Monday, July 25, 2011


So, as maybe-promised, we went gummy-hunting over the weekend. First we went to a place called World Market because that's where my human gets most of her weird/gross foreign candy.

World Market had LOADS of Haribo gummy things, but none of them were pug-shaped. I was totally OK with that when I found a 'super 3 pound bag' of bears - but my human insisted we keep looking.

Next stop was our neighborhood Walgreens. I know, weird. But it's on the way home from the dog park and someone there said there's a whole aisle of gummy stuff. This was true. Walgreens had cola gummies and frog gummies and fish gummies and many many MANY others. But still no pugs.

Since we were 0 for 2 and my human couldn't think of a third place to go, I begged her to let us get gummy SOMETHING. I also pointed out that they were even on sale. I totally didn't think she was going to say yes - but she must have been hungry or something because we walked out with a bag full of gummies.

We haven't given up on the hunt for gummy pugs (we'll keep you posted in case anyone else wants them too). But it might take awhile and when it comes to eatables, who wants to wait? Uhm, not me! Besides, I'm pretty sure when it's in your belly, a gummy is a gummy.

Tomorrow, we eat....

Get in my belly!

* * *

Happy Whelp Day to Paxton (just over the grey bridge in Oakland, CA). Don't tell my human, but I already ate 2 gummies to celebrate your day :)


Frankie from Seattle said...

Now you are giving me ideas of how to get my humans to buy me gummies! Hope they are tasty!
~ Frankie

THE PUGLET said...

You totally should. Not as good as bacon or spam, but SUPERtasty! My human is less grossed out by them too.

Crabbie Chris said...

Yummy to the Gummy! You get to go to the best places Pug, I'm wicked jealous. Mom says that if I went to either of those places, I'd have eaten everything and been kicked out.
Happy Whelp day Paxton. We've got to meet, I'm on the your side of the bridge!!!

Payton said...

I can't believe that World Market and Walgreens let you and Dutch in the store since they sell foodables. You guys are so lucky! And you even talked your human into getting and GIVING you a gummy (love that picture)! Man am I jealous! You are living the life, Pug.

Happy Birthday to Paxton!


THE PUGLET said...

Hey BellaT ~

The trick is to hoover random stuff off the floor - there's a ton of it and humans don't get mad if you do. You definitely don't want to mess with the stuff in wrappers. We're not even allowed to breathe on those!

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Payton!

Well, for the record, my human conveniently didn't look to see if there was a NO DOGS sign at World Market. She carried me in and only put me down for pictures. The checkout lady totally loved on me though. Even apologized for not having any cookies for me!

I think our Walgreens is special. There are always dogs in there. Our whole neighborhood is like that - except for places that are only there to sell eatables. Y'know, like restaurants and starbucks and stuff. All the other stores are totally dog-able.

Pug Slope said...

Puglet, we think you should have gone for that "Big Hunk" candy bar. I mean you are pretty much the biggest hunk we know (well, second to Sid).

-Brian, Jenn and Sid the Pug

P.S. Sid thinks that gummy worm looks downright delicious!

Barbara said...

So, how did that worm feel in yer belly?

Love seeing Dutch again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, I am so jealous of your food store adventures. I don't know how you can behave yourself so well around all those eatables, especially when they come in crinkly packages. Yum! I love, love, love that picture of you and the gummy worm. Hope it was as yummy as it looks.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Pugslope ~

Funny, I REALLY wanted the Big Hunk but my human said it would kill me (something about chocolate). Please tell Sid the gummy worm tasted even better than it looks!!!

Estelita said...

Hi Puglet!

You know that my english not is good, but you can see here in this place and maybe your human can to buy there!
Good luck!!
There have this gummy with pug faces and maybe have shipping for your home.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Barbara ~

My human was worried there might be "consequences" to the worms, but me and Dutch ate loads of them and nothing bad happened :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Sabrina,

Yeah, it's hard not to eat the packaged stuff. But there are usually lots of crumbs and thigns on the floor. Especially at Walgreens! People there are pigs and drop stuff all the time. Yesterday I ate six of those Reeces Pieces things before my human noticed.

THE PUGLET said...

OOOOH - thanks Fred!

Don't worry - the search for Gummy Pugs is not over :)

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said... and Dutch are so cute! I mean I still have my super crush on you but man oh man Dutch looks so handsome in that pic today! I am so happy you got to go out for the gummy hunt and then you got to eat them! WOW! I've got to get my human to find a place like that here so I can get me some! Never had a gummy before...and I just know I would love them! Wouldn't I?

THE PUGLET said...


