Thursday, March 17, 2011


Superhuge thanks everyone for sending so much good juju. We just got home from the vet and now Dutch has some pills my human learned about from Google. I guess humans take the pills to kill inflammation and make trapped nerves less angry. Hopefully it will fix Dutch too. Paws crossed.

OK. Now that we've maybe fixed Dutch, check this out:

It was stuck to our door this morning. No idea who stuck it there, or why - but see that word Filming? It means cameras. And I'm pretty sure ABC is a TV thing, so not just any cameras. We're talking TV cameras.

Cameras = cookies and I'm sure TV cameras probably = loads of cookies. So March 27th could be awesome. If I can figure out a way to get my camera-fearing human to leave the house that day. But if I can pull it off, I might come to your house through the TV!

Uhm, unless you live in Canada. Or Brazil. Or Poland. Or anywhere else not in America.


Barbara said...

Hmm....I'd sure stand on my lawn and make sure cookies were given out. Wonder what they're filming? You think Robin might be there??

Jorge said...

Too bad wont see in Brasil. Maybe On you tube soon..

Noodle said...

Oh boy! Oh boy! You're getting closer to your dream of celebrity!!! How exciting! You will keep us all posted, right? When you get all famous, don't forget us little puggies!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I watch GMA every morning and if I got to see you first thing live & almost in person, I know it will be a super wonderful day :)

Keeping our paws crossed that the pills will help the Dutchman.

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

Lola said...

A few things, Pug
1. My mom loves your door
2. GMA is totally cool and on TV in Lafayette.
3. Big yipee for the Dutchman

I wonder if they're shooting inside or outside your house.....hmmmm
Lafayette Lola

Ollie said...

Not so fast, Puglet. We get Good Morning America here in Canada since it's on a major network. You make sure your human gets out there and we'll make sure to watch Good Morning Puglet!
Does GMA air on Sunday (day of filming)or will they be doing a segment to be aired later on during the week? Let us know when you find out.
We're really happy about the pills for Dutch and not surgery. I'm going to ask St. Roch to keep it that way.

Kitty+Coco said...

I have a feeling we will be seeing you. No camera can resist a pug. Then you also have the great black and white Dutch to catch attention. We will be tuned in!

Kitty and Coco

Molly in PA said...

Hi Puglet!

Hold the PHONE!
This is your *TICKET* to stardome!
Your *GOLDEN Ticket*!

Put your best paw forward and go gettum, Pug!

Molly in PA

Noodles said...

Puglet - GMA NEEDS you or whatever they are filming will be TOTALLY useless and LAME. I will call them and let them know RIGHT NOW!
Love Noodles O'Pug

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Puglet BRITNEY SPEARS is performing on your block for GMA. They're closing the block for the free concert and it will air on GMA on the 29th.
You should get there early and rock out to her lip synching. You're sure to get on TV.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Puglet you MUST find the way to be on that show, you and Dutch of course :)
I've just visited GMA web, and they show there, what was on ... the show, so even I'll be able to see you here in Poland, only little bit later:) and if not, I'm sure all you America's friends will help us here in Poland or Brasil or Canda, to watch it on YT :) can't wait my Brown Scary TV Star :) kisses :)

Pugs2Luv said...

It seems that Britney Spears wants to have a concert in your neighborhood. Maybe you can work your way on stage.
Luv, Zoey &Phoebe

BadAnnie said...

What happened with Puppy? Has Puppy found his forever home yet?

DMBY said...

Ooh Puglet, I would love to see you on tv! That would be the best part about the whole Britney concert thing I think. ;p

dw said...

I sure do hope that Dutch will be all better now! And wow at the camera notice! I had one of those on the door to my building last year -- well, not exactly like that...mine wasn't for Good Morning America, but for something called Ride Along, which then became Chicago Code, which is shown on TV on Mondays. And the first time it was on TV...yep, there were pictures on the TV of my block! I sure hope you get lots of treats, Puglet!! Where's there's a camera, Puglet should get treats! :)

Curious in California said...

Puglet, what's this all about? Are you and your human going to be on TV? Is this one of your top-secret things?

Please explain! We need to know more!

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

Hope the meds works for Dutch.

Maybe GMA will hire you as a roving reporter. I agree with Noodle, don't forget about us puggies.


Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, I hope you see this post and can pass some info to your bro ... I spent the first couple years of my life in not so great a sitch, so now at the ripe old age of three-ish I already have hip/joint problems. My human got a product called Joint Resolution that is new, I think? has something called collagen? whatever the heck that is... anywhooo... I'm more bouncy and I'm sleeping better too, so maybe it works? I didn't want to be pimp'n anyone's product here, so I didn't include the maker, but I'm sure your friend google can find it with the hints I've given... there's been some studies on it too by vets that are interesting reading. Much xxxxoooo to you and Dutchy!

~ Mariah the mutt

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, why would they post that on your door so far in advance of filming, and why do they have to warn that they're going to film? Oh, a puggie can get so confused sometimes

Anonymous said...

LOL That picture of you posing on the front steps makes me laugh. I find it super funny. Just the expression on your face! good stuff

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...!!! We loved to see you and Dutch on television on "Good Morning America"...but I hope that your human can post here the video.
Bye! ABC will have so much audience, and you will be the new celebrity!
Kisses and licks,
Fred and mom

Isabella the pug and Franklin the lab said...

Woo Hoo! Puglet, your famous! We hope Dutch's pills work. Oh, and we will count down to the day that you are getting filmed.

♡ Isabella and Franklin

Anonymous said...

Hi, Puglet ... just a small info for you from Berlin.

The other day we had a film crew in our neighbourhood and guess what? They had this catering truck standing there and when I passed by they asked my Mum if we would like to have some snacks? People cannot resist pugs ...

Oh yeah ... heaven! I had two small burgers but then my Mum stopped me. This is very unfair! I know I am on a pug diet at the moment - but so what? Can we not make an exception with TV?

Anyway - the catering truck is gone, I check every single day. Too bad.

So watch out for the truck!

Pug regards from Berlin

Carlos Santana

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you do it Puglet? What are they showcasing you for? Your good-will effots? Your hilarious blog??

Please tell us more. The suspense, oh the suspense

Bella said...

Hey Puglet! I am really happy to hear that Dutch has some pills that will help him. Keep giving him those magical Pug kisses, though, just to be super safe!

Now....Puglet on TV?!?! AWESOME! I bet if you do a really cool jimmy or some of that really hip supermodeling you did in your video, they would HAVE to film you. Make sure you tell us if the tv camera takes your picture so I can get mom to turn it on for us.

Snorts and snarfles,

Anonymous said...

Can you send me your autograph? Puglet the super star !!


Anonymous said...

Yes! you should start selling your autograph and donating all proceeds to homeless pugs/dogs! I would buy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet!

I just saw a Good Morning America ad that says March 29th, they're showing some Britney Spears special from San Francisco. I wonder if GMA is doing a special San Francisco thing and you're going to be included!! Exciting! I can't wait.