Thursday, April 14, 2011


You can find the #1 best thing in the whole entire supermarket under a sign that says Homemade Goodness. It caught my nose the minute we walked in the door, but was the very last stop on our Tour de Meat.

I had no freaking idea what
Homemade Goodness is, so I asked my human what it was and what made it smell so ridiculously tasty. She said there are whole cooked chickens inside those little boxes. A whole flock of them. Skin, bones, meat and everything!

Homemade Goodness is good.

Insanely good.

I was really surprised that the #1 best thing in the whole entire supermarket isn't behind glass. But it is under special lights. My human said the special lights warm up the meat and make it extra smelly. I told her we need to get some of those lights for our house.

And, uh, some meat to go with them.

She just laughed and told me to enjoy the smell. And then wheeled me off to see the vegetables.

I have no idea why my human thought I'd want to look at carrots when I could be smelling chickens. But I didn't want to leave the supermarket so I tried to act like I care where carrots come from.

Where carrots come from.

And then... something really freaky happened. You know that loud, scary noise that happens sometimes when it rains? Well, it happens at the supermarket. Like, inside the supermarket. Where the carrots live.

Yeah. Boom! Boom! Boom! And then rain.

Freaked. Me. Out.

My human tried to calm me down with a handful of cookies, but when she reached into her cookie pocket it was empty. Apparently she seriously underguesstimated how many cookies it would take to keep me in the cart in a store full of meat. So we left the carrots and headed for the dog cookies...

And that will be the last stop on our adventure in the supermarket. It's pretty funny, so come back tomorrow.

* * *

Woo hoo! Let's all eat a cookie for Pablo's birthday :)


Barbara said...

I just noticed what your bag says...You used to be a plastic bottle? That's AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I'm not much for meat but I have to say the Homemade Goodness is really to my liking. You look less than thrilled with the carrots but I'm impressed that your carrots are not put in a little plastic bag! That's nice.
Hey, pick up some Oreo's for me, will ya?
Kris in Oklahoma
PS- We have that loud scary noise in Oklahoma too. Good thing you're not Toto, because you would fly away if you lived here.

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

We don't know about you, but we're gonna have some homemade goodness to celebrate Pablo's birthday!

Tiffy said...

I must get Momma to take me to the grocery store! Since I've been here there's been no homemade goodness of any kind but I remember all the homemade yummies I had at my foster home - delicious!


Noodle said...

So THAT'S where the box chicken comes from!! My humans bring home smelly box chicken occasionally and it drives me wild. It REALLY gets my cat brother, Jake, going 'cause he gets all in the middle of the kitchen with his little pink nose sniffin' away!! He rarely stands in the middle of the kitchen!! You can't keep him away when there's smelly box chicken!!!!
Wow. Now I know. Thanks dude.

Riley said...

Puglet, get this. We had 'homemade goodness' at our house the other day and I didn't get any but THE CATS DID. I kid you not. Can you think of a greater injustice?!?!

Your grocery store adventure sounds super fun so far, except for the raining carrots. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Love the unimpressed look you gave the carrots. Can't stand the things myself. A bite of raw yam is ok, but most veggies are just unappealing. Now that chicken, I can almost smell it through the screen. Thank you for sharing.
On to the cookies. One for you, one for me and one to celebrate Pablo's special day.

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
I Loves Loves Loves me some carrots. Never had a box chicken - I wonder if it is as good as my Mommy's boiled chicken.
Love Noodles

Meredith LeBlanc said...

I took Scarlet into the health food store once to get her her special Castor & Pollux Organic Peanut Butter dog cookies - it was a covert operation though. The manager said NO DOGS (silly human) so I had to sneak her in under my coat. Scarlet said the cookies were extra tasty because of the added excitement.

Scarlet & Meredith

Sabrina said...

OMG! You got to see all the meat (and the carrots) and eat cookies the whole time?! I can't think of an adventure that would top this (except maybe the SPAM factory)!

Happy Birthday Pablo! B&B will eat some liver brownies in your honour!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Noodles about loving carrots, but that noise would have made me pretty scared too! I hate thunder and lightening. At first my mom was thinking that this was a Whole Foods super market, but it doesn't look like the one by us in St. Louis. They are having a dog adoption day this Saturday, so maybe they'll make an exception and let me in the store with all the dogs and puppies on the sidewalk. A pug can dream! I've gotten to try some things from Whole Foods (Puglet, you gotta try some mango...YUM!), but not the chicken. I'm amazed you didn't hope right in the case to snag one...I would've tried!
Have a super birthday Pablo!
Payton from Mascoutah

Pugs2Luv said...

Those chickens smell so good because they taste even better. Our human said that your human probably skipped bringing one home because there's a yuckygross carcass left when all the meaty homemade goodness is gone. Maybe she can get a piece at a deli or something like that. As far as the carrot section; your indifference to them is pretty apparent. What a fun trip!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PABLO! This cookie is to you.

Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Ollie said...

