Wednesday, July 6, 2011


For not being here yesterday. I think my human's brain liquefied or imploded or something? No idea, but it's kind of annoying and really getting in the way of my blogging. I think I need one of those intern people. Someone with thumbs and a brain that doesn't implode.

Anyway. I am also sorry that I cannot tell this deliciousness in a single word. That's right, I cannot tell this deliciousness in a single word. It says so on the bag. Right next to the picture of a cow and the words Butter & Salt Candy.

My human bought the candy at the Japanese store where she gets the Panda heads. I guess sometimes the words on the bags from Japan aren't 100% right in english (technical term: translation). Apparently my human thought
Butter & Salt Candy was going to taste like something other than butter and salt.

But it totally didn't. To her, anyway.

Get in my belly!

She says it tasted NASTY, like movie theater popcorn in candy form. I thought that sounded pretty tasty and of course I was totally right. The bad translation on the bag was also totally right. I cannot tell this deliciousness in a single word either. But it looks something like this:

* * *

Get ready to eat because we have some serious catching up to do. Happy Days to Phobe in Gladstone, OR and Gromit in East Lansing, MI. Both celebrated Whelp Day on July 1.

Yesterday was Noodles Day down in San Jose (Happy Noodles!!!) and also the special day for Rooney (somewhere but I don't know where).


Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Yay! Puglet is back! Missed you lots and lots...

Debbo said...

Puglet! Welcome back... wish I could be your intern, it would be my dream job :)

Foodie Girl said...


Wow those treats sound YUMMMO! I might have to hint to my Mom to pick some of those up next time she goes into Chinatown. My mom's grandma does send me some special treats from Thailand though. I'm not sure what they are, but my mom says they are some kind of fruit and I LOVVE them.

I'm glad that you're back today though, I was starting to worry there was something wrong with your human's thumbs or something. Well good luck in the intern search - if we lived closer I'd volunteer my mom.

PS - can you tell your cousin Sophie that I think she's swell and that I live in NJ too. We're in Hoboken, but I don't know where she is- (and find out if she's single!)

Barbara said...

Happy to see you back, Puglet! Pass the butter and salt!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I don't have thumbs so I wouldn't make a very good intern, but I would totally love to be your food-taster. That butter & salt candy looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, glad you found your way back home from the HoM. We were worried that maybe you weren't coming back home for good!

Happy Special Days to Phobe, Gromit and Noodles. Getting some frozen no cream in honor of ya-all today.

We forgot to ask for a shout out for Riley. He turned "3" on June 29th. Riley's the BEST dude we have. He's also the ONLY dude we have and we love 'em.

ummmmm ..... not sure what to think about butter & salt candy. Sounds like it'd taste something like the wicked seaweed that washes up on the Jersey shore. Now that stuff is nasty.

Sammy ~ how's the family?

Roxi, Lea & Riley
(The Jersey Shore Puggles)

Anonymous said...

They say a picture speaks louder than words...if the bag of butter and salt candy can't put the deliciousness into one word, I think your picture just did. And it says "indescribable". Have your human look that one up for you.
Kris in Oklahoma

Pug Slope said...

Puglet, you are so composed, even with artificially-flavored-pop-corn-deliciousness dangling inches from your muzzle. You are a stronger pug than I. -Love, Sid

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
Deliciousness that cannot be described in a single word??? You mean YUM does not work? What about NOM? I thought they were designations of deliciousness in a single word.
I learn SO MUCH from you. . . I need to go back to bed and mull this over.
Love Noodles
Thanks for the Birthday wish ;-)

Payton said...

Hey Pug! We missed you, but give your human a break. Now if she forgets two days in a row...that's a whole new ballgame! ;-)
My mom agrees with your human, but Pug, I would be there in under a second if I could to help you eat those yummy movie popcorn candies! I love anything with butter in the name or in the taste!
Happy, happy day...we get treats to celebrate Phobe, Gromit, Noodles, and Rooney! And Riley!
PS. Those are super cute pictures, Pug!

Sue and Romeo said...

Oh Pug, glad you are back. Mom doesn't think Butter & Salt Candy sounds good, but everything sounds good to me.

Wow -Happy Belated Birthday to Riley June 29; Phobe of Gladstone, OR and Gromit of E Lansing Mi July 1; Noodles and Rooney July 5. Hope all of them were super special. Lots of treats for Romeo to catch up on. May just have to go out and get Frosty Paws.

Anonymous said...

We missed you!
Fred and Mom

lmeyers1 said...

Happy Belated Special Days to Phobe, Gromit and Noodles and Riley. Glad you are back. You are so lucky to get all that deliciousness in such a small bag!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...thank goodness your human is feeling better for you to be back! We missed ya'll so much! And for you to tell us about the butter and salt things...well, this day just can't get any better can it? Oh it can, cuz now I get to go eat treats for all the Special Days...thank you for that too Puglet!

Happy day to Phobe, Gromit, Noodles and of course Riley from the Jersey Shore Puggles.

I Love Lucy said...

We missed you Puglet!!!!

Myko said...

Super glad to see that adorable pug mug again!!! we missed you

Pug Love
Myko in SF

THE PUGLET said...

Happy late Day Riley!!

THE PUGLET said...

Ooooh Noodles ~

NOM! Yes. I think that is the word my mouth is trying to say in that last picture. On the inside, my stomach was saying YUM.

Happy Day!


THE PUGLET said...

Hi Foodie Girl ~

I think my cousin Sophie is single. She lives a few hours from you though, down on some place called LBI? She's a Jersey Shore pug - but not scary like that freaky Snookie lady.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello everyone,

This is Dutch. I tried one of the Butter & Salt candies and it does taste JUST like the butter I stole off a counter once. Only the candy is even buttery-er and requires chewing. Both are quite tasty.

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

hey puglet. you should send some of those candies to a lady named paula dean. its all over google that her favorite food is butter! she may even send you a thank you note with her fried chicken attached. she lives in georgia i think...

Ollie said...

First, panda heads full of yummy pink goo and now popcorn candy? Genius! What I've learned from you about Japanese treats: they're wackelicious(wacky and deliscious)!

Happy Day to Phobe, Gromit, Noodles, Rooney (I know a wolfhound named Rooney) and Riley - wishing you all a big box of Hello Kitty Strawberry Pocky cookies!

Anonymous said...

Holy puggolys-the treat to die for. I think if your human ate meat she would feel better and not so gimpy. You sure are cute-too bad I'm spoken for...
luv monkeypig AKA Maggie Mae from Sacratomatoe(uum food)

Crabbie Chris said...

Sorry we broke your mom on Monday Pug. It was fun to hang with you and don't tell anyone that I totally made out with Dutch. Those look super yummy! I'm a wee bit jealous

Pugs2Luv said...

You were not alone yesterday. Our human had a complete melt down Monday night and didn't start functioning until now...almost 2 days later!
Glad she's feeling better. We think you should get an intern. You could make a reality show like the mean guy with the funny hair and fire the interns when they mess up.

Happy days to all with special days!

Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

The Michigan Puggie said...

Heh you all....greetings from The Michigan Puggie's been a rough few days up here and ya know...a posting like today's and that AWESOME picture ..words cannot express certain doggie culinary tastes...that last photo rocks is so darned cute...anyway...thanks for all the little joys in your lives you share with all of really does bring many smiles to many faces...and doggie snouts!

The Michigan Puggie