Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello everybody! Pug said I could tell you how I celebrated my Big 8th birthday. 'Year of the Pink' is what he calls it. Yes, I know he is mocking me but I don't care.

It amuses me that Pug likes to make fun of pink, but got very excited when I asked my human if we could please go to the PINK cupcake store to get bite-sized cakes for my birthday. He became even more excited when she said yes.

The genius people at Cups and Cakes Bakery have a saying: if cupcakes are wrong, we don't wanna to be right. I don't think they or the cupcakes they make are wrong at all. Cups + Cakes puts bacon in their cupcakes and have excellent taste in colors. Both things are all right with me.

Of course my human insisted on shoving Nikon in my face before obtaining my birthday cupcake. And of course Pug insisted on posing for Nikon even though it was supposed to be my Big 8 birthday moment.

I did not mind Pug's posing, but I did mind him talking my human into waiting 10 minutes for the Cupcake Super Happy Hour to start so he could get a free cupcake.

Ten minutes is a very long time to wait for a cupcake. Especially on your birthday. And especially when it is Pug's idea. And very especially when someone is shoving Nikon in your face the whole entire time you must wait.

All the waiting was forgotten when my cupcake came. Bacon Maple (alias, Pancake Breakfast) was not on the menu, so I celebrated the Big 8 with a Killer Carrot cupcake instead. It was soft, a little sweet and topped with a blob of exquisite white goo. As Pug would say, it was Supertasty.

There was more celebrating, but that will come tomorrow. I overheard my human say we are trying to get back on our old morning schedule. It didn't work the last time she tried, but we've had no fog for three whole days so it might happen this time. Where there is sun, there is hope.


Barbara said...

Happy birthday, Dutch! I'm sorry you had to wait for your cupcake, but it sure looks like it was worth it!!

PS: You're so photogenic that the Nikon HAS to take your picture!

agent99 said...

Looks like you had a great eight! Here's to many more birthdays, and a whole lotta pink in your life!

Noodles said...

Happy Birthday Dutch! My Mommy #2 is sending a special chin chuckle your way. She says Men who are very SECURE in their masculinity can get away with PINK and no one bats an eye. So there.
Love Noodles

Noodles said...

HAHA! My security word was "fieri" as in GUY the Diners Drivein and Dives GUY.
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for saying I am photogenius, but please don't tell my human. You know how I feel about Nikon.

THE PUGLET said...

Thank you Agent 99. There is more pink to come. Much more....

THE PUGLET said...


I am not sure what this 'masculinity' is you're talking about, but I can't wait to tell Pug I have it and he doesn't

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful day to celebrate the Big 8. That cupcake sure does look yummy, even if it doesn't have any bacon in it. Can't wait to hear about how you spent the rest of your special day.

Pug Slope said...

Happy 8th, Dutch. I can't believe you are 8 as you don't look a day over 6. Those are some great photos - it looks like you have overcome your fear of Nikon. Too bad they didn't have a Baconator cupcake, but the one you got also sounded tasty (I love carrots, too!).

-Love, Sid.

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Happy Birthday, Dutch!! The pink cupcake shop looks amazing!! Glad you got a super tasty & pretty treat for your special day. Mmm...cream cheese icing...

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Payton said...

Hi Dutch! I'm so glad you had a terrific 8th birthday! I can't wait to hear more...especially if it has to do with more cupcakes. That place looks awesome! Wish I could have been there with you and Pug. Oh, and I must say that those pics of you are quite dashing. You look much better against the pink backdrop than Pug, but don't tell him I said that! My favorite is your look of determination in your eyes (the last shot) it's about time I'm getting this cake after waiting for so long!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,
Happy Birthday to you and I am glad that you celebrated the 8 in style and pink.

Do not let your love for pink make you feel insecure, pink is a great color for males! After all, I love pink as well ...self-confidence!!

Nikon has captured you absolutely beautiful and you look very handsome.

I must find a pink-colored cupcake tomorrow and I will have it in your honor.

Pug greetings from Berlin
Carlos Santana

Ollie said...

Happy Birthday Dutch!
You look slim, trim and very debonair. I hope this is the year of the cupcake for you. Make that pink cupcakes.

Coco the Pug said...

Happy Birthday Dutch from Coco and Chili! We love cupcakes too! We call them little cups of heaven! ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dutch!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Dutch!!! Glad you had a great cupcake day!!
Paula from DE

THE PUGLET said...



THE PUGLET said...

PS: Pug says cupcakes are tasty but he'd prefer Year of the Bacon.

THE PUGLET said...

Greetings Carlos,

I believe European males like ourselves have refined tastes and an appreciation for things American males do not understand. Pink is one of those things.

PS: I am not sure about Canadian males. Ollie?

Ollie said...

