Friday, April 1, 2011


Mr. P: pitying fools since 2009.

Exactly two years ago my human taped a fake mohawk to my head, put a bunch of gold chains around my neck, and called me "Mr P". I still don't 100% understand the Mr. P thing, but my human says he pities fools or something and Daily Puglet was born on April Fools day so...

Yeah. Still no idea.

Anyway. Since then, I've kinda outgrown the -let in Puglet. But I still love coming here every day to be with you. Well, every weekday anyway.
Even though I've never sniffed most of your butts, I totally love all of you. And Don't tell Dutch this because I like to make him think I'm perfect, but knowing all of you makes me a better pug. Even on weekends.

So thanks for coming and thanks for reading and thanks for sticking by me even when my human's thumbs are sick and my adventures are boring. And a big, fat, tubey thanks for helping Daily Puglet turn two.
Because without you, Daily Puglet wouldn't be here (and if it was, it would totally suck).


* * *

My human is still working on the No Recipe book.... it's coming... SPAM included!!!!! Oh, and keep an eye out for me in the comments. My human is feeling human enough to give me full use of her thumbs again.



Anonymous said...

the three of you are the best! life would not be good without you.

Unknown said...

Thank YOU, Grand Master P. My humans and I check your blog first thing every morning. It's one of our favorite things to do! We're glad your human is better. We found that feeding me stinky wet dog food after my soft palate surgery made me feel better-maybe your human should try it!
Happy B-Day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to The Daily Puglet!! My mom and I were only made aware of your blog about 6 weeks ago, but we can't go a day without checking in on you and the Dutch-man, so not having you on weekends is a little depressing.

You and Dutch are totally awesome, and so is your mom. Next to me, my mom thinks you are the best-looking pug around!! Mom has a friend at work who has 2 Dalmatians, and she is hooked on your blog now as well. I hope to meet them one of these days. If they are as cool as Dutch, it would be great to have some spotted friends.

By the way, my mom says Spam is delicious when it is fried really crispy; not so tasty raw. Not sure if I can convince her to let me try it though; she's pretty strict about what I can eat. Something aboug Pugs having allergies to a lot of foods???

We live in Sacramento and may get to San Francisco one of these days. Mom says it would be an honor to meet you and Ducth and your mom.

Mom and I hope you all enjoy your "blog" birthday, and we look forward to many more years of reading all about you. Thank you all for bringing us so much joy and laughter every day.

Your new Pug fan from Sacramento: Bo (and my Mom, too!!)

Sabrina said...

Congratulations on your anniversary Mr. P! I discovered your blog one year and 50 weeks ago--I can't belive that its only been two years! It feels like your voice has been on the internet for a long time!

Anyway, to celebrate, see if your human will give you some canned tuna. It won't make you very tubey, and according to Beulah and Barney and Marble its the cat's ass (being that her poo is a delicacy to the dogs and that Marble thinks very highly of herself in general).

Can't wait to see your future adventures unfold!

Anonymous said...

Every weekday I check your blog, it truly makes my day!! Keep em coming

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy reading your posts, Puglet. Happy Birthday!

Noodles said...

Happy to the B-Day Puglet! You rock and so does your human and silly ol' Dutch. You INSPIRE me everyday.
Love Noodles

Lola said...

Hey there, Mr P!
We started reading about 2 months into your blogging, went back and started from the beginning, and have been loyal followers ever since! We love reading your adventures, love problems, and brotherly love stories.
Happy Birthday to The Daily Puglet and so happy the thumbs are better.
Lafayette Lola

moPSY+MISIOber said...

I'm here just few month, find you through facebook's PugSpotting, and these were great few months. Every evenig (Poland has around 8h plus) I wait for new post, and really enjoy it. Love you Puglet and Dutch, and it's not Prima Aprilis joke (that's how we call April fools day)it's TRUE :) KISSES

Anonymous said...

A day without Puglet would really suck. So happy to have found you. It's a pleasure being welcomed into your world every weekday.
Kris in Oklahoma

Molly in PA said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Puglet!

I still want to keep the -let in your name, if that's ok? I think it's cute :)

Your Human rocks for keeping this thing afloat for this long - my blog sank after like 3 days!

Looking forward to seeing you back in the comments! It's been quiet 'round here :)

Molly in PA

Barbara said...

Happy birthday! We're so happy for you!!!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!

I hope your human will be making a birthday cake with those thumbs of hers, cause you can't have a birthday without cake. Its The Law.

Pug love and hugs ♥
Meredith & Scarlet

Bella said...


You rocked that Mr. P costume! Can't get over the faux-hawk...HYSTERICAL!

Can't wait for the no-recipe book and even more, can't wait to hear even more from you!

Snorts and snarfles,

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Dutch and your human....

