Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dutch was starting to get a big head from all the nice things you all were saying about him so I'm back to tell you about his Big 8 beach party celebration.

But first there's one big and very secret thing you need to know about Dutch's Big 8 beach party: it wasn't really a party for Dutch. It was a pugfest that just so happened to be the same weekend as his big day so he thought everyone was there to celebrate him. I don't want to make Dutch sad, so we're just going to pretend they were.

So, uhm, Dutch's Big 8 Beach Party was huge fun. It happens every year (just like Dutch's birthday) at a place called Dillon Beach waaaaay up the coast. It was warm and sunny and there were tons of pugs and even more of pug-loving people.

There wasn't a ton of food at the beach party, but there were BBQs happening nearby so it smelled really good. There weren't any pit pulls at the party because Dillon Beach does not let them in.

Very weird and not so cool. I mean, we have Pit Bull friends. What if we really were having a party for Dutch? Would our friends not get to come? My human told the guy at the gate that I'm part pit bull to see if the sign is maybe a joke or something but he just laughed.

Anyway. Even though there weren't any pit bulls, there were lots of ridiculously cute pugs. PugPROS rescue was there and brought a whole pack of adoptables to help, uh, celebrate Dutch's big day.

All the adoptable dogs were really really nice. I only know them by smell, so we'll call these girl pugs Red Harness and Purple Harness. They snuggled up on my human's lap and she took their pictures and fed them my Booty and I didn't even care - that's how nice they were.

I was too busy with the Harness Girls to get to know everyone, but I'm guessing they're all just as awesome. My human says your head might explode if you look at these little guys for too long. Whatever.


Payton said...

Hi Pug, that is so nice of you to think of Dutch like this and not burst his bubble. Aside, from all the pug cuteness, which I'll get to in a bit, I am in awe of that picture of Dutch smiling! For the camera! What has gotten into him?!? This is like the second time in only a few days/weeks that he's done that. Better check to see if he has a fever...maybe a pink cupcake fever! Anyway, pugs have got to be like the cutest thing on the planet. SERIOUSLY! Not to mention how super awesome we are! All those pugs look super nice to me, and I hope they all get good homes...very soon! I'm glad you both had a great time at the beach! You know, now I'm wondering...did this have anything to do with the TSS?

Anonymous said...

A day at the beach with a pile of pugs in an x-pen and dutch on the loose? I'd say that is a great treat for Dutch. The Red and Purple girls sure are cute. Perhaps it's the company they were keeping. BOL.
Thank you for sharing, uh, Dutch's special day.

Noodle said...

Wow, Pug, looks like so much fun!! You look great with those harness girls. (wink,wink) I bet those adoptable puggies are gonna get snatched up thanks to you and your human. I'm sure Dutch had an awesome time, but I was wondering, does he ever get to get together with other Dalmations?

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Lovely party, and if it happend on Dutch Birthday it must be his party ;) I only don't like NO PIT BULLS sign ;( it's so sad and unfair. Pit bulls are not bad, their humans are just stupid sometimes !!! my Fred was attacted by stafford, and I know that his man was SO STUPID teaching him to attack!!! I love what pit bull lovers do on FB !!! these dogs are as sweet as any others! and as always I LOVE ALL THE PICS !!!!! GOsia

Suzy said...

Your friends are gorgeous! Looks like a fun time was had by all xoxo

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Oh my look at the cuteness!!!! Looks like at good time!!! Poor pitties always get the shaft! =(

Pugs2Luv said...

It's great to see Dutch smiling. It must have been a very happy birthday for him. You're such a sweet brother for indulging him.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Jen said...


I am in love. Purple Harness has stolen my heart.


Anonymous said...

A day at the beach .... oh yeah, that was a great way to celebrate Dutch's birthday. We love the beach except when the stupid ocean knocks us over! That can't happen to Dutch, tho, not with his long, sexy legs! Those pugs are just pug-a-licious. Happy birthday once again Dutch.

Riley, Roxi & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

"No Pit Bulls Allowed" = not cool. Must email AP's Pit Boss about that.

Barbara said...

No pit bulls. So wrong.

And yes, I am picking up pieces of my head right now because you ALL are so cute!!

Sure looked like Dutch was having fun!

Noodles said...

What a fun day!!!! I hope those adoptable pugs find homes real soon or my Mommy is gonna be OBSESSED with acquiring one!
Uh, Mommy, I am a ONE PUG IN THE HOUSEHOLD kinda girl.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Everyone should have a pug or two (or more) per household. And it's tax deductible.
This should be a federal law.

Dutch is so freakin' good looking...


Anonymous said...

My mommy wants Purple Harness to be my sister superbad but we're all the way across the country! That makes me sad because she's homeless and I know I would love her!! :( I hope they all find furever homes soon!

All those pugs in one place=heaven! And Dutch too! So glad he had a wonderful birthday! Good job Puglet and your human!

Love and snorts,

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Yep...Dutch is totally smiling cuz he is starting to like Nikon...I can hope anyway! What a great pic tho of him and the pugs. Puglet, you are a great bro for not letting on about the day not totally being for him...way nice of ya dude! And, can pugs get any cuter? Don't think so cuz you found some real cuties out there! Glad you guys had a fun birthday for the Dutch Man!

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Payton,

I'm pretty sure Sabrina got it right - I bet Dutch is smiling because I was stuck behind bars and he wasn't.

Whatever. I mean, hello! Look who I was stuck in there with!?! Not a bad place to be, if you ask me. Do I look unhappy?

