Wednesday, July 27, 2011



So, I was kinda hoping my human's gimpy brain had completely forgotten about the whole Ginger Bear thing. She hadn't called me Ginger Bear for like ages and I thought/hoped that meant the uber-dorky nickname had fallen out of her brain for good.

But no. Because when we were in that World Market place looking for pug gummies, something in the candy section made her all happy and squealy.
And it wasn't a bag of pug gummies.

Now I'm stuck with the name Ginger Bear again. My little Ginger Bear, to be exact.
Can you get any more dorky?

Even worse than being called Ginger Bear is being told you look like a Ginger Bear. Yeah. Because according to my human, she calls me Ginger Bear because I look just like one. Like a short, fat, yellow bear. Made of ginger. From Australia.

I know we've talked dorky nicknames before, but I'm thinking there might be some new ones out there. Ones that are even more embarrassing than Ginger Bear. Anyone??

PS: my top 3 nicknames are Pugger, Little Creep and
the dreaded Ginger Bear. Dutch's are Dutchie, Stink/Stinkpot and Boo.

* * *

Happy Whelp Day to my friend Phoebe over the big Grey Bridge (in Vallejo)!! Me and Dutch will be eating for your specialness today :)

* * *

Oh! And this isn't exactly a juju situation, but Ellie down in hot hot hot Texas is stuck in a pink leg warmer thing after her knee surgery. I know a little juju would make her feel better.


Anonymous said...

Hogan the pug here! My mum calls me Hog, Hogbeast, Hogie, Bubby, Boob, Smellybum, Hairyface, Baba...*cringe* its quite bad :3 x

Gabby - Fabulous Feline in MD said...

Hi Pug,

We agree, Ginger Bear is kinda dorky. Unfortunately we have some dorky nicknames as well:

Gunnie - Gunners, Gunnie Poo, Crab Face (she is a big crab!!!!)

Me (Gabby) - Gabby Doo, Gabbalicious, The Gabbinator (just cause I am inventive and mischievous), Gabby NO!!! (not sure if this is a nick name, but I hear it A LOT!)

I hope your humans gimpyness comes back soon and Ginger Bear goes away again!

Love Ya!


Anonymous said...

Mom calls me "Poochie" all the time, even in public! Mind you, I'm a svelte 85 pounds and look quite macho because of the scar around my muzzle (even if I am girl!), so where does she get off? Do you think maybe she's a little too secure in my affection for her?

ChazthePug said...

My human calls me doodle ( she says my tail reminds her of cheese doodles) and schnoodle, which is just a completely different dog type... When I get called Chaz or Chazzie I almost forget I am being talked to....

Payton said...

Pug, I don't think Ginger Bear is dorky at all! I would gladly take it over Toot McGee and Turd Ferguson (a SNL Jeopardy skit reference). But I guess I have a few nice ones too like Miss P, Little Lady, Honey Bunny, and Angel of Love.

Happy Birthday to Phoebe!!

And Ellie, you look so cute in the big, pink cast! Hope your recovery has been pain free and easy!


Anonymous said...

Ginger Bear is so cute - I would'nt mind being called like this, far better than "Rabbit" which is sooooo embarrassing!

We have just met an old wise dachshund in the park, his human calls him "Rabbit" too. It seems that he has survived his nick name quite well, he turned 14 today! He sort of whispered to me: "Stay calm .. humans are like this! There is worse than "Rabbit".

He is probably right there. So I sort of believe now that she can call me anything as long as he loves me. What a wise old guy!

Pug greetings from Berlin

Carlos Santana on the way to a local beergarden .. hoping for bratwurst but my feeling says: in vain!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Phoebe, have a nice wonderful day.

I also think of Ellie, we wish her a speedy recovery and all the best,

Carlos Santana

Pollie the Pug said...

Puglet, I like ginger bear. Just makes me want to give you a big hug. My nicknames are pugalicious, puggers (just like you!), pugtrina, pugbear, and sometimes stinky (if I've eaten some treats that don't agree with me!).

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
I really like Puggers and Dutchie.
When I get the high pitched voice, I'm puppycakes. When I'm not appreciated, I turn into this guy called buddy. As in "Hey buddy! Get out of the garbage!"

Ellie- that's one hell of pink accessory you're lugging around. Lots of speedy recovery juju to you!