Finally, something I recognize. I've seen and actually tasted that golden chicken in a plastic box. YUM! But, can you believe that there's something tastier? Someone (not my human and I'm not telling who, just in case this person may choose to slip me some more contraband at a future date) gave me a piece of chicken that came from a paper bucket called KFC. The skin was so tasty, that I couldn't stop shaking from flavor overload. But don't take my word Puglet, do your own taste test!
Happy Birthday Pablo! Wishing you lots of homemade goodness!

Anonymous said...

you are NOT interested in those carrots! LOL

Puglet when are we going to see video of you doing the Yeti?

Or the tongue curl?

THE PUGLET said...

Ollie + Noodle ~ I can't believe you've tasted the Golden Chicken!

Riley ~ I can't believe you had Golden Chicken in your kitchen and did not get a taste. Booo!

Dutch said he found a Golden Chicken carcass in the park once. My human freaked and snatched it right out of his mouth. She said something about bones being bad, but Dutch said it seemed pretty supertasty... until my human snatched it.

THE PUGLET said...

Peyton ~

You're kinda right. That is a Whole Foods bag I'm sitting in, but we were in a place called Safeway. I don't want to give the exact location to the whole entire internet (y'know, in case there are any dog police out there) but it's here in San Francisco.

I Love Lucy said...

Wow Puglet, very exciting. I have had some of that Homemade Goodness before and let me tell you, it is sooooo tasty. Hmmm, maybe my mom will get some tonight in honor of Pablo's birthday.

Happy Birthday Pablo!!!

Love Ya'

THE PUGLET said...

OOOh yeah. Screw the cookies. Let's all eat Golden Chicken!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
That face of yours in the carrot aisle is one for the books.

Our mom won't buy the chicken in the plastic boxes, something about chicken skin and grease. Whatever, if she doesn't want the greasy skin then there are three pug stomachs in our house and we would put our paws up to gladly devour it.

Kris said something about Oreos, our mom works for Nabisco...she gets Oreos all the time and does she share NOT!

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli From San Antonio

Happy Happy BirthDay Pablo...Enjoy your Special Day !!!!

THE PUGLET said...


I don't think I saw them in the supermarket. What food group are they?

THE PUGLET said...

Hey -- does anyone's human work for SPAM???

Anonymous said...

What an aDvEnTuRe you are on!!!

hApPy BiRtHdAy Pablo!!!!!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy Birthday Pablo.

Puglet, I get chicken in a box sometimes. My dad isn't good about resisting my begging. I never beg from mom - she NEVER gives me people food.


2 Chun Pugs said...

Sorry. Our humans do not work for SPAM factory. We went to picnic a few times with our humans and Roast Chicken. They are in bags and not in boxes. We love the breast, super tasty.

Happy B Day to Pablo.
Mei Mei and Cho Cho

Jen said...

Mr. P here, how did you not try to eat all that delicious bird that was in front of you? when my human wasn't looking, I got up on the table and gobbled one all up. of course she was really angry afterwards, but to me, it was delicious bliss. I try not to be what she calls "bad" anymore because I think it's an ugly word, but man-oh-man, the temptation is just too much sometimes. by the way I can't wait to see where else you went.

pugs and keesses,
Mr. P

The Devil Dog said...

I can't believe they let you in the grocery store. They wouldn't let me in the one dad goes to. You lucky pug.


Crabbie Chris said...

Pug you have to come live with me. My 'rents eat meat and they gave me a little taste. I've had the golden chicken, and it is divine. Maybe it's your orb action, seems like your mom is like immune to it. Next time I get some, I'll smuggle some to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, Thank goodness for the dad because our mom is one of those veggie lovers too. BUT on boy's weekends (which occur when mom goes on vacation or what not) we get to have some of the homemade goodness (aka whole chicken from the store.....well we don't get the whole chicken, but you know what we mean). Dad is sooooooooo much cooler than mom about that stuff but don't tell her that (and she is cooler about other things like snuggling and what not so we keep her around). We will ask dad next time we have homemade goodness if we can mail ya some? Keep your paws crossed he says yes!
Walter, Baxter, and Bernard

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet... you are the most adventurous pug I know... the grocery store??! I don't know how you contained yourself and stayed in that bag! With all those yummy smells! Agggh! I could tell you were real impressed with the carrots! Fantastic pictures of you... lovin' this story!

Happy Birthday PABLO! CELEBRATE!

We just watched Tori & Dean's Pug Wedding story on the Oxygen channel... FANTABULOUS... Two pugs named Gus were in the wedding of their owners that met on we pugs just bring on the love!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

yes I think everybody LOVES golden chicken, my pugs for sure :)
Happy Birthday Pablo!!! I've just bought special birthday treats, so now we can celebrate our friends Birthday, and so far we can do it every single day :) that's super cool :)

BadAnnie said...

There is NO WAY Rocky would have stayed in the cart with the "Homemade Goodness" calling his name! You must have super self control!

Catherine said...

Pablo says thank you for all the birthday wishes! He had a great time and had plenty of goodies. Read about his big day here.

THE PUGLET said...

Pablo - you got one tasty looking birthday cookie! And beer? My human says I'm not old enough for that yet, but can have some in June when I turn 3 (~21 in human years).