Thursday, February 3, 2011


We usually don't go to the dog park, but since my human is still kinda out of commission and the dog park is only a block from our house we've been going there a lot lately.

I don't mind the dog park. There are lots of laps to sit on and people awww at me. But my human isn't a fan because it's small and fenced in and I guess small and fenced in means things can get kind crazy sometimes. Yesterday was one of those times. And so was today.

Yesterday I got pounced on by a dog who doesn't like pugs. I tried to fight back but she was way bigger than me and way scary. The humans had to pull the pug-hater off me and when it was over my leg hurt so bad I couldn't walk. This TOTALLY freaked out all the humans, but after a few minutes my leg felt fine and I went back to playing.

Then today I got kinda mangled by some German-Shorthaired-something who I think thought I was a bunny. I thought we were playing chase - until he grabbed me by the tail and tried to eat me. Of course I went completely poodle and scared him off, but it still hurt.

My human gets all freaked out when I go poodle on big dogs because she's afraid I'm going to end up really getting my butt kicked some day. I don't go poodle for no reason anymore, but if someone tries to eat me like a bunny - I'm totally going poodle on them.

I'm more of a lover than a fighter, so I don't start fights. But if someone starts a fight with me, I want to be the one to finish it. Y'know? Are you a lover or a fighter? Or a little of both?

PS: thanks for backing me up on the snore thing. When my human tried to kick me out of bed (again!) last night I fought back by reminding her that I am a very quiet snorer.


Molly in PA said...

What the PUG, Pug!?

I'm with you - keep them in check, but be careful. Mean dogs are .. *mean*! They should all love love as much as you do.

I'm a lover 90% of the time, but Penny Lane tries to bully me and then I kick her cross-bred ass.

In other news, is your human ok? We hope she is healing (?) well, you're all in our thoughts!

Molly in PA

I Love Lucy said...

Aww Puglet,
I'm so sorry to hear about your misadventures at the dog park. How could anyone mistake you for a fighter? No way! You are very brave.
My mom doesn't take us to the dog park very often because she says it can get really scary at times. One time a big dog jumped the fence and came into the area for us little dogs and hurt one of my friends really bad. My mom and I were very sad. she had to live at the vet place for a little while, but she is okay now. My little sister is a big dog, but she much prefers hanging out with us little dogs in the small dog area.
I'm a lover too Puglet, although sometimes I like to go poodle just to make people think I'm tough.
Have a great weekend,
Love ya',

pugsmom said...

My human mom is so paranoid she says you should stay out of the dog park forever!!! My three pug sisters and brother and I get into some bad fights sometimes and even really hurt each other. Our mom goes bananas screaming and squirting water at us and trying to get us apart. She said she would faint dead away if a big dog got mean with one of us. Come to think of it, maybe you should stay out of the dog park.
Phoebe in Oregon

Foodie Girl said...

Oh Pug! I'm totally with you! I'm a little bit of both, but much more on the lover side. My human and I go to the park everyday. (not so much lately because of the Snow that is covering NJ.)

We usually go at the same time and see the same dogs. We have very good laps to snuggle on and there is even a lady that I love almost as much as my human (don't tell her that though) She owns a deli in town and brings me HUGE bits of homemade turkey everyday!!! She has a puggle named Jake and he goes Poodle a lot of dogs that he doesn't know.

I did go poodle on a boxer last week though. My human had to pull me off the dog's back (who knew I could jump that high!). She kept on apologizing to the boxer's human saying that I'm usually very nice, then yelled at me and told me to pick on someone my own size.

The only other time I went Poodle on a dog was a German Shepard named Bruce - but we're cool now once I heard his bark. (that and the fact that he's bigger than my human)

Holdin27 said...

Oooh, that sucks Puglet, I take it there's no small dog side where you can chill and sniff some butts in safety? I hate it when dogs are agro at the dog park, get 'em out! Hope you don't have any ouchies...