Congrats on your 2 year mark, and thanks for keeping the blog going. My mom checks it every day, and we love sharing in all ups and downs and new ideas with you (even if we don't comment most days).

Frenchie kisses,
Tobee and Zoe (and our mom)

lmeyers1 said...

Congratulations Puglet! We love reading all your adventures and love you and Dutch. Keep going! Can't get enough.

DMBY said...

Your gold chains look pretty snazzy Puglet! Happy Birthday to my favorite blog. :)

Noodle said...

Happy Anniversary Pug, Dutch, and Human!!! I've only known you a little over a year, but my huMOM's followed you from the beginning. She says she's laughed, leaked, and learned a lot with you. Thanks, Pug, for bein' superwonderful. We love you too!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAILY PUGLET!!! I love reading your blog even when it's boring (according to you, but not me). Love, love, love looking at all the wonderful pictures your human takes of you, Dutch & all the other furries you meet in your travels. You have taught us about being green & blue in your wonderful videos & helping out homeless animals.

Here's to another super year of the Daily Puglet - WOO HOO!!

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

SpencerBartholomew said...

Happy Birthday to The Daily Puglet! My house looks forward every day to your posts and never misses them even if I don't get to comment. You, Dutch and your human are so special to us. We love you and all your followers. Keep it up... we will be reading.

Pearl and Tessa said...

Wow, Happy second biday Daily! You also make us better pugs...wouldn't miss a day!

Pearl and Tessa, butt sniffers extrodinaire!

Anonymous said...

Pug(let)!! We can't wait to begin hearing from you again! I stopped commenting largely because I missed your daily responses to our daily comments. Yah! Sick thumbs no more! (sending juju to thumbs)

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Happy Birthday Daily Puglet. Our day isn't complete until we read your blog everyday. Our mom goes back to your blog to check out everyone's comment throughout the day. Wishing you many more blog birthdays.

Myles said...

Hi, Puglet!
I'm recently recycled (Yay Muttville!) and my human and I are newcomers to your super-cute and well-written blog, but we already love checking in (and we REALLY love the reviews!)
Happy anniversary, DP!

Paws on the Run said...

Happy Birthday to the Puglet "Crew" - the thumbed and spotted one deserve some recognition too! You always bring a smile to my face - or almost always. Sometimes you bring tears but that just brings us all even closer.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Puglet! I've been reading your blog everyday for about a year now. It puts a smile on my face to read about you, Dutch and your human. Keep up the great entertainment and I hope you celebrate many more birthdays with us!

Ollie said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Puglet, Dutch and Amanda!
The internet is a happier, brighter place with the three of you in it.
Many thanks for all the smiles, laughter and occasional leaking. You make an ordinary day special.
And for bring us from all over the planet, together here, to create what I think is a pretty cool cyberpack.
Lots of love and licks from your faithful friend,
Ollie xo

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Daily Puglet... We love that you share your awesome antics with us!!!!

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Happy B-Day, Daily Puglet!! Congratulations on two years of awesome blogging!

Treat Lover said...

Happy Birthday Daily Puglet! I read your blog to Chili while my human is at work and we just love you and sharing your adventures. Sorry we've never sniffed real life butts, but I think we do it cyber style!


THE PUGLET said...

Hey everyone! I'm baaaaaack :)

Thanks so much for saying such awesome things. And for being here today. And every other day.

I love our little (or not so little?) "cyber-pack" (nice, Ollie!) and am sooo glad I let my human duct tape that stupid piece of fake fur to my head back in 2009. I mean, how else would I have gotten to know all of you??

My human says things will be back to normal from now on. "Normal" meaning she'll let me use her thumbs whenever I have anything to say (not just once a day to write posts) AND my posts will happen first thing in the morning again.

I totally understand that she was sick and stuff for awhile, but I have needs too, y'know?

Anyway. Happy Birthday to us and... OH! I forgot. The No Recipe cookiebook is going to be here on Monday instead of today. My human says it came out so cool, it definitely needs to have its own day.

HUMONGOUS thanks to everyone who sent in a No Recipe! If anyone gets a last-minute wild hair up their butt over the weekend, we can still add your snacks:

dailypuglet[at] until Sunday PM


Pugs2Luv said...

We wish us a Happy, Happy Birthday! The DP is a critical part of our daily routine; we would be lost without it. We are so glad to hear that your human feels human again. Now Dutch just needs to feel Dutchie again. So happy birthday to everyone and in honor of this special occasion we all should enjoy a special treat and maybe even presents...

Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Gabby aka "The Gabbinator" said...

Puglet, Dutch and Fantastic Human,

Happy Blog Birthday from the Fabulous Felines in MD!

Even though you are a dog we love to follow your life and adventures. My human says it brings back memories to see all the sites in SF that you adventure to because she grew up in the Bay Area.

Keep up the great work and have a great Blog Birthday!

