Monday, March 14, 2011


Scary sign I saw last Friday.

I know you probably all know about what's happening in Japan. Y'know, with the earthquake. And the tsunami. And the scary nuke things that might melt. Yeah. All that stuff.

Well, this morning I heard a Japan man on the radio say it's night #4 without food or water or blankets. I don't want to leak everyone out or anything, but this made me so sad. So sad.

Let's have some silence for everyone who got hurt (or worse) by the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Ready? 1, 2, 3... shhhh.

I'm pretty sure I'll be past the 25lb mark next time I get on the scale, so I asked my human to donate this month's cookie money to the people in Japan. There are like a gazillion ways to donate, from facebook to itunes - but we used our phone. We sent a text message that said JAPAN to 80888 to make a $10 donation to the Salvation Army.

If you want to donate but don't do the text thing, here's a list of ways to donate online. If you don't have extra cookie money to donate, that's ok. Maybe you can send heaps of positive thoughts to Japan instead.

I wanted to send the people of Japan some Nathan's hot dogs too, but my human said hot dogs need to be refrigerated and the Japan man on the radio said they don't have electricity either.


I Love Lucy said...


You, Dutch and your human are amazing. My fur siblings and I got together and told my mom she could use our treat money to donate to the people in Japan. Since my mom does the text thing, I'm sure it will be easy for her to get it done. Mom's eyes did get all leaky, but she said your kind, generous, thoughtful post made her feel better.

Love ya'

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Puglet. My human is from Japan and all of her family's in Japan. She finally got a hold of her family over the weekend, they are safe. But she has been leaky.. and your generous gesture made her leakier today.


Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
We are right there with you.
Love Noodles, Mommys #1 & #2

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We're going to ask our mom and dad to donate thru the church they go to.
Good job Puglet.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli ssshhh from Texas

Ollie said...

You're so wise, Pulget. Everyone who can should donate cookie money to disaster relief for Japan. I'll send mine to the Red Cross.

Anonymous said...

How gracious of you Puglet. So glad to see you care,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us the resources to make giving a donation that much easier. Surely I can give up a month of cookie money for such a cause.

Mum gets leaky every time she sees new pictures or reads new articles on what is going on there. Yesterday one of the papers ran a picture of a gentleman being reunited with his dog amidst all the devastation. It was nice to see one happy story in this tragedy.


wombat said...

My Japanese friend says that this is a good place to donate to help the animals as well:

You can donate through Paypal. Don't worry when you get to the Paypal page and it's in Japanese - there's a link in the right corner for English.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Puglet!! P.Tuna and I are definately going to send her cookie money to help the people of Japan.

Pugs and Kisses!

Ann said...

We love you, Puglet. You're so thoughtful, sensitive and generous.

Ann said...

Oh, we love Dutch, too, and are so happy that Dice found a forever home.

Pickles and Rocco in Austin, Texas

Noodle said...

Oh, Puglet! Isn't it just awful!! You're doing a wonderful thing by donating your cookie money AND helping your friends help too!! Maybe this would also be a good time for all of us to talk to our humans about OUR disaster preparedness. The events in NZ and Japan are a real wake-up call, especially for those of us in California! Scary, scary stuff!

Gabby aka "The Gabbinator" said...


We kittys and our human made a donation today through the Red Cross. It was really easy and we are so glad we helped.

Our human did not make us give up our treats, but she did say No New Toys This Month! I think Gunnie and I can survive with the toys we have, after all those people in Japan now have nothing. It is so sad!

Bella said...

Puglet, you and your human are so thoughtful and you are inspiring my mom to use her thumbs to text a donation. Even in your silence, you are PAW-SOME!

Snorts and snarfles,

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet... I'm with Bella. You inspired us to text a donation. Our hearts go out to Japan. Thanks for caring and sharing.

Anonymous said...

What beautifull words and wishes to people of Japan. oooowwwwwnwnnnnn...You want give the best, the Nathan hot-dogs...I imagine that the dogs there are wanting a lot your Nathan hot-dogs. You have sooooo big heart.

Pug Fred