Happy Birthday Phoebe! May your day be full of tasty goodness.

Deb and Daisy said...

Daisy Mae Sarah is my pugs complete name. I thought a small dog needs a big name. She also gets Daisy Doo-Doo, Boo Bear, Soo-Soo. She is eleven years old and the vet called her a "Grand Lady"! I think that is my favorite nickname for her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Our mom calls us:

Ellie = Ellie Bean & Seetie Pie
Emmitt = Emmie, Emmers & M
Eli = Stinkpot 'just like Dutch', Nuisance & Rascal

Ginger Bear isn't all that bad.

Happy Day to Phoebe

3E's in Texas
Ellie (the Pink Cast Pug), Emmitt and Eli

Doesn't Ellie look pretty in Pink?

Anonymous said...

Eli here - My Dad calls me 'Little Fart'

How gross !

Pepper the Pugalier said...

Oh Puglet. Let me tell you about nicknames. How about Little Mr Monkey Man (with an entire made up song that goes with it), Monkeyface, Mr Pepperoni, sang in a funny voice, PP, PP-roni, stinker bum, Buba, Mr Bebe (french for baby), and Mr Piggy Curly Tail. I don't even think mommy knows my real name anymore. I kind of like Ginger Bear. It sounds tough. :)

Anonymous said...

My humans call me "shammers"... I don't care what they call me as long as I can feel some love when they call me : >
Ellie, that is a super hot pink leg warmer~ reminds my mama the fun 80th !!Get well soon sista.

Phoebe, HBD 2U !

Sammy, Samantha, Shammers

Ginger Bear said...

No offense Puglet, but You do kinda look squishy and stubby, all rotund and whatnot with your pug/ Winnie the Pooh belly. Okay I'll stop, but is kind of a fitting name. You're kind of like a bigger, horizontal version of a ginger bear. lol : )

Anonymous said...

I can handle the nicknames my mom gives me: Boob, el boobo, boobski, boobenstein (have we noticed a pattern?). However, I really hate when she makes me "dance" to either Josh Turner's "Why Don't We Just Dance?" and Flo Rida's "Low." For the latter, she makes up her own lyrics, too (apple bottom jeans, boob with the fur). Ugh... humans... but she feeds me so I'll put up with it.

~ Ripper the pug ~

Foodie Girl said...


I kinda like ginger bear - I usually get called Pug Face (my mommy even sings it to me when some Gaga lady sings a song called Poker Face (but with puggy face).

Oh my uncle said for the candied bacon he just took some bacon, drizzled a little honey and brown sugar (very little) and baked it.
He did say to use thick bacon (he gets his from the local butcher)

Happy day to Phoebe! And Get Better Soon Ellie - I will eat more bacon in your honor!

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug, I like Ginger Bear that is super cute. I have to remember to call you that next time I see you. Let's calls me Bells, Ling e Lou, or Pugamaroos. Dad calls me Belly Button, Buttercup or (this is embarrassing) Butter Butt!
I swear if out 'rents could hear what we call them when their backs are turned.....well I think I'd get grounded.
I know a nickname for Dutch....honey muffin. Hehe

Pug Slope said...

Well, Puglet, at least it's ginger *bear* and not a ginger *bunny* or something like that. Bears are pretty tough. Regardless, if you end up getting to eat a ginger bear because of the nickname, then all is good.

-Love, Sid

P.S. Much Juju to Ellie - poor little thing with that big cast. We hope you heal up well - and quickly!

Barbara said...

Oh Pug, Ginger Bear is better than Pooty Katootie. I wish your momma could make you less cute because I have so many pictures saved of you to use as wallpaper!! You and Dutch are sooooo adorable!!

PS: What did Ginger Bear taste like?

Anonymous said...

oh, we got you beat with the dorky nicknames....

Tobee - tobee tubey, "the baby", monkey butt or pig butt (something about frenchies not having tails), tobee two spots (I have like a million spots now like dutch, but as a baby I only had a couple).

Zoe -zozo, princess, little lulu, mortimer snortster, stinkbutt, petunia pig

and worse yet, visiting relatives labeled farts a "tobee" 'cause they blamed all the stink bombs on me. My name will live on in infamy.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ellie, you sweet little cuteness, special magic juju being sent your way along with puggle thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and a cooler, much more comfortable end of summer for you, sweetie!

