Friday, July 29, 2011


I was so excited to tell you about the gummies that I totally forgot to tell you about what else happened the day we went shopping for them.

Ok. So, right across from the World Market place was a new dog store called Unleashed. I thought it'd be a good idea to go in and check it out; my human thought it'd be a good idea to weigh me in before letting me "go nuts" on a bunch of eatables.


I wasn't too worried about passing the 25lb test. We'd just gone for a hike so I was feeling pretty skinny. I also knew that if the scale said I was too fat, I could probably convince my human it was wrong. Or at least not as right as the scale we usually use. If nothing else, I knew someone behind the counter would give me a bunch of snacks. Tubey or not, the counter-people always give you snacks.

So I hopped up on the scale (aka Detecto) and tried to be skinny. And I came pretty close. Close enough to hear my human say the magic words: OK. You can get some cookies.

Woo hoo! I was extra-super glad my human gave the thumbs up because there was a cookie dispenser right next to the scale and it really would have sucked if Dectecto said I was too fat to eat any of them.

And get this, they even had a bin of Ginger Bears cookies! Of course my human picked those out for me (even though I really wanted the cookies that looked like pink oreos). But Princess you-know-who got pink oreos and I got a bunch of freaking Ginger Bears.

But I guess any cookie is a good cookie, right? Even if it is natural and mini and shaped like a short, fat bear.


Payton said...

Pug, you look so excited to be near those cookies...and I would be too! A trip to a pet store like that is my favorite cause you are right about those counter people! I think those ginger bear cookies sound pretty good so you may have got the better deal. Have a great weekend!
PS. I think you look svelte and handsome...never tubby!

Anonymous said...

Now we know why your human started calling you Ginger Bear again. I live the picture of you and the cookie bins. You look like you'd hit the Mother-Load.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

WOW Puglet...what an adventure to go to such a cool store! So, so glad you weighed the right weight to get those cookies. I sure know how that goes...and you look super cool standing up against that cookie bin too!

Hope your human and the tooth that may get a crown is better today.

THE PUGLET said...

Aww, thanks for saying I look cute and excited to be with the cookie bins. My human thinks I look "cracked out". I'm pretty sure that's less of a compliment than excited or cute ;)

THE PUGLET said...

Payton ~

No way I got the better deal. I stole one of Dutch's pink oreos (don't tell anyone) and they taste SOOOOOOOOOO much better than the GBs.

1) sometimes natural = tasteless and pink oreos are probably like 2% natural

2) mini GBs are mini; the pink oreos are oreo-sized (ask your human)

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Maggie ~

I'll let tooth #29 know you sent a little juju. No idea what the malfunction is, but I think my human should just move in with the dentist and send me & Dutch to the House of Meat. That would make life so much easier.

Ritaestelle said...

Sounds like a fun day! Love the cookies! You are one cute (& in shape) Puglet!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
a great adventure and wonderful photos, you look really swelte and slim!

I also like going to the pet store and we have those counter people too! Besides, I do have my normal people in our small district who wait for me passing by and give me small treats! The Japanese shop, two Turkish shops, the Swabian owner of a bistro ... all kind people!

What I cannot understand is that my weight is -after due conversion from Kilos to American pounds - less than yours and everbody calls me "fat". Not my human, but she suffers from certain comments. I am a big-boned pug boy and have a very slim waistline but a huge chest. I can run very fast, I am super active and as much as I like food, I never overeat. My human watches me sort of constantly, apart from small handouts from my community there are not much treats and if, they are counted! Imagine this!

Yesterday we were approached by a funny lady, I hated her instantly. She called me "fat" and touched me as to give evidence that my rips cannot be felt - but they can! She was quite insulting but then my Mum told her off in no uncertain terms.

We were both quite upset after this incident and we wondered how people can offend others and their pets. This, as my human makes her jokes about treats and bratwurst and the lot, but is really very very conscious what my diet, rare meat is concerned.

My Mum and I like jokes about pug weight and the lot - Thanks for making us laugh after such a bad disturbing incident happened yesterday.

Pug greetings from Berlin

Carlos Santana (20,93 pounds in all my pug glory)

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Carlos!

Berlin sounds like an awesome place to live. I wish we had a Japanese shop, two Turkish shops and a Swabian bistro in my hood! Or maybe we do and I just need to get out more??

Don't worry about being called fat. People call me fat all the time (except pug people, they all call me skinny!). Every now and then my human will see a tiny shadow of rib on me - if the light is just right and I'm running really fast or something. But 99.9% of the time I look kinda boneless and I think boneless looks fat to most people.

PS: I don't think I ever weighed 20.93 pounds!!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Ritaestelle! I will tell my human you said that next time she tries to make me eat a carrot.

Barbara said...

Ho, ho, ho...ginger bears!

At least you're still svelte. No where near fat. No way.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah. In case anyone is wondering how I stay not-fat, basically my human starves me and makes me hike for miles and miles. Uphill. both ways :)

My human's secret recipe for a not-too-tubey pug:

1/2 cup kibbles + water to keep me from inhaling it in 2 seconds

1/2 cup kibbles + water to keep me from inhaling it in 2 seconds

PM snack:
1 large carrot + 1 rawhide chew

A ton of it! We do long hikes (~6 miles) 3 days a week. On non-hike days, we still walk for about 45 mins in the AM. My human is super tall with crazy long legs, so I practically have to run to keep up with her!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh live at the HOM...just the thought makes me crazy, but you'd miss your human even if you do love The Man as much as you get that thought out of your head and move on. Even tho it was a pretty good idea!

Crabbie Chris said...

What the heck Pug?? Have you been keeping a new store hidden from me? One that dispenses treats right into my mouth? That looks like heaven!!! I'm totally going to orb my mom into taking me there. You seriously get to do the bestest things ever. you think they sell that treat dispenser? I'd like to have one at home.

2pugs said...

my human reads your blog every day. She said you are way skinnier than i am. I get called fatsy, piggy,pork chop, pigglet,and just fat. I get put on a diet too. A get 1/2 a cup kibbles and water everyday around 3:00 pm for a week then ful cup kibbles for a week and i just switch of. She says i need to look more like weezy the other pug i live with. She skinny like u, black and we way the same and less than u to. 15 pounds. I dont understand.

2pugs said...

i love your blog and also havent found gummy pugs:( but tomorrow i will go shopping for a lots of gummies! And order online gummies theres a great websiteee called nuts online. Then u search gummy candy on the site. There is alot!!!

2pugs said...

is it a cooked carrot? I like carrots but they dont agree with me and i puke.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya 2pugs!

I know 25lbs sounds huge, but I guess I'm kinda huge. The vet says it's my perfect weight. Not too tubey, not too ribby.

Maybe try eating twice a day instead of just once? My human added canned peas + carrots to my food for awhile when I got superfat at the House of Meat once. Ok, twice. I HATE peas, but they're eatable.

Oh, and my daily carrot is big and raw and crunchy. I've never puked carrot, but chunks of it do come out in my poo sometimes :/

2pugs said...

Ok thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We agree any cookie is a good cookie no matter the size or shape.

Even Sweet Potato snacks are A OK in our books.

Sounds like your meals are a tad boreing. We get kibble with pumpkin + green beans. Eli gets a glass ball inside his bowl because he inhales his food, throws it up and re-eats it again. Yuck !

And mom makes us walk up hill both ways too, cept for Ellie, she is on hiatus for a little while.

Hang in there Puglet...we know your chance will come to swipe a few eatables when the human isn't looking.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli
3E's from San Antonio

Candice said...

Puglet, maybe your collar and tag weight 0.2!!
Love Isabelle