Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok, the weatherdude keeps talking about all the snow and ice that's taking over the universe. There's snow to the north of us where my man Stubby was from. Snow to the east of us where Frodo and my cousin Sophie live. And some super freakish snow all the way down south where the San Antonio pugs live (uhm, I think that would be Texas). I'm kinda starting to wonder: does anyone here *not* have snow?

I'm also feeling kinda left out. We never get snow. Like, ever. I saw it once in Tahoe two Christmases ago and another time in Tahoe last summer (yes, summer. Today's picture was taken last June). Right now it's warm enough to go to the beach and swim. Can anyone fill me in on what it's like to get snow? It sounds really fun?

PS: I'm so sorry to hear that I'm not the only one who's gotten munched/almost munched at the dog park! It sounds like they can be fun places, but they can also be scary places. Especially if you're little and don't know it.


Anonymous said...

Snow can be loads of fun! Unless you have to go somewhere - then you have to clear out your driveway and sidewalks of snow, which can be mondo heavy. :( The slippin and slidin both in the car and on foot can be scary too. However when you mark your tree or someone's snowman it's a pretty sunshiny yellow. BOL
Emmett and Forrest

Kitty+Coco said...

Oh pug, do NOT wish for snow. Pugs and Bostons are simply not made for it. It covers up my pee spots and I can't tell where the heck to go. Ugh. And don't even get me started on the boots they try to make us wear..

Disgruntled Kitty and Coco

holdin27 said...

Puglet that picture looks photoshopped! Were you also the gunman on the grassy knoll?

Fatpug said...

Puglet!! Thought you and your human might enjoy this

Anonymous said...

Pug, snow is like playing with small children - lots of fun in small doses. Very small doses.

After a week or so of trying to pee in snow that is deeper than your tummy, you just want to yell "Enough's enough! Give me my grass back!"

When the snow becomes deeper than you ar tall, you have to start depending on your humans to shovel trails to follow (unless you have a a frind like Dutch who will trample down the snow for you).

The snow banks in our driveway are now taller than my male humans. I don't know that I could even climb them.

If you need to wish for snow, wish for a visit to somewhere that has it already, don't wish for it to visit you, it may not want to leave.

Dreaming of spring,

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

We don't have snow... Well we never have snow where we live in So. Cal... It's supposed to be almost 80 degrees here this weekend...

dw said...

I's got snow....lots and lots of snow! Want some? You can have some shipped your way in like a refrigerated truck and I'm sure it'd still be snow by the time it got there. We've got lots to spare! There were tons they took off the street where like 600 cars got stuck in the snow...maybes you saw it on TV. :p

Melissa & 2 Crazy Puggers said...

No snow in sunny Florida!

Ollie said...

Snow is good but a snowsuit and boots are bad. Really bad. So be careful what you wish for.
I hope you human is getting much better and that you all enjoy a super fun weekend!
Maybe give us an update on Dutch and your human next week? We're still worried about your pack.

Bella said...

Hi Puglet!

We have SO MUCH SNOW! Actually, I'm gettin' kinda sick of it because it's so deep that I can't walk in it until my long-legged Vizsla sister, Luna, makes a path for me. And now it's all iced up so I slip and slide all over the place! It was really fun, though, before all that mess...I'd come inside from romping with my sister and I'd have snow all over my whiskers. I'll send you some in an envelop if you want!

Snorts and snarfles,

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet...
No snow in Portland either. We have had ice once this year... I was not the best pug-skater but I still wanted to go on my walk anyway to do my business. I think we're lucky not to have the big snow. It would be fun for like an hour but after that I think I would get tired of all the cold stuff all over me and my paws. Maybe I will ask my humans to take me to the mountain so I can try this stuff out... See ya later dude.


chewy the pug said...

hi puglet we've ran out of snow here in ireland anyway my names chewy and i started a blog will you please look at it

Anonymous said...

Snow, snow everywhere and not a drop to spare!
Oh Pug, you are not missing anything with snow. It's nice if it comes and then leaves within a few days. Well this rotten white stuff we got on 12/26 is still hanging around and it's 2/4, this not right!!! It makes our little feet cold and I don't want to mention about my little boy part that gets frozen when I try to go potty (PS because I still squat - but don't tell anybody okay, it'll be our secret). It does help to have Cleo & my human sister Tori who makes tracts in the snow for us little ones. Besides after a few days it gets all dirty and nasty looking on the roads - not a pretty sight.

Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Sheila said...

Hi There - My name is Bella Mia. That picture is of my Mistress, Sheila. She has just started up a blog for me, so that I can have a voice. I'm so very happy about that and hope that Puglet and all you Pugs, who comment on Puglet's blog, will come by and hear what I have to say. My blog is called "Bella's Bulletin." I met Puglet at the East Bay Meet up and his human mentioned that he had a blog, so I have been following this blog for quite some time. Anyway, hope to hear from you, and I will be visiting your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Dear puglet,

Snow is pretty good stuff. When you do your business, circle round, big big circle of snows. And it tastes good. My poodle (yes, POODLE) sister she runs in it super fast. And when you are done, you get a big, big towel rub and sit in front of the heat stick. Good times!

Guy Noir

Eagle The Pug said...

We have had more snow and ice than I've ever seen in Texas! But we like it. For a few days.

agent99 said...

Puglet, we had soooooo much snow, all the flights out of Chicago got cancelled. To get to her meeting(and skiing) mom had to change her flight...and get to Salt Lake City by going thru SFO! She said it was craziness! We begged her go visit you, but she only had one hour between flights. We got to stay all snug in the dog hotel. It's a MESS here in Chicago!

Deb and Daisy said...

Puglet, snow is pretty to look at, when it is falling the world gets quieter. As long as you don't have to go anywhere or do anything it is nice.

It is very cold - think of ice cubes in the fridge cold - Daisy Mae Sarah has learned that under the pine tree is the best place to attend to business. It is close to the door and mommy shovels it down to grass.

It can be fun to play in but not for very long. Us humans have to supervise so little feet don't get too cold. More than once I have picked up Daisy and carried her back in.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Its not much fun to sit in snow. I do know that.
We only had a day of snow. It's best to just sit inside and watch the snow flakes fall.
After all, who likes cold toes?

Willie in Oregon said...

Dear Puglet,
Let me tell you. It is NOT fun to play in snow. I would take water over snow any day!
Also, I need some help. I tried to bite the small son of Alpha Woman. They got super mad. How do I stop that urge to bite?

Massimo said...

PUG! You must not be in the bay area! There is no snow in San Francisco! In fact, its awesome out here. The weatherhog (Phil) did not see his shadow so spring is almost here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet
Freaky snow in San Antonio. The entire city shut down on Friday morning then like woosh!!!! it got really warm around 1pm and all the snow and ice disappeared. It was truly amazing... Eli never saw snow before so he was a little how shall we say..stupid about it. Licking snow and making yellow spots was his favorite thing to do.
The San Antonio Pugs....Ellie, Emmitt and Eli (the yellow snow maker)

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I would take water over snow any day!
Also, I need some help. I tried to bite the small son of Alpha Woman. They got super mad. How do I stop that urge to bite?