Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Since my human still hasn't been able to take a decent picture of Snail, I don't have one to show you yet. But I do have this picture my human/Droid took of me + Dutch sleeping last night, and I guess it's pretty cute. Cuter than a snail anyway.

At least I hope I'm cuter than a snail. Even if Dutch is sleeping on my face (and I have a dumb, really unoriginal name).

Speaking of names, here's one of those poll things so we can make Snail's new name official.

What should we name Snail?

* * *

Happy Day to Mookie on the hot hot hot East coast (Hoboken, NJ). I hope you stay cool on your big day! It's not hot here at all, so I'll be staying cool for you (while eating an extra cookie in honor of your specialness).


Kathleen said...

The cuteness of that pic of you and Dutch almost made my head explode. SO ADORABLE!!!

Minnie and Mack said...

That is an "awwww" picture!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Our vote for Escargo!

I Love Lucy said...

Puglet, that is the sweetest, most adorable photo of you and your brother.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

The cuteness factor of that picture is off the charts!
Kris in (HOT)Oklahoma

Payton said...

Pug, don't worry, that picture of you and Dutch is way cuter than any snail could ever dream of being!

Mookie, stay cool and ask for lots of treats on your very special day!


Anonymous said...

Does this have to be "food" name? I love all of them... yum-o ! Mookie, stay cool on your special day.

Awwwww is right !!

Cute said...

You and Dutch are so adorable, and get along so well. True brothers! How cute

ChazthePug said...

That is the cutest pug pile ever (even if 1 of you isn't a pug)!!!! Mookie, enjoy your day.. maybe we can hang out sometime, as I live in Hoboken too....

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! ADORABLE photo ... precious. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
It's really nice of you to let Dutch use you as a personal pillow.

Eli sleeps on top of Ellie not just her head her whole body.

Ellie update, she is coming home today with a pink cast on her leg. Mom said we have to be extra special nice to her so we got her a huge gigantic pig ear to chew on.

Happy Day Mookie.. make your day special.

Emmitt and Lucy the house cat from San Antonio

Ellie & Eli will be back tomorrow. Eli is in the back yard chasing gecos.

Anonymous said...

That's my name! I love the name Meatball

XOXO - Meatball

Massimo said...

AWWWWW!! Absolutely love that picture, Pug Pillow!! So adorbs!

THE PUGLET said...

2 of 3 Es ~

Superglad Ellie's surgery went OK! Dutch is *totally* jealous of her new pink accessory.


Foodie Girl said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It's very hot in NJ, but not too hot to eat birthday treats!!! I think I should eat a treat for everyone on the daily puglet - you know it'll be like a virtual birthday party.

The pic of you and dutch is very cute, but is he wearing polka dotted pajamas?

PS - I vote for meatball!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Payton! It would really suck if Nacho/SPAM/Escargo(t)/Meatball out-cuted me :/

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh and Dutch are just so cute...but you know that already! Meatball should be snail's name but Spam is great too! Dang, just saying Spam gets me drooling...

So glad to hear Ellie is doing cast! Cute! have a great day...gonna go get my cookie for Mookie now!

THE PUGLET said...

Heck Yeah Mookie!

You should *totally* eat a treat for everyone here. The follower count says there are 541 (+ 4 for me, Dutch, Swedish and Snail) of us. That would be one fat birthday! I hope you get to eat some soft serve :)

PS: the polka dots are Dutch's blanket. Yep, he sleeps under a blanket. I guess his skinny neck and velvety fur don't keep him warm at night.

Anonymous said...

Roxi and Lea are totally in love with you now b/c you are over the top cute. Dutch looks so comfy, too.

We're all laying around the house air conditioned house today. It is just Too Darn HOT to go outside and no ocean breezes either.

Cannot wait for the January/February snow storms to return! That's my kind of weather!

PINK CAST! How cool is that, Ellie. Hope you'll be up and around in now time.

Mookie, I love your name ~ have a GREAT day!!

Riley, Roxi & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Barbara said...

I have missed pictures of Dutch! I now have new wallpaper! This picture ROCKS!

I see my pick of names isn't winning, but WTheck, any of them are good!

Anonymous said...

SPAM is moving at a snail's pace. Come on we need votes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug,

This is Benny's human stepping in today. Benny is pretty sick but I'll get to that in a minute. First I want to thank you for ALWAYS brightening my day, especially today when I need it brightened. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you and Dutch your human posted today!!! I come here EVERY day and it's one of my highlight's, but don't tell Benny or Gracie for that matter. I used to be able to post under my google account but for months there seems to be a problem that I just can't figure out. I did discover I can post under "Anonymous" and that's okay. Benny likes to see his picture on the blog but since we can't sign in under our google there is no Benny picture. Anyways......

