Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, my human has been trying to find a brain-replacement Droid reminder app for like ever. Y'know, one that can help her remember, well, pretty much everything AND tell her what to remember instead of just making some annoying noise.

Well, she finally found one called Calendar Snooze (in case anyone else here needs an extra brain) and it's pretty cool. Especially if you can figure out how hack into your human's calendar and add a few reminders of your own. Because the coolest thing about Snooze is it will bug the poo out of you until you do what it says.

Yep. Bugs the poo until you obey.

This means that if the calendar says it's time to, say, feed the pug some bacon - Snooze will make sure it happens. And when it's time to feed the pug some SPAM, Snooze will say so. Again and again and again.

Just like this:

Is that cool or what???


Sue and Romeo said...

Puglet, absolutely love it. How long does it keep up the reminder? Does it actually work on the human?

Guess what? Because of your stories, there is now a Crowntail Betta in our house. He has been named Shadow by grandson/uncle who is 9 years old. He is in a 5 gallon tank, and later a divider will be placed in it so we can get one more Betta.

Max the Jack Russell Terrier said...

Aw! Too bad my humans all have iPhones. ;)

Max the Jack Russell Terrier said...

ps. What is Droid saying? Something about bacon i think...

Payton said...

Pug, that is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Where/how/who...I gotta get my mom one of those...heck I should get one for my dad too, and Gammy and Gampy! Then maybe I'll get a double or triple or quadruple bacon and SPAM feast! Oh, I think I'm salivating a bit too much to continue typing. I think it's time to feed this pug - like NOW!

Payton said...

PS. Did you decide on a name for the snail? Perhaps Meatball won?

Stewey said...

Thanks for the info - I will pass that along to my mom.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
That voice is really odd. Is that you human or does the voice come with the app? Not that you human has an odd voice....oops !

Emmitt and Eli from SA
Ellie is at the doctor vets today getting her knee fixed. Maybe tomorrow she will help us send a note to everyone.

myko said...

that is incredible

pug love
myko in sf

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh I forget like everything And I realy would need app like this. Must find similar for iphone:) thank you Pug !You are awsome!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is funny! I can't believe he isn't afraid of the phone going off right underneath him.

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

PS - sending good juju to Ellie - hope her knee gets better soon.

I Love Lucy said...

You're so lucky Puglet, my moms have iphones. They get beeped once and then forget about me, unless, of course, I give sad pathetic eyes.

Love ya,


I Love Lucy said...

Sending you all kinds of awesome juju Ellie.

Love ya,

Noodle said...

That's superfreakinawesome! Now, if only someone would invent an app that would actually FEED THE PUG BACON! You know, bypass the humans altogether! *sigh*

Noodles said...

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!!!! I need one of those!!!! Woohooooooo!
Love Noodles

Kellee the Caffeinated said...


Wilma said...

Wow!!! Must be an iPhone equivilent. The people around here need constant reminders to feed us. Ofncourse we do have Brigitte whom starts her alarm at 4:30 for the early bird special.she goes off about everyb15 minutes until our dinner time of 6:30. If they try and delay longer than that, she increases frequency to 15minutes!

Crabbie Chris said...

I'd have to sneak and make mom's go off all the time. That is super cool. You know that have to make a phone that actually spits out bacon like a Pez dispenser, only with bacon. Oh the drool!!
P.S. Does Dutch get some bacon too?

Anonymous said...

Yay~ this is great ! Ellie, sending more juju 4 ur knee fm hot MN ! Mama is crazy, she is running 5K race in 110+ heat index. Me? I am inside, men......I am smarter than most of humans out there....


THE PUGLET said...

Sue and Romeo ~

Awesome! And what a cool idea to put in a divider so Shadow can have a fish-friend. We're not that smart, so Swedish will have to learn to love Snail. Or Nacho. Or Bacon. Or SPAM. Or Escargo(t) or whatever his name is going to be. I was so excited about Calendar Snooze, I totally forgot to take a Snail-naming Poll. We'll have to vote tomorrow!

THE PUGLET said...

Answers to your Snooze Qs:

* First it's saying, "Hey Amanda (that's my human) it is time to feed the pug bacon".

Since my human did not obey the alert, Snooze then says "Hey Amanda, you forgot to feed the pug bacon". It will remind you as many times as you want it to, as often as you want it to. All you have to do is put an event (ie, feed the pug bacon) on the calendar and Snooze does the rest. Total genius!

* I'm pretty sure Snooze will work on my human (maybe not the bacon part though). No reminder/alarm/alert thingy has ever helped because hearing a random noise doesn't help her brain figure out what to do next. But hearing the words 'time to feed the pug bacon' tells her exactly what to do... over and over again until it happens.

* The creepy voice is Droid's - not my human :)

* Uhm, I'm pretty sure the reminder clearly says who should get the bacon. If Dutch was smarter, he could also hack into Snooze in an attempt to score some bacon. But he's not, so... Ok, ok. I guess I could share.

* Everything Steve Jobs touches makes my human say bad words. Sorry, but you iphones are on your own!

THE PUGLET said...

MEGA Juju to Ellie's knee!

THE PUGLET said...

And ice cubes to Sammy's mom!

Snail said...

When do we get to meet Snail?

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

Mom is rolling on the floor laughing! That is sooo funny!


THE PUGLET said...

Hi Snail -

As soon as my human can get a good picture of him! I'm thinking we'll all vote on Snail's name tomorrow... before he becomes Snail forever :)

Gabby "The Gabbinator" said...


Please say a prayer for my humans sister. She lost her dear kitty Max today to the big "C". The V.E.T. thought he could fix Maxie up, but the big "C" had spread too far and she had to let Max go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Max lead a great life of 12 years and we will always think of our cousin as fat and happy!

We love you Max!

Gabby and Gunnie

Anonymous said...

Oh how great!

Technical development as a whole and all pleasant things coming with it have unfortunately bypassed my human! She owns a cell phone, that's it. It dates back to the last century as I see it, and will not be replaced until such day when she loses it. Which might be every single day ..

I also want such a memory thing, reminding my somewhat forgetful human (heavens, are they all like this?) on important issues like bacon, feeding the pug and others.

Then again, she has phases when she forgets that I had been fed and feeds me again, as usual deep in thought. On such occassions I do appreciate forgetfulness and a certain feeling that we are no longer sound of mind and deeds.

So let's bear with them and maybe Santa can no longer watch my misery and brings me technical state-of-the-art equipment worthy of a pug!

Cordial greetings from Berlin

Carlos Santana

PS: Prayers for little Max over at the rainbow bridge. I have also lost my cat last year and we miss her dearly.

Anonymous said...

Pugs and kisses to Max's mom from:

The 3E's and Lucy the house cat

Anonymous said...

In memory of Max, we will not chase our sister cat, Erma, around the house today nor will we try to smell her butt. We are so very sorry for your lose but believe that Max has gone to a much better "C"-free place. Peace and comfort to you.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Anonymous said...

It is HOT here at the New Jersey Shore. Mom isn't surfing now because the sand is too freakin hot to walk over and the jelly fish are beginning to come in and Mom says they're wicked.

Stay cool and drink lots of water all you pug dudes and dudettes out there in this stinkin HOT weather.

Lea, Riley & Roxi
Those (Crazy Hot) Jersey Shore Puggles

2pugs said...

i am an over wait pug and i need addvise to lose some wait...