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
I'm all lover. Although there have been the odd puppy I've had to give a correction to.
I've only had a few scary experiences at the dog park. One time a whole pack of cocker spaniels decided to run me out of the park and into the parking lot. There was a lot of yelling that day and then the whole pack were put on leashes.

I too also been mistaken for a bunny a few times. Mum always tell me just not to run and they'll leave me alone. Easier said than done when a monster dog 5 times your size is coming at you.

And of course I've been run over a few times. Those big dogs really do need to watch where they are going. I am a Pug, not a rock.


Gabby, The Fabulous Feline in MD said...

Hi Puglet,

I am most surely a lover at heart, but I can go "Siamese" when necessary! My big sister Gunnie is a fighter/hater! Even though she is only 1 year older than me(she is 4), she acts like she is 50 and is a great big grump!

I respect my elders and to show my respect I always try to give Gunnie nice baths whenever I am laying close to her and I even move out of the way when we are on the sink so she can drink first.

Regardless of all of my nice gestures, she likes to hiss at me and tries to scratch me whenever she can especially if I want to lay on the bed with our human and Grumpy Gunnie.

Sooooooooo the other day I was minding my own business and playing with my tiny pink soccer ball when Grumpy Gunnie tried to take it from me. Of course nobody touches my tiny pink soccer ball and I went to get it back from the big grump.

Grumpy Gunnie took an open paw (nails out) swing at me and I just lost it and went Siamese on her fuzzy butt! She was in shock that I stood up for myself and that I fought back and she now has the scab on her head to prove it!

I don't like to show the Siamese side of myself to anyone and I regret the wound I inflected on Gunnie - but you are right if someone starts a fight with me, I am going to finish it!

Maybe Siamese and poodles have more in common than we think?

Delightfully Yours,


Barbara said...

Did the big dogs get in trouble for hurting you? Whenever you need to go poodle, you do so. It's not fair for a big dog to pick on a little dog, even if that little dog knows Judo.

I'm glad your leg is better. Take care of yourself!

Wilma said...

We are all mainly lovers, unless given a reason to be fighters. Like if someone is messing with our food. Brigitte has the least tolerance for bs. She likes to go chihuahua on small dogs when they get all in her face. This usually consists of a corrective snap, that usually gets the point across. ( I say she goes chihuahua because she is part chihuahua. Hence the vocal smack downs and giant ears.

Wilma said...

By the way, those big dogs better lay off. If anything happens to you, I am on the first plane out there to kick some a$$

Anonymous said...

We go to the dog park almost everyday (cept now when its dark earlier), have been for two years. Neither one of us has had to go poodle, Tessa likes to sit on laps (or feet if lap is not available), Pearl is more a follower, chases after the dogs playing. It is just the small dog side, a few pretty rough dogs, but since we keep to our friends, we don't have a problem.

But, last summer we were there, and another human (first time at the park) went Poodle on one of our humans friend, punched her in the face. Long story, Police came, Firemen came. She ended up having to go to trial (and she was a deputy), and our human had to testify...was a hung jury. So be careful, sometimes it seems like the humans are worse than the dogs.

Pearl and Tessa

pepper the pugalier said...

scary stuff, puglet. i'm a lover myself, but sometimes daisy is mean to me when i chase my shinies (you know, that shiny light on the ceiling when the peoples hold a dvd...?) and i have to put my foot down. it's the only time i stand up to her (because she's like three times my size and kind of a tough guy since she grew up on the mean streets until she was four months old).

One time the peoples were looking after a friend's dog, who is a bit of a meathead when it comes to being friends and know body language and stuff. we were playing and then BAM, she tried to eat me. it was very scary. i had a sore leg too. and a cut on my back. we're kind of friends now, but i don't really like to play with her in case she gets too wolfy.

i don't go to the dog park very often (something about me not coming when i'm called all the time? who does that?, but when we do i like to bark at bunnies and sniff bums. i don't really get too rowdy because there's always suspicious characters around.

anyway, i'm glad you're okay. tell your human that we hope she feels better soon!!!