I'll eat pink but I've never worn pink and I don't want to. I hate clothes and the two red coats I have (one for cold and one for really cold) are enough for me. Plus my human says I'm metrosexual enough as is, and I would not be able to pull off pink without looking super wimpy.
I don't think I have refined tastes- I eat poo!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

OMG Dutch...what a wonderful blog today! I enjoyed hearing about your big day! I love how you love pink and the cupcake sounded so delicious...I must have one. I wish you would start liking are so handsome and look so good in your photos! I always look forward to seeing you...uh, don't tell Pug tho, I mean I love him too but, well, you are different looking than us and I like that!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Big 8 Dutch! Love the shots of you, even though you had to endure nikon!

Suki said...

Hi Dutch!

Happy Birthday! What a fun way to spend the day and it was Pink!


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy Birthday!!! That cupcake looks deeeelish. And you look handsome in pink. It suits you.

Wilma said...

Happy belated birthday Dutch! Can't wait to hear about more pink! Where we vacation in the summer there is a guy who sells just pink cupcakes. If you ever make it out to the east coast, this is the place for you!

He may start selling them online, if so,I'll let you know.

Noodle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dutch!! So glad you got to celebrate with a cupcake (even if you had to wait). My human's birthday was Friday and she had cupcakes, but we didn't get any. :(
Mochi, my humans, and I wish you nothing but the best!!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Happy Birthday Dutch!! Those cupcakes look super yummy!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Anonymous said...

HBD Dutch, you are one of the best looking dude ever.


Jennifer (owner of Cups & Cakes!) said...

My goodness these pics are ADORABLE! Mind if we use them on our site?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch and belated Happy Birthday!!!! It looks like you had an AWESOME birthday despite haivng to wait ten whole minutes for the cupcake. Personally the wait would have done me in and there would have been a HUGE puddle of drool. I drool just waiting in my crate for my meals. At any rate glad you had a good day. BTW my human thinks you are super handsome in pink.


Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Happy BIG PINK colored birthday to Dutch! Hope next year is your best ever:) With age comes wisdom, and you have finally outwitted Nikon with those adorable mug, not Pug, shots! As my great grandpa would say, "Every dog has his day!"
Snuggly hugs,
Eddie the Pug

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Wilma!

Those pink cupcakes in Provincetown look... divine. I wonder if Scottcakes needs a pink cupcake mascot?

THE PUGLET said...


Thank you for the Canadian perspective. I have one sweater (pink argyle) and one cape/coat type thing (powder pink, wool). The cape is ten times too big but warm - the perfect'apres swim' outfit.

THE PUGLET said...

Dear Maggie,

Having spots, a skinny neck & a real snout makes me feel left out sometimes. Thank you for loving my differentness.

THE PUGLET said...

Noodle - happy day to your human too! I bet she got plenty of tasty things to eat. Your Grandma always makes the tastiest eatables!

THE PUGLET said...

Jennifer Cups + Cakes,

Humongous thanks for making such supertasty cupcakes! We might have to visit again when the Pancake Breakfast flavor is on the menu. Killer Carrot was very eatable, but Bacon is... bacon!

I'll have my people email your people about the pictures...

Anonymous said...

eating poo and wearing pink does not automaticlly exclude itself - I did it, once and still wear and love pink.

Then I have to admit I do live in the Berlin stronghold of men who love pink, ahem. And pugs. Metrosexuality comes natural to me, too. I love male pugs and long-legged female gals.

My mum just sort of surrendered to the overwhelming power of pink all over our place.

Happy coming out greetings
Carlos Santana

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,

I looked at the Cups and Cakes website - you totally should have gotten the "pretty pretty princess" cupcake. It has PINK icing!!!

Carrots are pretty tasty, though.

Happy belated birthday!

Annie in Reston, VA

Anonymous said...

Happy Grrrrrr....8 Birthday, Dutch. You look marvelous with your long neck, snout and all those spots. And, good for you for showing all those other less-secure males out there that you can like (and wear) pink and still be masculine and sexy!! We love you and wish you many, many more happy pink birthdays.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

moPSY+MISIOber said...

I wish you again very happy 8th Birthday Dutch. You are soooo beautiful, european boy :) !!! We all love you !!!! Gosia

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dutch!!! It is always so exciting when you are on the blog. My favorite pic is the one with your outstretched paw looking all annoyed:) My human did not have any cupcakes around but I ate not one but TWO cookies in your honor.

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Debbo and Rocky said...

Happy belated birthday Dutch! We love you!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Happy Birthday Dutch! Eight is great!

We think pink rocks and looks wonderful on you :)

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Dutch, you are becoming quite good at posing! I think there is a supermodel dog in you too!

Ollie said...

I think you must look totally cool in your pink cape. You're just one of those guys that can put on anything and be fabulous in it. I'm most comfortable when I'm just wearing my fur. By the way, this is just the Ollie perspective. I'm sure there's a lot of Canadian males who can rock the pink just like you.

I had no idea that Berlin loves pink and pugs. Sounds very sophisticated to me. If you think I can be a poo eater and still be considered to have refined tastes, then I'm happy to consider myself as such, from one metro guy to another :)