Monday, April 18, 2011


What the???

Don't worry. I'm not going to spend another whole entire week talking about my adventure in the supermarket. But I was so excited to tell you all about the food, I totally forgot to tell you about the other dogs I saw there. Y'know, the ones who weren't stuck in bags or carts?

Yeah, them. Rocky, Roo and Lucia.

My human was afraid of another poodle incident, so she used her phone to take their pictures. Droid doesn't take pictures any better than it speaks pug, but you can totally see these other dogs were allowed to wander around like normal dogs. In the supermarket!


We met Roo near the Golden Chicken. I asked my human why he didn't have to sit in a bag and she said he must have one of those special service-dog tags. Except he didn't! He was a regular dog, just like me.


Then we met Rocky. He was over by the frozen Novelties, and not in a bag or cart. He didn't have a special tag either! My human even asked his dad about it, just in case he forget to wear it that day or something. But Rocky's dad had no idea what she was even talking about.


I was starting to think my human was making the whole special tag thing up so she could take pictures of me stuck in a bag. But then we met Lucia. She was walking around like a normal dog too -- except she had one of the special tags on her collar.

The special tags are pretty big and have a map of Califor
nia on them. Kinda hard to miss. But for some reason, our supermarket doesn't check if you have a tag. This means lots of dogs get to go there. Even big ones. Like Dutch.


That's right. I could have walked around all over the store. Except my dorky human doesn't think it's cool to bring your dog into a grocery store unless you have a special tag.

Or, uh, a really good reason. Y'know, like wanting to show all your friends what the inside of a supermarket is like.


Noodles said...

SO with you on this point, Puglet. My Mommy INSISTS I stay in the cart and preferably on a jacket or blanket while we shop in T____T or C__, etc and NEVER EVER takes me near the food sections. Like your human, she thinks food sections + dogs = NO!NO!
Love Noodles

Pugs2Luv said...

Our human is with your human on this one. That's why when we asked to go to the homemade goodness store; she said no and that you were doing special investigative reporting. She does make exceptions for other stores especially on hot days. She tries to leave us at home when she goes to stores but since we cry pug-murder whenever she leaves...we're always with her
So did your human have to make a special trip back with Dutch so he wouldn't feel left out?
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, were in a sack, a nice sack but it was a sack anyway. You did look cute but..

What the..there was Dutch walkin around with them longs of his but no sack.

SIGH, where we live we are not welcome in grocery stores, have no idea why. DOUBLE SIGH.

Ellie tried to get one of those tags, a CGC tag. But she flunked one part of the test and mom never took her back to retry. No biggie, Ellie prefers to lounge on the couch.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from SA Texas where dogs are not welcome in stores !!!!

Molly in PA said...

So how do you get a special tag, Puglet? You need to get *on* that!

Imagine all the other cool places you'd be able to go, sans bag?!

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

I need to convince my mom to move the family to San Fran immediately. With my PDE, I have to be with someone at all times, so it's hard for my parents to do things, but this dog-friendly grocery store would help...and maybe I'd get some golden chicken too!
Payton from Mascoutah

Anonymous said...

There must not be many people in SF allergic to dogs... nice !! I don't mind staying home while my human goes shopping, as long as she gets me some golden chiken, ya know? Ellie, Emmitt and Eli, we watched golf on TV over the weekend, the weather in SA looks fantabulous. We have snow Tue and Wed : <


Ollie said...

I am so jealous! There is nowhere in my city where you'll see regular dogs wandering a grocery store like that. I even got kicked out of a gas station convenience store. The injustice!!
Dutch looks really intense, like he's comparing brand pricing. Or maybe he's just into cheese and can't believe his eyes (or nose).
If you can't get the special dog tag maybe you could get one of those service dog vests instead. As a therapy dog, you'll be able to go everywhere: supermarkets, restaurants, SPAM factory tour!
And don't forget to get a vest for Dutch,too.

THE PUGLET said...

Noodles ~ Ugh. I know! My human said I had to keep my germs to myself in the supermarket. I had to ride in that stupid cart so I wouldn't get germs on the floor AND in a bag so I wouldn't get germs on the cart.

Since when do I have germs??

I don't see Dutch keeping his germs to himself. SO not fair.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Zoey & Phoebe ~

Dutch got to go yesterday while I had to wait in the car! He asked my human if he could do an "expo-say" about dogs in the supermarket, but I really think he just wanted to smell the Golden Chickens.

THE PUGLET said...

SA Pugs ~

Tell me about it. No sack. No cart. Not fair. AND he's in some part of the supermarket I didn't get to see. Why didn't I get to look at the cheese??

Ellie, don't feel about about failing the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test. I wanted to be a therapy dog, but you have to pass that test first. You know that part of the test where you can't jump up on people to say hi?

Yeah. Totally impossible.

THE PUGLET said...

Payton ~

You totally deserve a tag! Hey, maybe your humans could get one for themselves. Instead of service-dogs they can be service-people!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sammy,
Yep the weaher was really nice for the TPC tournament, our Dad went as a spectator and he had VIP passes so he had extra special drinks and food...we stayed home.

The temps in SA will be in the 90's all week, so we stay in the air conditioned house with the cat.

Ellie, Emmitt ane Eli - Sammy's new friends.

THE PUGLET said...

Sammy ~ Snow isn't so bad when you have a human who brings home GC... and lets you live in the land of SPAM.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Lucia looks like a toy or a cartoon character. Dogs are welcome in certain stores in Texas, just not grocery ones. This weekend I went to two ones that I hadn't been to before. Mom called ahead to make sure it was ok. It was alot of fun w/ tons of attention & treats. Score!

Glad Dutch go to go & smell the chicken.


THE PUGLET said...

Ooooh Suki!!

Where'd you get to go? Wherever it is, I totally want to go there.

THE PUGLET said...

Ollie ~

A gas station? Really? Wow. We have one of those 24 hour 7-11 stores near our house and we go in there all the time. It's Dutch's #1 favorite place because there's a beef jerky at nose-level. Dutch's nose, anyway.

Anonymous said...

That is such a good idea, Puglet - you rock! I must have my mom do some research on-line to see if there is such a thing as a service-person. Thanks!
Payton from Mascoutah

Anonymous said...

I flunked the part of the Canine Good Citizen when the tester lady walked up to me and wanted to pet my head. I hate people touching my head !! We tried three times but no luck. Now if she wanted to pet my chin that would be different. We tried out for the therapy dog thing too.

Ellie...the CGC not gonna be !

PS Sukie is right in Austing dogs are welcome everywhere, San Antonio not so much.

Massimo said...

Pug, Dude! What is this I see about some dogs able to go into the wholesome goodness stores? Without a sack? Coolness! The only stores I've been to are OUR stores. You know, the ones that sell all the non-human food. Food for only us?

Also, my human tells me that she has met 2 pugs (like us!) that are therapy dogs: 1 for blind and 1 for hearing impairment.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

I went to a sewing store, where I discovered scissors and then I went to a place called Tuesday Morning, but it was Saturday afternoon,not Tuesday I was soooo confused. But had a great time anyway.

Ellie, We need to change San Antonio & make it more dog friendly, especially Mom's favorite, the River Walk.


Wilma said...

That's it. Puglet, I am going to need you to send me the real estate section of the paper. I need to find a place out there in Cally. So much cooler for canines than my lame state.