Gabbie and Gunnie

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Happy Blog Birthday WOO HOO!!!!!!!
We read your blog and love love love it. It makes our day... Thanks to you, Dutch and your human.
Happy B Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilma said...

Hey Pug, Dutch and Thumbs,
Happy Birthday!!! Thank you all for always being there for us. We look forward to catching up every day, even if we don't always comment. My humans thumbs go on strike now and then. We think the world of you, and appreciate all the laughs and even the leakage too. Here's a big cyber smooch to you all! MUAAAAAAH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, we are so happy your human is feeling better. We have no doubt you'll make it to the big-time!

It's your destiny and we're here to support you all the way, 100%. My human says all things that vibrate with good energy are bound to attract their same in equal energy. So that means lots of good energy is coming your way.

Happy Second Year! I've been following you ever since your Green Video, and I love reading your blog every day. PS They are never boring. Take it from me.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Happy 2 years Pug(let)!!!

Anonymous said...

We love you Pug ( and Dutch too)!!!
Busy Belle her her thumb controlling human.

Tiffy said...

I pity the dog who doesn't wish you a happy 2nd birthday, Puglet! I'm newly recycled and loving life in my forever home. I say we celebrate together!


Crabbie Chris said...

Happy Birthday to Daily Puglet! I looked up an appropriate gift and it says cotton represents the 2nd year. Um, I think bacon wrapped cotton sounds better. You've posted so many great things over the years, and you've made so many people smile. I hope your mom gives you something yummy to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

go Puglet, it's your birthday! yah! (you know what I mean)

Love reading you everyday. It's the thing I look forward to the most every time I log on to the internet

Deb and Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Daily Puglet!! I can't believe it is 2 years already. I love reading about all your adventures. Dutch and the House of Meat and your human just add to the excitement. I hope you keep blogging forever.

The Michigan Puggie said...





The Michigan Puggie

Buford T. Justice said...


Thank the Pug gods for introducing us to your blog (and you and Dutch and your human)!!!! We check you out everyday and love doing so.

It was sooooooo cool when we got to go on an adventure with you and Dutch and Zoey and Phoebe and Miley and Boka......I think that's everyone. Oh yeah, the humans too. My crazy sister Bambi learned how to swim thanks to you letting her borrow your life vest.

We are sooooo glad and honored to be your furends.

Here's to another many years of blogdom.

Buford T. Justice, Bambi (the crazy agility pug), Peg, Per-Li-Mae and Miss Lacy

Anonymous said...

Our email is at the bottom of the stack and you might not get to it.

BUTT.. no pun intended.. Happy Birthday to the Puglet web site.

Oh by he way, we remember your start and that glued on mohawk, but our mom was too dense to send comments...the dim bulb has finally caught on and we have a BLAST responding to all your quirky and and maybe not so quirky antice.

ROCK NON and Brother Dutch!
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio
Luv ya buddy!

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, S.A. Pugs (and everyone else between my last words and here) ~

I totally read everything everyone says - no matter where they are in the pile!


Floris, NL said...

happy birthday from waaaay over here!! to celebrate the occasion I made an effort to have my sweet face next to this post and now I don't know where it has gone - if my human is there once it's up, something went double wrong ;-). so glad you're back, with thumbs and without!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday THE DAILY PUGLET !! Keep coming, we love you so much. By the way, when is your real b-day, and Dutch's and your humans?? More reason to have parties with treats are always welcome : >


Anonymous said...

WE love your blog! I tell everyone about it, it's so cute and hilarious! Keep it coming. We love your irreverence.

Eagle The Pug said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! We enjoy getting our daily dose of Puglet!

Kahlua said...

Look at you, Puglet! One hot bliggity blog dog. Congrats on the milestone. My human & I ❤ the Pug Love & Laughs.

Happiness runs in a circular motion,
Kahlua the Pug

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day daily puglet!

We look forward to your posts everyday. We've been loyal followers since your green video. You make all of us smile through your adventures. We go thru withdrawal when we miss a day!

Bouncer, Chaos and Chris - The south florida pugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to The Daily Puglet!!!
Since you've kinda outgrown the -let in your name, is it going to just be The Daily Pug??

~ Frankie from Seattle

Anonymous said...

Puglet, we may not always comment, but we ALWAYS read you every day! We are your devoted followers. We will always be there, wherever you go. I believe you are our guru : 0 )

Emelina and Massimo said...

Happy Anniversary, Daily Puglet! I read your posts EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. I love it! My day is not complete without my daily Puglet dose! When my day is "poopy", I read your posts and you make me feel soooo much better. Thanks so much for being in my life!
Emelina and Massimo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for Daily Puglet and I hope to see for so much years here.We love yours!
Congratulations from Brazil, Rio.
Fred(pug) and mom Estelita.