Happy Birthday to Mookie on the east coast. I know how hot it is because we are on the east coast too. Make sure your treats are COLD ones today to help keep you cool!! Gracie is here today since her human has no central A/C. Since she is so skinny and missing her buddy Benny I'll give her a few extra ice cream treats to make her feel better.

So now to get to my best buddy Benny. He is sick and I know you won't mind if I ask everyone to send some good juju his way. He has been sick for a week and today he went to the vet for the 4th time. He had to be there at 8:00 so he could spend the day, be watched and get the pee test etc. The vet called a little while ago and said it is his liver. He will do an U/S and aspirate this afternoon to help make a diagnosis. He is thinking/hoping it is a viral or bacterial infection and says cancer is low on the list of his concerns. What he is worried about is the fact it could be liver failure. I know that isn't good and am really not wanting to google it to see just what that means. I decided to come here to see you and ask everyone out there in Pugdom to PLEASE think of my Benny Boy and send some VERY good vibes his way. The vet will call me at 5:00 with some answers. Thanks Pug for letting me use your blog to ask a favor for my BEST friend!!!

Benny's Human

THE PUGLET said...

Benny (and Gracie)'s Human!!!

Mega-juju x4 has officially been sent! Dutch sent an extra-mega bunch because he knows how it feels to have pee problems (even though Dutch's were with his tube and not his inner pee-related parts - he's not so smart sometimes).

Please let us all know what the vet has to say. All paws + fingers + fins + snail antennae are crossed for good news!!

Anonymous said...

JUJU !!! Mega, super magical JUJU to Benny!!


Anonymous said...

Puggle prayers and mega juju being send to Benny for GOOD NEWS. We'll check back intently for updates so keep them coming and in the meantime, Ee're keeping Benny and
Hu-mom, Gracie, in our thoughts.

Roxi, Riley & Lea and Hu-Mom, Rose

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I don't know that you and dutch could look any cuter!
Mookie, it may be too hot to eat a cookie in your honour, but I'll do my best.
Lots of juju being sent Benny's way.

Christine said...


Anonymous said...

I just want to kiss that wrinkley little head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ollie said...

I love today's photo. You and Dutch make an awesome love sandwich.

Special wishes and beagle juju to you and your pack. Concentrating on good news from the vet for you today!

I'm so glad your surgery went well and that you're at home chomping away on a pig ear.

Happy Day Mookie! Wishing you big bowl of nachos, spam and meatballs. No escrago(t) though...super-yuck!

Tiffy said...

You are cuter than any snail I've ever met, Puglet! You and Dutch look like you love each other so much - awwwww!

Sending lots of juju healing vibes to Benny!


Mega juju said...

Mega juju being sent! As we think!

Abby the Pug said...

Cuteness! That makes me want to climb on top of my human and cuddle.

Meatball is an awesome name!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to EVERYONE for ALL your good juju!!!! I had a long conversation with the vet tonight. He said he didn't see anything terrible on the ultrasound. There was no cancer, no abscess or cirrhosis. The aspirate showed no bacteria but there was noteable inflammation of the cells. He said this is usually caused by blunt trauma, worms or toxins. We are not aware of any injury or ingestion of anything other then the usual including one of Pug's favorite's.....POOP!! That being said he is very worried about him as he doesn't look good and is very quiet. Being the perfect patient isn't a good sign. So he is going to treat him aggressively with broad spectrum antibiotics and aggressive IV fluids. He will do a liver biopsy if he is not improved by Friday morning. I have to call Thursday afternoon for an update. It's REALLY quiet without him here. Thankfully Gracie is spending the night with me. We both miss him terribly. Since the vet is literally in my back yard it is hard knowing he is so close but yet so far. The vet is spending the night with him so I do know he is good hands. Thanks again and keep sending all that juju his way!!!!


Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Major whopping mega ginormous juju to Benny!!! All the way from NorCal....hope the tests show only healthy results, and he is eating cookies soon!

THE PUGLET said...

Peggy + Benny + Gracie ~

That sounds like pretty good news from the vet. I mean, compared to other things he could have said. It makes me really sad to hear Benny is too sick to be feisty. Awesome that the vet is staying with him. I wish we had a vet like that.

All things crossed for the IV and drugs!!

Anonymous said...

JUJU to Benny from the 3E's and Lucy house cat in San Antonio.

JUJU is the best when your parts hurt.

Anonymous said...

Good healing juju and lots of puggle prayers being sent your way all day today, Benny.

all things crossed,
Roxi, Riley, Lea & Hu-Mom, Rose
~ The New Jersey shore family

Meredith LeBlanc said...

That may be the sweetest picture I have ever seen, ever!

Meredith & Scarlet