Roxi, Riley & lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

THE PUGLET said...

Whoa, You all are making me feel soooo much better about being named after a fat (rotund??) little gummy thing!

PS: Ginger Bear gummies are very tasty, Barbara! I've been so traumatized by the name, I totally forgot to mention that part.

Anonymous said...

Zoe Buttons gets called: Joe, Jo-Jo, Zo-zo, Joe-Pete, Stinkerbell, Boo, Poo, Poo-Poo, and McBoo. It is a wonder she even knows her name?!

Tiffy said...

I think Ginger Bear is kind of cute. Momma calls me Ms. Toes all the time and I hate it. She mostly calls me Tiffy Girl which I like the best. I guess I don't have a lot of nicknames since I'm still new here. Can your believe I've been here 4 months already?


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Hey human calls me Pugger too sometimes...she will also add lots of stuff to that to make it even longer which goes like this..Pugger Dugger Dogger Doo Doo Bell! What is up with that?

Carlos Santana in Berlin...the man in our house was nicknamed Rabbit as a kid! Funny that you are called that too! are so cute in your pink cast, continue to get better!

Happy day to Phoebe!

Grem the great moulter said...

My human calls me weird names like Schnoodle, Knoodle (what? K-noodle? a thousand noodles? whoa!) and the derived Knoodely-woodely.

The most recent addition is 'little mole' in Dutch (we are from Belgium): 'molletje". I don't care much as long as I get regular cuddles, walks and my food bowl is filled in a timely fashion.

Btw, love your blog, dawg. My human reads it to me every day.

Grem (as in Gremlin) from Antwerp (Belgium)

Anonymous said...

Um...since I came back from the vet last week, my humans have been calling me "fat". Only 21 pounds! Can you believe it?

Better names I go by: Monster, Anniepug, Poop-seeking-missile, and the Kraken.

Much juju to Ellie.

-Annie in Reson, VA

Meredith LeBlanc said...

I think Ginger Bear is adorable!

Miss Scarlet has a LOT of nicknames:
Snuggle Bear
Scarlet Jo Monkey Pants
Poopie Pants
Monkey Face
Monkey Butt
Piggy Pug

I'm sure she doesn't like them much but as long as their followed by a treat she doesn't seem to mind.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Humans can be so kind and yet so cruel ……

While Mom read us other's comments, we could not help but hang our heads a whimper slightly for some ..... ummm, for many of you and your nick names.

Honestly Puglet, Ginger Bear seems relatively kind in comparison. She could have chosen honey bear, dude.

We get called:
Roxi = Rox-a-Roni
Riley = Ri-bread or Ri-toast
Lea = Lea-Bea or hosehead (because she attacks the garden hose)

Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Anonymous said...

I only ever get called Smush, Smushy or Smushface anymore (something about how pugs have smushed-in faces?) I get worried though because if every pug has a smushed-in face, how do I know they are talking to me??

Bentley the Pug (Smushy)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Puglet, for the first time Fredzik here :) nice to write you!!! My real name is Fred, everyone calls me Fredzik but not my mom! She calls me: Federico, Rico, Master Yoda, Gonzo Alfonzo (pretty nasty this one), Julius Slowacki (which was polish famous poet), my sister Zuzia is Suzana, Tunia-Petunia or Lulu and my other sister Pucia is mom's fat baby, mom's fat ass (ups sorry) and her little bear. Hope I'll be able to write to you more often!! Pug-hugz from polish 3:)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh Fredzik forgot!!! Happy Whelp Day to Pheobe and bog juju to Ellie :)

Jorge said...

My girlfriend's pug is called Brigitte. And She insists in calling her Delibrigi (from delicious), then Delibri and now Deli. It keeps getting shorter and shorter..

Anonymous said...

This is Rocky in Texas. The site won't let my hu-mom use her Google ID so we have to post as anonymous.

My name is Rocky. Nicknames Rock Star, Rockers, Turd Burgler (because I like the tootsie rolls in the cat box), Little fat bubbers (I hate that one) and my favorite "Pug Masta P"!

I don't think Ginger Bear is too bad. It could be worst...

Riley said...

Pug, I think Ginger Bear is not too bad. She probably calls you that because of how ferocious you always are when you meet those other creatures out in the woods.