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Noodle ~

Dutch hangs out with Boka + Miley sometimes and sometimes we run into a spot named Leo that my human used to foster before I took over. Uhm, I mean moved in.

I think pugs are kinda special this way. You can just throw a bunch of us together and as long as there's a little food to eat and some people to love, everything's good.

THE PUGLET said...

Gosia ~

You are so very right. I think they should have a sign that says 'Sorry, No Stupid People'!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Phoebe!

Is good to see you up & on the internet. Welcome to life without your parts :)

(uh, Phoebe was spayed last week)

THE PUGLET said...


I hear ya. My human had a thing for Red Harness #2 (the one in the dune grass picture). She really wanted to bring her home with us, even if just as a foster. But I guess we'd be homeless for having too many dogs so it couldn't happen. Half sad, half glad about that.

THE PUGLET said...


You are SO right. About the law, not about Dutch. Please don't make his head get any bigger. He's big enough as it is.

THE PUGLET said...

Whoa - lots of love for Purple Harness! I found out her name is Jet. I think it's because she likes to, uh... jet?

Red Harness (#2) is Gracie.

Insanely cute little pug doing the Jimmy is Bambi.

My human's completely blank on the little guy in the last picture. According to her, he is SO cute he doesn't need a name. Like the musician formerly known as Prince (who isn't cute at all but also had no name for awhile?) Confused. No idea.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Maggie,

I'm in trouble if Dutch ever starts liking Nikon. My human always says I got the brains & he got the looks. I think it might have something to do with the skinny neck.

Ollie said...

A beach party! Never been to one but I sure want to go now!

Dutch looks really happy to be the centre of so much pug attention on his special day. And what a great place to get out and let people know there's a whole lot of cuteness up for adoption.

Boo on the pit bull ban. Breed specific laws like the one we have here in Ontario make me nuts. Pit pulls have been outlaws since August 2005. Those that were living here already or born within 90 days didn't get kicked out but they have to be on leash and muzzled at all times while in public. Which means they don't get to sniff and play and socialize like the rest of us. Its so sad when you see them wagging their tails, happy to see you and wearing that awful muzzle.

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

my mom says bambi will be snatched up real quick with those eyes, which is good cuz i like being an only fur child. if mom comes home smelling like other animals i shun her for a few hours to make it clear that i'm #1

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
what a wonderful beach party! Dutch sure looks happy and I love the adoptable pugs. Too bad we are so far away but we also have pug rescue here.

Some of our friends are very active in pug rescue. We have the problem that many puppies are being brought over from the Eastern countries from puppy mills and it is not against the law - most of them are sick and too young to leave their mothers.

We also have the pitbull law here, and some of my friends are obliged to walk on leashes and wear muzzles. My best friend Tiffy is a Bordeaux Mastiff and she is super cute. We play a lot together in the park.

We always say: It is the one who holds the leash who is responsible for the dog's character. Very sad if we encouter difficult dogs and their stupid, unknowing owners.

Pug greetings from Berlin

THE PUGLET said...

Wait. Ollie, you mean Pit Bulls in Toronto have to wear muzzles all the time just because they were born Pit Bulls?

Holy. That is definitely not cool. I'm glad being born without a snout isn't a crime.

THE PUGLET said...

You are a wise pug, Carlos.

My human did some Frolic thing to benefit Pitties and she said her model Betty was a real character - and even better at supermodeling than me.

You should check the org out on facebook - Betty's the one posing like a fiend in their avatar thingy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
No matter what you think... we know in your heart of hearts you are big ole softy when it comes to Brother Dutch.

You love Dutch as much as you love eatables, Baconators, bully parts & life in general.

Our mom was teary eyed looking at the cutie pie pugs. If we were at that party we can guarantee we would now be a household of 4 pugs not 3.

Our next family member pug will most definitely be a rescue pug.

Oh and by the way, Dutch looks 'pretty in pink'!

Just one more thing, we have pit bull friends that we always see at agility trials, one cool guy is 8-Ball, he has burn marks on his face from where he was abused...and ya know what...we love him to pieces thats how sweet he is.

3E's including Lucy the house cat
from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug, First of all you are definitely the best bro ever to not ruin Dutchs' day by telling him about the pug meet up. Next are these harness girls replacing Jenny? You know you have the "animal magnetism" and they probably were digging your poses. Also love that picture of Dutch smiling like he is king(or princess) of the pugs. And last our cousin has a pit bull and he is such a big ol' baby. If you think Dutch is a princess, well you haven't seen anything. This guy just loves to cuddle and half way around the block walk wants to be carried home. Talk about princess.
It's a shame people don't know what a good owner is to a pit bull.
Have a great week!!
Paula from Delaware

Kahlua the Pug said...

Hey Pug, my best buddy is a Pit Bull - Diva. http://tiny.cc/yv3jv

It looks like you had a ton of pug fun. Lots of pugs must have meant lots of treats, especially if birthdays were involved.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, Puglet - Betty is so cute! She would be my kind of gal. The ocean is dividing us again ...

Thanks for the link. It is good that your human is helping Pitties. They deserve it.

I was bitten four times last year by a so-called "fighting dog", that is how they are being called here. It was a pretty bad experience. Her owner is the sixth in a row of stupid people to keep this poor creature. We tried to help and show her ways how to improve the situation. In vain. He would deserve to have a better life, like many dogs.

Pug greetings from Berlin