Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey everybody! Supersorry you missed me on Friday. I know I missed you :(

My human had to have some more stuff done to her teeth - or, uh, tooth - and it kinda temporarily killed her. She has to go back to the tooth vet again (like, now) so it's going to be kinda sucky around here again today.

Weird thing is, I heard her say something about getting wisdom removed. I didn't want to say anything, but I'm pretty sure her gimpy brain needs all the wisdom it has left. Anyone know why a human would need to have wisdom removed? And what on earth that has to do with teeth??


* * *

Happy whelp day to Payton!! She has to celebrate her special day on Friday without us, so let's celebrate big time for her today :)


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Heading over to Payton's blog now to give her a shout out.

Hope your human feels better soon.

Payton said...

IMPORTANT NOTE: It was not my birthday last Friday. Mine is in March (21st). So this must be another Payton. But I will happily eat a couple cookies for both of us!

Happy Day to Payton!

Hey Pug! My mom is fawning all over your cute little teefies (as she calls them). Hope your human's mouth feels better soon and she still has smarts enough left to continue helping with your blog!


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Happy whelp day to Payton !!!! You are such a cutie, and I love you much !!!!

I'm so sorry for your Human, Puglet. Tooth vet is like 100% not fun :( I still have all the tooth wisdom on its place, and I think wisdom is in the heart and in the brain, not in the tooth so don't worry about your Human, she'll be fine :)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh!!!Happy Whelp Day then to another Payton :) I also love you, but special love kiss to THIS Payton :)

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

I feel for your human, sometimes the tooth vet has to take out teeth to make room for the other teeth because if they get too crowded they fight. I had a baby tooth that just wouldn't go, until my mom gave me a good bone to chew on. Maybe your human can take her tooth and put it under the pillow for a treat from the tooth fairy.

Happy Whelp day to Payton!

Anonymous said...

Holy Teeth Chattering, DP ~ Hu-Mom must be talking about “Wisdom teeth”. They’re teeth that come later in life. You know like the older you get, the wiser you supposedly get. Not applicable to us dogs, only humans. And, our Hu-Mom said that having them removed is 100% NOT fun but she will get lots of mediation that will make her loopy for days. Poor little lady …. 2011 just isn’t her year. She'll have to eat lots of soft, mushy food afterwards. Maybe golden chicken! Be good to her puglet!

We’ll start sending puggle prayers and magic ju-ju today!

Roxi ~ Riley ~ Lea
(The Jersey Shore Puggles )

Anonymous said...

Puglet, I was talking with your friend Google because I was wondering where Wisdome theeth originally got their name from. I was unable to find the answer, but came across this great quote:"Confucius say, he who removes teeth that will cram mouth shall be wise..thus wisdom teeth."
So getting her wisdome tooth out will actually make her smarter. Who would have thought?

Happy belated whelp day Payton!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet
We think your mom is talking about 'Wisdom Teeth' the teeth that peoples get that serve no other purpose then to cause pain. Our mom has her pulled wisdom teeth in a pill bottle. The woman is strange.

She also has me and Eli's baby teeth in a pill bottle, we had out teeth pulled to make room but our big boy teeth, cept Eli only has 3 his bottom toof never grew..he's lopsided.

Emmitt from San Antonio...hey nice pic of your pearly whites..

Frankie from Seattle said...

Poor human! We are sending good juju to her! Also, my humans will be visiting SF on Friday, and are wanting to know if there are any restaurants you would recommend.
~ Frankie

Anonymous said...

Oh no Puglet, she will still be smart, or at least no more gimpy than she is (which we don't think she is, just quoting you). Tessa had 8 teeth removed a couple of months ago, and she did fine...but now her toungue kind of doesn't fit right in her mouth anymore.

Our human says she was up and running after she had her wisdom removed...but she only had to have her upper wisdom removed...this isn't making a whole lot of sense?

Pearl and Tessa

Barbara said...

Oh man, I had my wisdom removed when I was 19 and it was no fun!!!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

OH Puglet...I feel so bad for your human and all she is going through with that tooth vet. Seems she just can't catch a break lately! Hopefully this will be the end of it and things can get back to normal...whatever normal is!

I went ahead and ate a cookie for the Payton out there that is had a special day and will eat another one for our Payton here in March! Thanks...otherwise I wouldn't have gotten anything! Sorry, had to do it, just had to!

Noodles said...

Not the WISDOM!!! Oh dear Puglet - I sure hope this HELPS your human and not destroys her BRAIN CELLS!
Love Noodles

Ollie said...

Best wishes and lots of Ollie love to your human today, Puglet! Pulling out teeth sucks but at least the drugs make you all warm and fuzzy.

Happy Day Payton, I'm going to have one of those teeth cleaning chewables.

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Oh tell your mama good luck!!!

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug-we totally have the same gap in our bottom teeth! hehe
Anyways, my mom had her smart teeth removed when she was 13, and it's not fun. Your mom will get the same pills that made me see pink unicorns after my eye surgery, but then again you live in SF and getting that isn't really hard (err speaking medicinally of course).
Just note, You, Dutch and The Man will have to take very good care of your mom. So make sure you behave and let your mom get lots of rest.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to send good juju SPAM to your human, you have to give me ur p o box address one of these says. I hope your human has some teeth left after this...
I lost some teeth after I got rescued from the long as I can eat, I don't care how many I still have...
Love you all !!


Ziggy and Lola in Dallas said...

Maybe you and Dutch are getting to hang out at the HOM though while your human gets better, so that's good!

Anonymous said...

I hope your human feels better soon!
Take good care of her!
Paula from De

Lola said...

Hi Pug-
We're guessing that today's the day your human is losing her smarts. We really hope she's feeling better soon, and that you get a few days with the Man and the HOM.
Lafayette Lola