My mom and dad have been watching a super boring show called Game Of Thrones, which means they have started calling me -- get this -- "Riley Bones Metharlakin, first of his name, Lord of Poopyville". Seriously. They call me this IN PUBLIC.

Mom also calls me Riley Cakes, Riley Bones, RyGuy, Riles, Monkey, Munkin, Buddy, BudBud, Fuzzy Face, Smiley Face, and Blondie.

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

i get called mimi monkey, meemers, grey chin, dog (if i'm being bad) mimi momo, spunky mcgee (no idea where that one came from) baby mimi boo, stank butt, snorgle monster, and one time when my mom was super sick and delirious, jeff.

Anonymous said...

If "Ginger Bear" gets you a treat, I say go for it! It's better than Tubby which comes from being tubey. I think our humans forget sometimes that we're dogs instead of babies. I know this because the Chihuahua and the cat at our house (who totally degrade themselves to get human food) get loaded with nicknames: Sugar Bitty Dog Head, Bitty Sugs, Pillita-poo-bah, Pilly la Poo, etc.

Chloe & sissies

Mel said...

Wow, I live in Australia and have never heard of Ginger Bears! LOL

*hugs* for you Pug and Dutch and your human. :D

Noodle said...

Hmmm.... Well, the humans call us all kinds of things. My pawpa calls us monkeys. Mom calls me Noodle Von Puggernutter. She calls my sister Mochi-to Burrito and our cat brother Jake-apotomus!! Sheesh! Overall, I think Ginger Bear isn't so bad....

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. My mom calls me Barky McBarkinater. I don't know why.

Even worse, she changes the lyrics to songs so they have my name in them. It's a little embarrassing. Oh well.


Sabrina said...

Hi Puglet!

I think Ginger Bear is really cute but what do I know--I'm a human.

As for my Ridiculosos (that is their collective nickname, said with a cheesy mexican accent), aka the Doogs,they have a few nicknames:

Barney is kind of goofy so he needs a dignified nickname--usually Mr. B (with the ridiculous spanish accent), Mister Barney, or Big Boy.

As for Beulah, when I told the girls at work her name ("Byoo-laah"), the french girls automatically started pronouncing it as "Boo-laah" which I thought was soo funny so now she is either Bouillabaisse (like the soup) or Boolaloo. I think she finds those silly, but not as insulting as Cochon ("pig" in french) or Pizza Dough (cause that's what she looks like when she is curled up). Those last two are definitely worse than Ginger Bear!

Much juju to Ellie and Happy whelp day to Phoebe!

Lola said...

Ellie and I share a nickname- Bean. I also get Lola Bean, Beanie, and Beaners. This is because my mom says I looked like a beanie baby when I was just a 'let (ya know- puglet).

Sending love to my nickname buddy, Ellie. Pink is totally your color!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Puglet! my brother and I are bears too! Well we are pugs but our dad calls us sour bear and sugar bear. Im sour bear (tyson) because sometimes im bossy. Tank is sugar bear because he's sensitive. others include:
Tyson- tyson the baby bison, mr. bugglesworth, ty-ty de terror
Tank- baby cake, flower, mr. wigglebottom
Teddy-yedi spaghetti, doodle noodle, teddy meyer

:) tyson, tank, & teddy (pdx)

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
My favorite nick name is Wirey Cookie, that best describes my personality. Little Fart is another one which is proceeded by "your full of pumpkin pie"... (I think this means I'm full of, well not the poo kind, but the b.s. kind). One last one is Fräulein Maria after one of Mom's favorite movies, "The Sound of Music".


Pugs2Luv said...

Thanks for all the birthday well wishes. May everybody enjoy an extra special treat today.
Ellie ~ you wear pink well and we're sending cool juju your way.
As for nicknames; Zoey's are Zozo, Mama, Zo-mama, Big Booty Girl and many more but those are used most often. Phoebe's are Little one, beelzebub, Get-of-there and many more that we're not allowed to say (she often looks for trouble). Together we're called, "the Girls", little monkeys and the critters. We agree with Bellatrix; if our humans only knew what nicknames we had for them.
Luv, Zoey & the Birthday girl:Phoebe
P.S. We loooove Ginger Bear and might have to call you that next time we see you

Joleen said...

