Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I know a lot of you live nowhere near here. But Dutch wanted me to tell you about his new special vet. Because he LOVES her. And my human LOVES her too. And even though I've never been vetted there, I guess I love her too because the place gives out free cookies.

The place is called The Sams Clinic and Dutch's new vet (Dr. Klopp) is a neurologist & neurosurgeon. Dutch has seen like a million different special vets for his mysterious scratching, but none of them have been like Dr Klopp. She has no idea what's wrong (I think Dutch is just a freak), but she's trying really hard to figure it out.

Last week she gave him some shots to maybe make the scratching stop. My human says it's an experiment and might not work, but at least Dr. Klopp is trying something.

Sams cookie window.

Anyway. The first time Dutch went to Sams, I didn't get to go. But when he told me there's a special window in the waiting room for handing out cookies, I totally begged my human to take me to his next appointment. She said OK, so last week when Dutch was busy getting shot, I hung out at the cookie window.

I tried to look kinda sick so the people behind the desk would feel bad and give me a cookie. Y'know, for having to get poked at by a vet and everything.
But the Sams people totally know what they're doing and could tell I wasn't really sick. They gave me a whole bunch of cookies (and kisses and head pats) anyway and now I love them too.

* * *

Let's all eat a big fat cookie for P. Tuna. If you don't have any cookies to eat (?!?!), tell your human to check out P. Tuna's recipe for Peanut Butter Pugscotti on page 19 of the Daily Puglet Cookiebook.


Payton said...

So glad to hear that Dutch (and you) have found such a cool vet. I always look forward to vet trips. I have two docs that are extra special (which means that they give me tons of cookies and love) - one locally and one in Chicago. Sometimes they get mad at me though, cause I have a tendency to swallow the cookies whole and then choke a little. Oops! But I'm at a doctor's office, so that's no problem, right?
Happy, happy day to P. Tuna!
Payton (from Mascoutah)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
A good vet is the best thing ever specially when they give you cookies...even if you tip the scales a tad to the dark side.

Dutch looks really tall standing by the counter, were you on a step stool? How did you get your chin on the counter top? We need to know because the cookie jar at our vets is up high and pugs are sorta well you know 'short'!

Happy Day P-Tuna. Our mom checked out the recipe and because she makes all our treats she promised to make PugScotti for us for your birthday... HAPPY HAPPY DAY COOKIEESS!!!

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the 3E's. Thanks Sammy, we love that new name.

Hi Lafayette Lola !

Crabbie Chris said...

Happy Happy Wonderful day to P. Tuna. He he love the name!

I too love the vet, they are so awesome and give me lots of hugs. I did have to try an new eye specialist for my surgery, and they gave me liver treats! That was like hitting a treat jackpot. I didn't mind them poking around my precious orbs after that.

Aren't vets that hand out cookies the best ever? Maybe you should like, fake an itching problem, then you'd get more treats.
Hugs to Dutch, hope this works for him.

Anonymous said...

I must say... Dutch is a good lookin' dude!
3E's... your human makes all of your treats? She must be a super woman ! Mine doesn't do sh*t... she cuts some apples and carrots, that's it. (well, nuggets and golden chicken from the store ain't so bad, but it is not a home made) Since my bro and I are getting "bit too round", we celebrate P-Tuna's b-day with carrots today... grrrrr !! Pugs want to be pugs, eat, eat eat, but our human says she wants us to live longer or something. Whateverrr....

Cyber licks

Anonymous said...

Cheers P. Tuna on your special day! I will certainly eat a cookie in your honour.

Paws crossed that Dr. Klopp can finally figure out the mystery of Dutch's itchiness.
I'm not the biggest fan of going to the vet. Everytime I go the doctor sticks little pieces of paper in my eyes and then tells me to sit still for like, forever. I'm usually too upset to even eat cookies when I'm through.

Noodles said...

Puglet - I totally need to find a new vet. I don't like mine at all and NO TREATS EVER!!!! I do like the humane society clinic cuz they are nice and I get LOTS of attention there.
Love Noodles

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Happy Cookie Day, P. Tuna!

So glad to hear you found a good vet that gives lots of cookies! I'm going to a new vet on Saturday. A kitty-only vet. I hear she's really good so I hope that means she gives lots of treats too!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III aka
Ernest M.P. 3

Sabrina said...

Puglet! So glad they are trying to help Dutch! How did you reach the cookie window? Do they have steps? Or do you have Go-go Gadget legs?

Happy Day to P.Tuna!

Lola said...

Hi back to you 3E's from SA!

Sam's looks like the coolest ever! A whole counter just for passing out the goods?
My vet is pretty cool, too- they hand out liver treats. The people at the pet food store totally rock, too. They always ooooh and aaaaah over me- they're really good at scrathes and have tons of treats.
I hope Bro D's shots work. I have scratchys too, and I got a shot that worked very well. My prob was allergies, though.
Yay to Sam's and yipee to Dr Klopp!
Happy day to P.Tuna!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

P.Tuna wanted me to tell everyone thank you so much for the the Birthday love! We are off to get some birthday cookies as we I write this. Pugs and Kisses!

JJ & P.Tuna

Pearl and Tessa said...

Boy, we hope that this works for Dutch! Puglet, you look like someone working there, kind of like a librarian or someone else...saying shhhh. We see files behind you, were you in the forbidden area? You two are so lucky...we definately do not get treats at our vets, just the, uhm, weight lecture. But we do love our vet anyway...despite the "gland" thing and taking our tempurature!