~pepper the (lover, but not in a skeezy way) pugalier

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. I think I'm more worried about my mom going poodle on anyone whose dog attacked me... So far I've only been snapped at by an old golden retriever when I woke him up, so I'm not sure how MY poodle skills are. Ya know, pug(n) is Latin for "fight", so I'm guessing we must be good at it. We are pugnacious, after all...


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh Puglet, I hope you're fine. That is a scary story.
One day my pug Fredzio decided to attack staford!!! Staford got really mad, grabbed Fredzio by the neck and began to throw Fredzio up in the air like a rag doll:( I was screeming, crying, even fighting with this beast, but he wanted to kill Fredzio, and wouldn't let go :( So I put my hands into staford mouth, trying to spread his teeth. I think adrenaline helped and Fredzik droped out. It was horror !!! We both were under medical care for some time. Be carful Puglet please

Ellie, Bogie and Gertie said...

Hi Puglet, We're lovers too!

We go super early every weekend to the dog park because mean dogs tend to sleep in.

Mom says there are a lot of "hill billy" rules for some humans-of-mean-dogs and even not-neutered dogs, which doesn't bode well for us. Since it seems to disturb our mom *way* more than mean-dog-humans, we feel we are responsible for going at the right time and avoiding the "Pee Wee Football" effect altogether. Besides, more park for us!

Gertie is blind, so she relies heavily on her crew for protection and guidance. Encounters with mean dogs turns her into a tazmanian devil and wrecks our outing. There is one pouncy husky that wouldn't leave her alone, but the humans talked about it and avoid each other - no biggie :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, scary situation. Glad you are okay.

Frodo is a lover and does get picked on (also humped!) by other dogs, Molly only went to one pug meetup and was (this is disgusting) peed on by another pug not once but 2x, otherwise no one bothered her, I could see her going poodle if pushed (she has on Cleo). Cleo is very clingy at the dog park and won't mingle. The parks we have thankfully separate the bigs from the smalls, otherwise I don't think we would go. Plus one by me requires a permit pass and you have to prove your pet is neutered (which I think is a good idea).

Ann, Frodo, Cleo & Molly

Southern Fried Pugs said...

We mostly stick to the parks where little and big dogs are separated. It's just safer for all of us. We don't have to go poodle on anyone (and we so would) and they don't accidentally step on us.

We are firm believers in dog parks, but it has to be the kind with separate spaces. Otherwise, mom is on guard all the time with her spray bottle full of vinegar. That works really well on misbehaving dogs of all breeds.

Be careful out there and hope your human feels better soon.

Ollie said...

I'm definitely a mellow guy but I can poodle with the best of them. I wish I had been there to help you sort out those canine delinquents using some of my beagle ninja moves!
I've never been to the dog park. The only dogs I get to play with, are the ones at my daycare and it's a pretty polite pack over there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Puglet, but is there such thing as s quiet snorer? Wouldn't that make you a heavy breather? I should know-I'm an expert on snorers as both my mom and my dad are major log-sawers--They even out snore me!

Anonymous said...

That looks like you're putting on your tough-don't-mess-with-me-I'll-go-poodle-on-you face

Massimo said...

Dude! Pug! You ok? That totally sucks!

I have to admit: I am a fighter. That's because I use to live with some mean humans that used to tease me a lot... But, that was a long time ago. I've gotten better. Not as much of a fighter.

Hope you and your human are doing awesome!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Fighter. DEFINITELY a fighter. But you be careful out there. My mom isn't too big on dog parks. She thinks there's too much potential for danger.

Gracie the Agility Pug

LaVonne said...

We love our dog park, but it's big so there is room for everyone there! But one of us, Oliver, was attacked by a neighbor's dog outside our house a few years ago. Broke his back. Three back surgeries later he walks with a swagger and can't control his poo. But we all love him still. So badness can happen anywhere. Be careful!

Henry, Oliver and Tugger

AllyB said...