You would most definitely love them! And Dutch only looks handsome because the shopping pictures were taken with Droid (human was trying to be stealth). He is usually too afraid of Nikon to look handsome.

Estelita said...

I imagine that if you dont find, maybe you can buy there. Inside the that place , have this packet.


Estelita said...

We also love to see you and Dutch togheter!
Fred and Estelita

Ollie said...

Three pounds of gummies? I'm licking my chops in envy!
Happy Birthday Paxton! That gummy worm that Puglet is moments away from enjoying sure looks good- just tap on the picture so your humans get the hint.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We are totally jealous because you get to eat gummy worms, we don't get gummy anything, our mom needs to wise up.

And that picture of you about to chomp on that worm is killer funny & the pic of you and Dutch in a store is another thing that makes us jealous, stores in San Antonio frown on pets in side. Stupid rule but hey thats life.

The 3E's,
Ellie is back with us but at the vet all day today, the vet tried to take her cast off and she hit the ceiling. He had to make her sleepy to remove it and put another one on.

Happy Day Payton, we'll be chomping on cookies just for you !

Anonymous said...

OOPS we called Paxton Payton by mistake.

HAPPY DAY TO PAXTON from the 3E's.

Two Pugs in a Pod said...
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Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Hey Puglet! If all else fails, your human can order them here!

Anonymous said...

Oh great, at least some gummies! Wonderful pictures of you, cousin Puglet and Dutch. I only go to the Turkish stores here, they allow me in - German supermarkets never!

I believe that the pug gummies are a trademark by Mr.Käfer in Munich, who is a famous restauranteur and caterer to the rich and famous and the owner of two likewise famous pugs.

It might be that Haribo does not sell the pug gummies overseas for this reason, plainly for not having an agreement with Mr. Käfer (yet).

I guess I will contact Mr. Käfer tomorrow and ask him if he is interested to sell the pugs in US stores. I am ready to do this for my American and other overseas pug friends!.:-))
You should not suffer a pug gummy-less life!

I never had a gummy yet. My human does not buy sweets and I am quite picky in what I eat. Things unkown - never! In German we say something like "What the farmer does not know, he does not eat". Replace this by "pug" and that's me then! And still people think that I am fat ... with the little I eat and the exercise I get. Very annoying.

Greetings over the big ocean and happy Birthday to Paxton, we hope you had a nice day with lots of goodies (gummies?)

Carlos Santana from Berlin

THE PUGLET said...

Carlos Santana,

I am not a farmer, but I do know gummies and I do say eat them!

Who is this Mr Käfer guy?? Please tell him the US pug population is dying for some of his gummies.

Thank you for all your international wisdom :)

PS: My human mostly eats boring food too, I think we just got lucky with the gummies.

THE PUGLET said...

Yep Ollie. 3 pounds! Said right on it: Super 3 Pound Bag. I was a little crushed that my human said no...

THE PUGLET said...

3E's ~

I'm glad Ellie & her pink leg are OK. Tell her there will be more funny gummy pictures tomorrow :)

Max the Jack Russell Terrier said...

Hey Pug,
Would you mind to give a bday shoutout to my humans goldfish? Their names are Sabrina and Autumn. Even though they really creep me out. ;/


Max the Jack Russell Terrier said...


THE PUGLET said...

Don't worry Max - Goldey and Pearl are officially on our calendar :)

THE PUGLET said...

Uh, no wait. Gimpy read or typed too fast. Your fishes are Sabrina & Autumn? Uhm, does someone else named max have fishes with birthdays tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paxton!!!

When you track down those elusive pug gummies, let us know, I want to buy some too!! (I'm not a big fan, but my girls are, they will really think I went 'off the deep end' if I find pug gummies.)

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Anonymous said...

Carlos Santana from Berlin is right (and he knows German, unlike me). Gerd Kafer is a very famous restauranteur and caterer in Munich, Germany. According to his website, he has 2 pugs, "Sir Henry" and "Pussinka." I guess the German word for pug is "mops" for a boy and "mopsdame" for a girl. Sir Henry is the most famous of the 2 and he is on the front of the package (and in this photo on Gerd Kafer's website:
This rich man is clearly in need of a great photographer like yourself to take photographs of his beloved pugs. I think you need to contact him ASAP!
The mops/pug gummies come in 2 varieties-regular fruit and new extra sour (as seen on the home page of his website:

Buddy in Houston

Anonymous said...

That Käfer guy is a locally and nationally famous caterer and restauranteur. Besides he ownes this likewise famous pug "Sir Henry".