Riley's nicknames include: Rye, Ry-Ry, Riley-Roo, Roo-ba-loo, Ruby, and Girlie

I use many different nicknames for my mom's dog Gunner including: Gun-Monkey, Monkey, Monk, Goon-ski, Skeeter, and Bielsa-goon.

Oh, and of course they are affectionately known as Big Trouble and Little Trouble.

SpencerBartholomew said...

What up Puglet! My mom calls me HamBone & CurlyTail for the most part. My grandpaw called me a boonbutt the other day. No idea.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Little Creep is hilarious!!!!

Oh poor Ellie!!!!

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

My grandhuman calls me Bazinga Moonpie, my mom calls me Fritz.

Anonymous said...

My humans call me Franklin Newman von Squeezie Pie because they think that Frankie should be short for Franklin, Newman because if they had gotten a pug that didnt have a name they would have named it Newman, and Squeezie pie because they think I am squeezable. I dont know where the "pie" part came from though...

Penney and Honey said...

Well, my name is Penney and my humans call me Ms. Penelope Pennington, Pen-Pen, Penn-sylvania, Pensalcola, Ms. Pennypacker, Mrs. Moneypenny.
And, now it's my turn! My name is Honey and I am called HoneyBunny, HunBun, Honkers, and the Hound of the Baskersville.
We really like Ginger Bear a lot! xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Ginger bear is Great. I am Maggie Mae but i am called monkeypig cause I look like a cross between
Tubby cause I am round(likem they have seen a square dog)
Rolly-polly-cause I have a few tires(not really I have 4 legs)
and pretty girl cause I am
Ginger bear is good.

Bella said...

"Poot". My dad calls me "Poot". I actually thought it was a pretty cool nickname until the Google told me that it means "a small fart". Oh, there's also "Little Whale", "Monkey", and "Belly", -- none of which are very flattering -- but it's mostly just "Poot". I am *so* not a small fart!

Wilma said...

Hi Pug,
we all have a million nick names, but Sluggo piped up when heard you were lamenting about your Ginger Bear nickname. He says he can relate, because Mom's favorite nickname for him is her little Sluggy Bee. What's with the other animal references.

Hehe, Mom even photo-shopped Sluggo's head onto a close up of a bee buzzing around a flower and usues it as her screen saver.

Rocky said...

My human calls me Poopie. As in puppy that poops a lot. The stupidest one, though, is Lord Roxton of Boxton or Roxton Boxton. Humans are silly.

Nicole said...

Dear Pug,

Is it a pug-curse to be called dorky names? Mines are "PugPug" (not really creative), "tough cookie" (i can be when i'm in the mood), but the worst is probably "pretty pea", as I look nothing like a pea, nore am I green.
so completely empathise with you and all the other pugs! kisses

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, Petunia here. Well, if it't not bad enough to be named after Porky Pig's girlfriend, my mom calls me Munchkin, her Little Pumpkin Butt, and Stinky. Grandma calls me You Naughty Girl when I scratch at my bowl. I only do it when I'm hungry which is, um, everytime they are late feeding me :-)
Anywho, I think Ginger Bear is kinda cute, but masculine too!

Anonymous said...

Eli here

I got into a bag of pretzels yesterday, actually I ate the entire bag.

Mom was so mad she called me 'Snot Rag'.

Can you imagine being called 'Snot Rag'...I'm crushed.

Eli from Texas

Ellie, Bogie and Gertie said...

These are hilarious! Scarlett Jo Monkey Pants has to be my favorite :) We have a few, too:

Ellie =
Ellie bellyhead

Gertie =
Barnacle McGarnicle
Le Tigre

Bogart =
grandmaster b
my little man
mister man
Humphrey Bogart

Robinette said...

OH dear! Poor Ellie; good juju out to her <3

I think Ginger Bear is SUPER cute, and it's way better than Weezer's nickname: Fatty Potemkin. We also call him Farmer John when he wears a certain bandana. Or Farty McFee. That last one is pretty embarrassing I think (good thing Wezzer is deaf!) Queenie, our pit-mix is called 'the Kracken' or just TNT; not nearly as embarrassing as Weezer's nicknames...

Anonymous said...