Be careful out there Puglet. Dog parks can be pretty scary for little dogs like us.

Wilma said...

Hi Puglet, I've never been to a doggy park. Can I follow your blog? I just started a blog a few days ago, so sorry if this is a totally obvious question or something. Why don't you check out my blog, it's about pugs too! It's called Wilma the Positive Pug-Wilma

SpencerBartholomew said...

Oh know that I am a certified LOVER. I always take a back seat to the more pushy personalities in this world. I just like to do my pug run and sit with my humans. That's all I want in life- next to a big plate of cheese!

Bella said...

I'm a little of both, too, Puglet. My cousin who is a black lab puppy REALLY makes me nuts cause he is always trying to wrestle me with his huge puppy paws so that's when I have to go bonkers on him. My mom says when I go bonkers on him, I sound like a rabid monkey. But most of the time, I'm happy to ankle bite and make the big dogs try to chase me. I mean, I like most other dogs pretty well, but it's the humans I really love!

Snorts and snarfles,

Noodle said...

Oooooh Puglet! I'm so mad I want to go poodle on those jerky dogs!! NOpuggy messes with my friends!! I'm totally mellow, but if somepuggy pushes my buttons, I'm not shy about setting them straight!! We've got your back, buddy. Hang tough, but be safe!!

Pugs2Luv said...

Our human is always on guard at the dog park. If we go to a dog park and doesn't like the "environment" we leave. We stick to the parks that we know have good dogs and responsible humans even if it means we have to go a little further out our way. We are just grateful that you are okay. We are certainly still concerned about your human but are glad to hear that she is getting better. We are still here for anything you, Dutch and your human might need; so just call.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Skippitydodaday said...

I am definitely a lover, however lately I have not been backing down to Mae when she goes poodle on me. She keeps trying to be the boss of me and most times I let her. But if I had to I would go poodle on stranger dogs or at least back you and Mae up.

Mae is a fighter she doesn't let any other dogs near her, but I don't blame her. Our neighbors German Shepherds attacked us last year when we were coming home from a walk. The stupid neighbor didn't have them on leashes and when we rounded the corner Mae started barking at them to stay away and they attacked us! Lucky for me I slipped my head through my collar and ran around the corner. Poor Mae got tore up, she was in surgery for an hour!

Thankfully Mae came out all right. Our mom bought a house and moved us away from those dogs even though the landlord made them wear muzzles. It was so scary after that living with them just across the hall and them having a dumb owner who insisted that they were trained. gah!

scrub4pups said...

I was in your fair city on Wed and saw a pug in GGP but it was a girl. Any way if I had known you were having dog park problems I would have come over and taken care of it for you and your human. Next week I will be there for surgery.

Anonymous said...

I'm a total luva luva, but at 95 lbs. (feeling very svelte after a hard earned 10 lb. weight loss), I tend to intimidate other dogs when all I want to do is play! Usually they go all poodle on me when I just sniff their bums, so dog parks are pretty much out for us - too many of the other dogs want to pick fights with me :-(

I say stand your ground, Puglet! Take no prisoners!


Theresa said...

Hey Puglet!
Yea, what is with the pug hater dogs..? we have one down the street - he's bitten me and just a month ago my sister, Roses. This dog, Alex, well his humans aren't very watchful so he roams the neighborhood and when he sees us he just comes chargin at us. I bark of course, but he is big and bites!
My human had to call the police last time, cept the problem is she worries it will be too late to do something after the fact and I might get hurt bad one of these times.
Its too bad to b/c now I hate all big black dogs...
We go the other way down the road now, but the sniffs aren't as good.
Your Pal,

Kitty+Coco said...

This is EXACTLY why my mom says Oh H No to dog parks. Just too scary. We don't live in fear, but we just think it is smart to stay away from unnecessary danger. Kitty tends to get grumpy and nervous as other dogs get too pushy with her, and then she goes poodle. Not good.

Kitty and Coco