Anonymous said...

Sammy... you said sh*t... HAHAHAHAHA that has us rolling over laughing.

Yep, Mom is anal about what we eat and since we don't like carrots & apples, and Emmitt has this sensitve stomach thing going on, and don't forget when Puglet talked about animal digest...Mom lost her mind.

The goof ball stands by the counter rolling out cookie dough then she complains about her feet hurting.
The 3 EEE's

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy Day, P. Tuna. Think I'm going to have some TUNA as a treat!

I love my old vet. She's mom's bestest friend, and gave me treats in and out of her office. I miss her, now that we live in Texas. But we're looking for an awesome vet here. Cookies will definitely be a criteria.


THE PUGLET said...

Hey everybody!

Even though the cookie window is lower than the rest of the counter, I was waaay too short to reach it. One of the nice desk ladies said I could sit on the counter as long as I promised not to jump off and get hurt. It made the cookie-getting much easier.

She also hugged and kissed me... on the snout! My own human doesn't even do that..

LOVE Sams!

THE PUGLET said...


I'm with you. I want a new vet place too. Preferably one with a cookie window for short dogs (and kitties).

My human doesn't really love our normal vet. She really likes the vet, but really does not like the vet place. She says it's about as warm & fuzzy as going to the supermarket - only way more expensive and with a whole lot of hassle. There's ALWAYS some sort of hassle.

Maybe Bellatrix is right. Maybe I should fake an itch so I can meet some new vets. Dr. Klopp is special vet #9 for Dutch. You know how many cookies that is??

THE PUGLET said...

Ernest M.P.3 ~

Good luck on the new vet. Do cat-only vets have cookie windows too? At our vet, the kitties are always in boxes. I've never really met a kitty so last time I was at the vet I tried to stick my nose in the box and say hi. The kitties inside(and all the humans on the outside) really weren't into that idea though.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Sammy ~

You live in the land of SPAM. Tell your human she doesn't need to bake stuff - she can just crack open a can (or convenient single-serving pouch).

My human is super anal like 3Es mom, but never used to do, uh, sh*t, in the kitchen either. But ever since she figured out it's completely impossible to screw up a dog cookie, she's totally into the baking thing. Says she'll never buy treats again.

So, there's hope. And SPAM!

Anonymous said...

We feel safe to eat store bought cookies, carrots and apples, but not so much for what she(our human) could least that is what our male human says about her cooking skill. She should be on the TV show, u know.. worst cook in America or something like that, but don't tell her I said this. I love her so much even though her food taste like sh*t.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

We hope that the new vet can help Dutch - he is a wonderful big brother. I would like to have one, too.

My vet is so-so. Mum does not like her because she goes on about pugs, their nose and teeth and everything else, too. We are still on the look-out for THE perfect pug vet.

One thing about my vet, though is fantastic: She has wonderful cookies! When she gave me my shots a few weeks back, the needle came down like a surprise and landed in my little or not so little behind, while my mouth was busy swollowing a huge cookie! It was not so bad after all ..

But she gives me the "diet talk" all the time, and I have lost already one kilo! My Mom says I am fine and the vet's repeated queries are nonsense. I believe my Mom .. anyway, I'll try for half a kilo more, but all in good time.

Hi from Berlin
Carlos who enjoys life

PS: Happy Birthday, P. Tuna - to which comes to my mind, I love tuna ...very typical indeed!

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Happy Birthday P. Tuna!!! Love the Name...

Hope Brother Dutch can find help with the new wonderful vet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Maybe I'll see you at Pug Sunday this weekend in SF?? We handsome pugster boys can check out the babes, unless you are "going steady" with Twizzle already!
My "rescued" kitty sister Gracie has super awful skin allergies. She goes to Dr. Boyanowski in Redwood City who really knows her stuff. Gracie is lookin' really FLUFFY now and doesn't "over groom" herself anymore!
BTW, how is Mazda feeling? Better, I hope!
Licks from me and Head Scratches from my humom,
Eddie the Pug

Ollie said...

My vet's a great guy but those of us in the waiting room are usual panting, whining, trembling or avoiding eye contact in the hopes that it somehow make us invisible. And then there's the big dogs, the german shepherds and bull mastiffs, who suddenly decide they want to climb up on their humans and be lap dogs.
Dutch has the most joyful expression that I've ever seen on a dog at a clinic. Those must be some treats!
Happy B.Day to P.Tuna!
No cookies for me since my annual exam is coming up and the sh*t will really hit the fan if I'm still packing my winter pudge.

lmeyers1 said...

Happy B day to P.Tuna! Hope Dutch's new treatment works and you both get lots of treats.

Unknown said...

HI Puglet. My mom said she would TOTALLY kiss you on the snout! Tell Dutch I feel for him. I'm heading back to see the nose surgeon for the 3rd time! I used to love going to the vet-lots of cookies and love from everyone there- but now every time I leave my nose hurts!I hope this is the last time for both me and Big D.


THE PUGLET said...

Awww, Scoutie - your human is nice. Mine says no snout kisses because I eat poop (don't tell the nice Sams lady that though).

What are they doing to your nose?? Is it the nares thing?

Unknown said...

Yep. I had it done once, then I had a specialist do the soft palate surgery (that's when I got all the stinky soft food!) and the surgeon said my mom didn't get her money's worth on the first nose thing so she did it again, and now Mom thinks it's WORSE than before. She says I REALLY sound like a goose at night now! I'm hoping 3rd time's the charm...


Holdin27 said...

And the receptionist is kinda hot!