem a little strange? Do you think Frank is trying to become me like that krazy girl in the movie? Google isn't good at these kind of questions and Dutch just thinks I'm jealous because Frank is 'so much cuter' than me or whatever. If there was a Dear Puglet advice thingy, I'd ask myself what to do -- but my human keeps forgetting and I don't think I know the answer anyway.

What do you guys think??


Molly in PA said...

Hiya Puglet!

I think your bromance with Frankie is like 99% safe and non stalker-y. You guys are tight, he respects you and looks up to you to teach him cool tricks. The oooonly thing that made me snort a little bit was the whole lap/feet thing? That needs to be reversed like yesterday. Even though he's your bro he may still need a reality check ;)

On that note, stay on your toes Puglet! That tongue loopy trick is totally extra treat worthy -- *your* treats! BEWARE, buddy!

Molly in PA

PS: How are your Wednesday adventures with Daisy going?!

ChazthePug said...

Puglet.. you know what the humans say... imitation is the highest form of flattery... he just looks up to you cause you are AWESOME. Also, you can share your humans lap because.. well humans have another saying, sharing is caring..

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Well.. you have to admit Frankie is a cutie pie little guy, he reminds me of me.

I get into moms lap first, she feeds me first cause I'm a pig pug, I get in and out of the car first and I make sure I get the best spot on the bed.. cause thats what I do. I just like the attention and I know it makes my brother and sister nutso.. which is my plan anyway.

If I were you, I wouldn't let Frank bother me, besides your mom loves you just as much as my mom loves Ellie and Emmitt.

Eli from San Antonio...aka the House Brat!

Puglet...he looks like a mini you!

Pugs2Luv said...

Ok; that picture was reeally extrasupercute. That aside, we don't think there's anything wrong with how Frank's acting. At least, we're confident that there won't be any stories on the news about a series of pug slayings in San Francisco. Frank is just going with the flow at Casa de Pug. He sees what you do (& the benefits you reap) and figures that's what a pug should do. You're like a big brother showing him the ropes. Now, you have to sort out how you feel about all this & then figure out how to deal with it...you could realize that your human doesn't love you any less & this is only while Frank visits & your human just doesn't want Frank to feel homesick OR you could "go poodle." You just have to decide what kind of Pug you are(these things really are just a reflection of ourselves. Good luck.
Zoey & Phoebe

Crabbie Chris said...

Pug, don't sweat it! Frank is one cute guy, but he's no you. Now if he starts to curl his curl like yours, or gets a Brother Dutch, then maybe you two will have to talk. Does Frank have a blog? Nooo (he does have an awesome facebook page though). I mean we all wish we could be as cool as you, he's just taking it one extra step. Don't worry Pug, we all still love you oodles.

Pugs2Luv said...

Zoey said that we forgot to point out that these feelings are perfectly natural to have especially when it comes to things that we associate with our identity. After all we are mere mortals, it's just how we deal we these things that makes the difference. Know, this: you are one-of-a-kind & you are loved by your human, Dutch, your many friends at home & in the blogosphere.

Ollie said...

I think Frank is your Mini Me, Puglet or Robin to your Batman. You guys are the Dynamic Duo of Cuteness.

Anonymous said...

Wow - great Frolic picture today! Look at it this way - he is your stand in / your double. You live in California, the hotbed of movie stars and they all have their doubles, so why not you!?! You are our pug star :)


SpencerBartholomew said...

I totally think Frank is your stunt-double Pug! That is totally cool. I wish I had a stunt-double. Although, I wouldn't be ok with the double sitting on my mom's lap. I'd make my double get all the nail trimmings and vet visits for me! Mom would never know!

Lola said...

The good news is that Frank had to wear the creepy birthday hat, not you!
I think Frank is acting like you because he admires you and your famousness, Pug. He picked up on all the cookies and love you get, and figured he could use some of that.
No worries, Pug! You're still the bomb!
Lafayette Lola

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Molly ~

Thanks for the paws up on the tongue curl thing. I've tried to figure out how he did that but no luck. Maybe the curly tongue will become Frank's signature move and he'll stop Jimmying. I saw the picture of him on my human's stupid Frolic site and he really does do a ridiculous Jimmy.

THE PUGLET said...

PS: I don't know how my time with Daisy is going because a certain spotted big brother got to go instead of me. Something about there being more of him to take pictures of??

OH! And last week they ran into Pixie the pug and MY Sophie during their photoshoot. Yeah.

THE PUGLET said...

San Antonio Pugs & Chaz ~

Thanks for explaining the lap situation to me. I didn't know it was OK to share so I just went for the feet.

'Sharing is caring' I like that :)

THE PUGLET said...

Zoey & Phoebe,

You're right, I guess. But I have heard my human say, IN WORDS, that Frank is cuter than me. But I was always the smart one, so I was cool with it. Guess I I just got a little freaked out now that Frank has brains too.

THE PUGLET said...

Dynamic Duo of Cuteness! I like that, Ollie :)

But only if I'm the real Cuteness and Frank is the body-double part like Frodo said. I'm not 100% ready to share my title.

Sorry Frank.

Pugs2Luv said...

Maybe your human was just trying to keep you humble. You & Frank are both ADORABLE but in your own unique ways. If you weren't extrasupercute; the Daily Puglet wouldn't be soo popular & you wouldn't be soo famous. Name another pug who has visitors from Australia bringing them cool rain gear?

Anonymous said...

Okay, admittedly Frank is super adorable. Let's no denying that. But I think more than anything Frank looks up to you as kind of a mentor. You're like the wiser (slightly older) pug who's been there, done that, and really you're kinda like the professional and Frank is the rookie!

: )

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute-did you say 'eats slow'?? What pug eats slow? I've never heard of that...ever

THE PUGLET said...

Good point, P&Z. I guess I shouldn't worry. As long as I always stay Batman and Frank stays Robin.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah, Frank eats slow. Like, he actually CHEWS. Who chews??

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get video of it, Frank chewing that is

Anonymous said...

I chew my food... drives Eli crazy and mom stands guard to make sure the House Brat doesn't swipe my chow with pumpkin & green beans.
Ellie from Texas

Christy said...

Puglet, imitation is is form of flattery! Frank admires you. :) And what's not to like? If either of you come to Chicago, you need to look me up. I'm a single fawn (1-year-old) female pug & I love playing with anyone! I'd give you both lots of attention.