Sir Henry is quite business-minded and has developed a range of brands like the gummy pugs, pug cosmetic and others; he writes books and has daily columns in some newspapers.

Sir Henry has his own pug meeting at the Munich Oktoberfest every year. He wears lederhosen and throws big parties there. Sure enough he will eat more exotic stuff than you or me. Fattening stuff says my human and looks at me ..

The poor pug has to work for his living. My human says that she works for us and I am just responsible for her entertainment. Oh, well ..sure enough no easy task!

Desperate diet greetings from Berlin, ready to eat gummies anytime

Carlos Santana

PS: I am NOT fat!

Anonymous said...

Buddy in Houston, our contributions have overlapped .. you are also right.

Sir Henry, however, also donates some of his income to an animal shelter and assists a welfare project for animals of people on welfare in Munich.

Pug greetings from Berlin

Carlos Santana

Anonymous said...

You have some MAJOR competition!
This pug is HUGE in Germany. He has his own website, blog, products, charity events, and he has even written a book!
When Carlos mentioned the Oktoberfest event featuring Sir Henry in lederhosen, I had to find a picture.
Picture located on his blog:ädt-am-5.-september-2011-zum-3.-wiesn-warm-up-in-den-münchner-augustiner-biergarten.html
Don't worry, though. You are number one in my book (some lederhosen wouldn't hurt, though).

Buddy in Houston
P.S. I am now seriously considering a roadtrip to Germany for Oktoberfest. Beer and pugs!

Pugs2Luv said...

We have been looking as well for pug gummies but we have had no luck so far. We hope you have better luck with all of your world resources.

Happy days to Payton. Maybe we'll meet one day since we live on the same side of the big grey bridge.

Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Tell your human to get the "sour" ones.......Those will make GREAT faces for Nikon.......

Buford T. Justice

THE PUGLET said...

*Genius* idea, Buford T!

GREAT faces for you & more food for me. YAY!

THE PUGLET said...

Whoa Buddy ~

You are SO right. That Sir Henry pug has like his own empire. I'm so glad he doesn't speak English!

THE PUGLET said...

Who wants to go to Germany in Oktober??

Anonymous said...

Hi there, you won't believe it - I received a call from Mrs Ackermann, the owner of Sir Henry and wife of Mr. Käfer after I had sent an inquiry regarding the gummies.

Mrs. Ackermann will inquire for you if there is a source in the US which sells the pug gummies, if not there is a chance that she will establish one!

And: Who of you would like to come to Munich to join Sir Henry at his famous Wies'n Oktoberfest Party? The proceeds go to charity, invited guest are asked for 100 Euro contribution. Mrs. Ackermann and Sir Henry are looking after food and drink, sure enough of the best (pug)quality!

Mrs Ackermann has offered to the American and other pug communities 10 places in the famous Käfer tent at the Oktoberfest for this event - you are welcome, Puglet and other pugs!

Greetings from Berlin
Carlos Santana on the lookout for a lederhosen ....

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Oktoberfest looks awesome!! I think we should sign up to go!! What do you think Puglet??

One famous puglet could meet another lol how cute would that be?!

THE PUGLET said...

Holy Bratwurt!

We're just getting caught up on yesterday's comments & Carlos Santana's news about Oktoberfest, Sir Henry, the gummies. Hugely excited and honored to be invited by such a famous pug!

Dutch is an international traveler, being from that Netherlands place, but I've only ever been in California and once to Nevada (right next to California). A so a trip around the world to Munich would be EPIC! I'm going to have to start working on wearing down my human...

Anonymous said...

Work on it, cousin Puglet!

Bratwurst, by the way is my favorite and my human has absolutely forbidden it for pug consumption. The thing is, after having a bratwurst or their mini version "Wiener", I totally refuse my food for at last three days!Always in the hope that my diet will be changed dramatically ... exclusively Bratwurst plus the occasional Wiener!

My human does not appreciate blackmail, even by a pug close to her heart - so that's it with bratwurst and the lot. Back to chicken liver, hearts, tribe ... the occasional lamb, etc. My human closes her eyes when she goes to the butcher and prepares my meals afterwards. Did I mention that she is a vegetarian?

The "bratwurst connection", however, is worth wearing down our humans. You on the one side of the ocean, me here in Bratwurstland!

I have traveled quite a bit around, mostly in pug company. The first night in a strange place I always sleep in my human's suitcase, just to make sure that she takes me back home again. The second night then, well ..

Try to join us at Sir Henry's table at the Oktoberfest. The proceeds go to a local Munich pet charity and to other worthwhile animal causes.

Kind Bratwurst greetings from Berlin,

Carlos Santana