Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know some of you - uhm, I mean us - are on diets so I'll stop talking about food. Well, except to say that the No Recipe cookie book is coming out awesome (there's still time!). Oh, and to give you an update on the SPAM situation:

I almost got a thumbs up from The Thumbs by telling her that SPAM is just Hawaiian for meat (genius, Noodles!). But then Dutch laughed, called me a dumb American and said they speak English in Hawaii, not Hawaiian. Duh. I know that, but my human is blonde and has a gimpy brain. Who knows what she knows.

So, I'm still working on the SPAM. The expiration date on the package says January 18, 2014 so I guess I have some time to make it happen.

Sorry, enough about food.

Let's talk about bugs instead. Yeah, bugs. That's what landed us in the bath tub this morning. My human found a tick stuck to her leg and she totally freaked out. Since
me and Dutch have been hiking and she hasn't, she's convinced we're full of bugs. Called us "dirty little vectors". Uhm, hello! I had a tick stuck to my face and I didn't freak out and call anyone a vector.

Even though I didn't know what "vector" meant, I could tell by the way she said it, it wasn't nice. Google says a vector transmits a pathogen, which I think just means something that makes people get sick. Nice huh?

My human is *finally* almost back to feeling almost human and is supersick of being sick, so we got a bath to get rid of the bugs. I totally don't think me and Dutch are vectors. But baths=cookies, so if my human wants to think I'm full of bugs and diseases, I'm OK with that.


Anonymous said...

Yuck..ticks are so gross they really freak me out too! I don't think you're human's brain is so gimpy - I had no idea what a vector was until you told us. This is a word I will certainly use since I am a germaphobe - so thanks!

Ann, Fro, Cleo & Molly

PS - don't feel bad about the diet, Fro has to go on one too. Weighed in at the vet 25.8 and he needs to be 24, so almost 2 lbs have to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Why are you wearing your clothes in the bath tub? Oh.. we mean your collar..

We got our monthly baths on Saturday at the doggie country club not because we had bugs just because our mom thinks at least once a month we need our 'parts' scrubbed. We came home foof'd and poof'd and we smelled like girls, all three of us and two of us are boys.

Question, just what is Dutch looking at?

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from SA Texas

Barbara said...

Ick! Ticks? Ewwww!

I Love Lucy said...

Oh No Puglet! First you, now your human. Those darned ticks love you all. So yucky. My mom would have totally freaked. I know her, she would have called those bug killing people and had us leave our comfy home so they could come in and kill any icky creatures that may be lurking. Eeeew!
I hope your human is okay. I'm sending her a big pug kiss to help her feel better.
Good luck with the Spam my friend.
BTW - I just saw you on the giant pumpkin. Cool!!

Love ya',

Romeo said...

Spam should incorporate into cookies quite well...keep up the good work Puglet.

Glad your human is feeling better. February and March were not kind to my mom, but she too is feeling better.

Pearl and Tessa said...

I was wondering why you are dressed in the tub also! I am writing by myself tonight, my sissy Tessa had to have her teeth cleaned today, eight pulled! (she is 10)...and to top it off our stupid human and the vet person thought as long as she was sleeping, the lump in back and mole on her butt should come out as well. Poor Tessa...she is sitting with her toungue sticking out and stichy things on her back and butt sticking out...she is plotting revenge on our human.

Keep on top of the spam, let us know how it tastes.


Anonymous said...

Pearl, you are so sweet, caring for Tessa : >
Puglet, how do your human keep up with pug mess (and spotty mess)? Your bathroom looksso clean !! My humans say it's impossible to fight against shedding.. who sheds?


Anonymous said...

Oooh Puglet, ticks are the worst things ever. Mum shrieks at the site of them.
You should tell your human to look into a product called Revolution. It's a little tube of liquid that gets applied between my shoulders once a month and it takes care of any kind of creepy-crawlies that may be lurking - inside and out.
It keeps the ticks away and keeps me heartworm free as well.
Good luck on getting SPAM into your cookies.

Noodles said...

Ticks TOTALLY freak me AND my Mommys out and I don't even know what they are!!!!
Love Noodles

Molly in PA said...

Hey Puglet!

We're sick of your human being sick too, hopefully she gets up and at 'em soon - it's gotta be lonely holding down the bug fort!

You look *super* "awwww" cute in this photo :)

Molly in PA