My mommy calls me 90 pounds of pure love, ok the pure love part isn't bad but 90 pounds?!?!?! jeez the one time I put on some weight and she gets yelled at the vet, and now it's 90lbs when i only weighed a measly 24 pounds!!!

when I try and add even 1 pound onto her weight she screams her head off...pffft. she even named me Mochi after that squishy glutinous rice cake.

gonna stop eating until she stops calling me 90 pounds of pure love... ok maybe not, don't wanna overreact right?

Anonymous said...

My "paper" name: Moochie "Da Moocher" Moon
What I get called: Moochie-Man, Mooch-Mooch, Moochie "Pretty Paws" Da Poochie, Mooch-monster, Smoochie Moochie, Little Bear.
Brother's name: Talented Mr. Ripley
What he gets called: Rip-Rip, Ripper, "Drop It!," Ripple-Dipple, Ripstick, Baby Bear.
Sister's name: Pepper Ming-Tang Moon
What she gets called: Ming-Ming, Ming-a-Ling, Twinkle Toes, Happy Feet (she dances when she's excited).
Collectively, we are known as "Fuzzy Buttheads," "Pug Posse," or "The Kids."

"Ginger Bear" is loads more macho than "Smoochie"....just sayin'.

Mary said...

My mom does group nicknames which is totally not fair. Mr. Bear and me get called Stinky Boys, and Bubba Dogs. If you have to have a nickname it should at least be your own. I have some of those too - Murph the Smurf, which is just plain wrong: I'm way bigger than a Smurf, and black and white, not blue. Mr. Bear gets a lot of My Good Dog, My Best Boy, Beary Good Bear, when he walks past the horse poop in the park (he hates poop), and I get MURPH NO! and MURPHY DROP IT! as soon as I get near it. Oh, and sometimes I'm Goofy Mutt or Silly Dog or Crazy Irish Murphy. Crazy Irish might be a good thing, Mom is Irish. But I get a lot of Love Ya Murphy, wanna cookie? so it evens out. I can't tell you what Dad calls me when I get inside the garden fence, Mom says it's impolite.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Lily in San Diego.
My given name is "Tiger Lily Pumpkin Pie-Eva"
(Because I was born on the day that Lilia Podkipieva won a gymnastics gold medal in the 1996 Olympics) The Tiger was added on because at 7 weeks old I chased a kindergartner home on the sidewalk. Sheesh, he thought I was after him, and I was. . . I wanted a treat.
Mostly my human calls me 'Lil, Lilster, or Curly Girly. Sometimes she calls me Old Gal, and I don't know why, I am only 15.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Puglet!!!

My human has a lot of names for me too. My previous owner's named me Benjamin Netanyahu and called me Benji. When I was adopted my human didn't really like the name Benji but didn't want to traumatize me further with too much of a name change. She gave me the name Benjamin Blue and decided to call me Benny Boy. From there she went to Benny Boo since it rhyms so well with Gracie Lou and pretty soon we were being called Boo Boo and Lou Lou. It's amazing I know who I am as they also call me Lover Boy, Bubba, Buddy, Handsome and just plain old Benny. I never knew a dog could have so many darn names!!!

Since ALL the juju sent my way made a HUGE difference I'm passing it on to Ellie in hopes she has a speedy recovery. Eliie there are majic powers in this juju so you should be feeling better and all healed up soon!!!

I also want to wish Phoebe a VERY Happy Welp Day!!!! Since I lost two pounds when I was sick my human is giving me TWO treats to celebrate!!!


THE PUGLET said...

Benjamin Netanyahu? Hee hee. I've heard them talk about that guy on NPR. Your name is like, famous!

Mr Puggles said...

My mom calls my sister Katie Bugg (who is a bugg- a Boston Terrier/Pug mix) her little Boston Terrorist cuz she is so naughty!!!

Angry Butterfly said...

Hi Puglet,
Dave has had the cool nickname "Puggie D" from our old neighborhood in the Bayview but I don't call him that personally. I call him "Pug Butt" all the time but I figure to a dog that's a good thing because they always sniff butts. I also call him "Little Monster" even though he is actually very well behaved because I think like all pugs he looks like a gargoyle. When he is bad, like all Dave's, I call him "David" even though his name is "Dave The Pug" His original name was "David C.Fredrick the Third Esquire" but we shortened it to "Dave" because he seemed like a Dave, we had to add "The Pug" because there are so many Dave's.