Thursday, July 28, 2011


Dice the spotted puppy.

Today was tooth #29's big day at the dentist, so I was kinda worried my human would go all AWOL on us and you wouldn't have any Daily Puglet to read. Luckily Miss Gimpy planned ahead (sort of) so today you get to find out how Dice the spotted puppy is doing in his awesome new home.

Big thanks to his human Elinor for giving us the scoop + very cute pictures :)

* * *

Dice just had his first real family vacation at Donner Lake, got home yesterday. We hiked in snow (!) at over 7,000 feet elevation, swam in the frigid Donner lake, rode the gondolas at NorthStar and hiked to a lake (both dogs completely crazy with all the chipmunks there.), and rode around in the boat at Donner. Dice is such a champ, nothing faces him very much, although the boat rides are not his favorite, he jumps in happily each time :)

He is in extremely good shape, strong and agile, and handles himself beautifully in all terrains. I worry about him at such an young age and literally crate him sometimes to make him rest and settle down.

Dice the handsome.

He is finally starting to fill out a little bit - people comment all the time on his handsomeness. "And SO well behaved" they'll say, as he sits there regally accepting petting and cookies. Little do they know that he's just having a good moment, contemplating which moving object to pounce on next or which thing to possibly eat and/or destroy :)

Dice and his spotted 'sister' Flicka in their daytime beds. Notice how he has completely taken over the larger bed at only 6 months of age ;)

Little Flicka + Big Dice

Tonight we just completed our last dog class, an intermediate level class during which we occasionally have some bright moments. I will retake it again in September, working on longer attention span. He is so incredibly willing to offer behaviors. I'm very sloppy with my handling and a real beginner, so he often throws in all sorts of various moves in hopes of getting it right when I give an unclear command - making him look really funny and spastic as he will Spin Around, Crawl, Roll Over, Salute or walk backwards if I ask for something he's not quite sure of.

This fall we'll try a couple of novice Rally matches in the area just for fun and I'd also like to give the CGC test a try - we're really not ready for that one at all I think but there is one on August 13th in Sacramento. Just something fun for us to do together, and for me to feel that I'm at least one step ahead of him.
We're so lucky to have him.

Dice's light rail adventure.

He is ALL Dalmatian, spunky, sensitive, a handful to handle despite huge amounts of exercise, always challenging the rules and incredibly curious - like a cat. I've taken him to so many places, not even a LightRail Train ride really faced him, and if it wasn't for his insatiable urge to fling himself onto anything that catches his eye he'd make a really good therapy dog ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Dice is very lucky to have Elinor in his life! He is a beautiful dog and I've enjoyed the pictures. Thanks to Puglet for giving Dice today's blog post. Good boy!!
Kris in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Wow! Could Dice have found a better family?
Thank you for the update Puglet, it's always nice to hear how past foster siblings are doing in their forever homes.
PS Hope your human is done with all that dentist business.

Barbara said...

YAY! A Dice update! Do you really live in Sacramento, Dice? I so wanted to adopt you, but couldn't fit a third big dog in. If you live here in Sac, we'd love to meet you in person!!

Payton said...

Wow, Dice has gotten big, hasn't he? Pug, I hope your human is making her last trip to the dentist and she gets back to feeling 100% very soon!

I Love Lucy said...

Oh My Gosh Puglet,

Thank you for sharing this update with us. My mom got all teary-eyed. She's such a mush.

It's so great that Dice got such an awesome home. He and his sister are so cute.

I hope your human's tooth #29 is a-okay!

Love ya'

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
So nice to find out about Dice's happy ending. Every dog waiting to be recycled deserves one.
I'm sending no more dental visits juju to your human.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We remember the picture of Dice saying 'Good
Bye' as he walked out the doggie door.

Wonderful to hear he got a fantastic family and is living the 'hi life'.

We are just wondering if his mom thought of doing Agility with him? With all that energy Agility might be up his alley.

Thank you for sharing - rehomed dogs deserve the best !

Ellie, Emmitt (our rehomed brother) and Eli
From San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you are in Sacramento, we are close by (Lincoln). Looks like a little bit of Puglet behavior might have rubbed off on Dice. Its great to hear he is doing so well...lucky humans to get such a great dog!

Hope #29 goes well.

Pearl and Tessa

2pugs said...

i am going to make a blog about my pug elaine ( laney bugs ) and i dont know what the blog title should be....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Dice... glad to see you here.
Hope your human is doing ok. Toothache is the worst pain....

Sammy - going back to chew more pig's ears.

Anonymous said...

Hi all doggies - Glad you like my puppy pictures! Yes, I do live in the Sacramento area. Not too many Dalmatians around, at least not when I'm out and about, because I sure never see any so I will be easy to recognize :) I hope to make it to a couple of the most local rally events this fall - come up and say HI if you see me. I think there is a Rally match on August 21st at Hamilton Park. I'll be the one sniffing the grass and mainly ignoring my mommy in the ring ;)

I try my best to be like Puglet, incorporating some interesting various treats in my diet, (I have tried snake skin, peach pits, and chap stick. Oh yeah, there was the glourious chewing and ripping of an entire 14 foot diameter outdoor trampoline.) but somehow I feel that Puglet has it much better than me. Oh, please, let me have a gummy bear! The best I've gotten so far was an entire rotten fish carcass I found at Donner Lake.

Puppy Kisses and Paws from Mr. Hallmark Roll The Dice

Gabby The Fabulous Feline in MD said...


Love the Dice update, it sounds like he is doing great and in a home full of love.

How about a Frank update, you have not posted about him in a long time and we love Frank.


THE PUGLET said...

Heya Dice ~

I have been to Donner lake but there were no fish carcases. Boo! Chap Stick must be pretty tasty because human uses that stuff all the time :)

THE PUGLET said...

My human mumbles a huge 'Rank Roo' for sending mouth juju. Half of her face is all lopsided and puffy. She kinda looks like a frog. Don't tell her I said this, but it's a little funny looking!

I guess tooth #29 is a little guy, but supertough. Kinda like me. They wanted to do a root canal but #29 said no no noo!

My human says there is more mouth drama to come, but not for awhile. I guess they have to wait and make sure everything is happy before they go crowning stuff? No idea. Her teeth look fine to me!

2pugs said...

how do you put pictures on your blog?

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

So great to hear about Dice!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Thank you for giving us an update on Dice - he is so cute and we are so happy that he found a wonderful forever home. Some lucky guy! The photos are great and I love Dalmatians, however, the one I know here is not always kind with me. Never mind .. I have Dutch and Dice to look at if only virtually.

We wish your human good luck with no. 29 and please be kind with her! Tooth business is agonzing and humans react terribly when they are in pain. Kuddle up to your human and let her feel comfy. This is what I am doing if my human does not feel well.

Pug greetings over the big ocean and good wishes for your human from Berlin

Carlos Santana

PS: It is raining here for days on end. Just came back from a little stroll, very little. We have heatwaves, cold waves (which are ok for me and my human), excessive rain and the lot. It seems all at the same time. Some pug weather ...

moPSY+MISIOber said...

oh I love you Dice :) you are super cute and super handsome :) not puppy anymore but realy great young man :) I also love all the pictures and want MORE :) I'm wondering if he still remembers "scary brown dog" :)

Hope that that little but tough 29 will start to be polite to your Human soon!! warm hugz from rainy (weather is exactly the same as in Berlin here)Poznan :)

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...thank you for the Dice update! Love seeing the pics and getting all the info.

Oh, and your human is having one heck of a time with those teeth. I never had that much trouble when I had mine pulled. And not so sure what crown means but really need to keep her away from there...well, for awhile anyway.

Lola said...

Mr. Dice is super cute! It was so nice of his family to let us all know how he's doing! He sounds like a real smarty-pants, doing all those tricks!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

puglet, you should run for president and then things might get better.