Friday, September 9, 2011


If your human watches or listens to or reads any kind of news stuff, you probably know this Sunday is the ten year anniversary or whatever for the 9/11 attacks. I don't like talking about the bad things you hear about on human news. But I kinda think 9/11 is different. My human says it was such a supersad day for so many people, we should never forget what happened. And even though 9/11 happened way before I was even born, I want to not-forget it too.

I wasn't exactly sure how to not-forget something that happened before I was born, so I asked my human to tell me what she remembers. She said 9/11 was a week before her brain went gimpy in the accident so she remembers a lot...

* * *
She was in California for the first time and visiting a place called Morro Bay. I guess phones like Droid hadn't been born yet either, so my human had to go to coffee places to use the internet. She was heading to a coffee place when the NPR radio man said something about a plane hitting a building in New York. They didn't know many details and didn't make it sound like a big deal. My human remembers turning off the news and listening to music instead.

When she walked into the coffee place in Morro Bay, everyone was frozen still and staring at a TV. A lady was crying and she didn't know why. My human grew up near New York City and recognized the two buildings everyone was staring at. One was on fire. Then a plane came and crashed into the other one. Everyone in the coffee place either yelled or screamed or gasped or cried or just stood there totally still and quiet.

My human was one of the totally still & quiet people. As soon as she could talk, she called her family & friends back on the East Coast. One friend was stuck in the NYC subway and freaking out, but safe. Another worked at the towers but was on vacation that day. Everyone else was OK. When the phone calls were over, she cried.

* * *

Now that I know what my human remembers from 9/11, it's easier for me to not-forget what happened. A few nights ago I saw a lady on TV whose son died on one of the 9/11 planes. She said we can remember 9/11 and everyone who stopped living that day by doing a good deed in their honor. I think this is the most awesome way to no-forget, so that's how we'll be remembering 9/11 here at Casa de Puglet.

There's even a website called where you can share your good deed plans with rest of the internet (and learn about good deeds that need doing, in case you can't think of one... or want to do two!). Now I just have to figure out the best good deed ever. I'll let you know what I decide and will post it on the site.

Are you old enough to remember 9/11? If not, does your human remember what they were doing when it happened? Let's all not-forget together!


Crabbie Chris said...

I wasn't born yet either, but this post is very important Pug. Thanks for posting it. My mom said she's going to spend it with a very good friend, and hugging me a lot.
If anyone lives in the East Bay of California, there will be a huge memorial at the Plesanton Fair Grounds. One of my dog park friends 'rents is in charge of it.
Mom did say that she worked at an animal shelter when it happened (she was off that day) but for weeks after, people just walked in like zombies looking for animals to just sit in the rooms with and hug/cry. So let's make sure we pugs make our humans extra happy that day.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't born yet either. My mum says she was working way up north in Canada when it happened. The whole town came to a stand-still for the whole day listening the the radio. There was not a lot of crying, just silence and shock. Mum says that by rebuilding and banding together, the people of New York sent a message to those bad people (and the rest of the world) - they will not be ruled by fear.
thank you for sharing that website. It reinforces that there is good and good people in the world.

Anonymous said...

Pugsley wasn't born yet either, I still had his "gotcha sister" , Cornelia. Cornelia was a 15 year-old deaf, 1-eyed, toothless pug that had been my baby since she was 4 weeks old. She was always at my side, but that day, she was extra cuddly (which I certainly needed). My step-son was 6 at the time (he just graduated high school!!)-- i was so worried about how best to deal with his emotions that Cornelia ended up being my biggest source of strength and comfort.

We must never forget the horror and tragedy of the day' BUT on that single day, I felt like I was truly part of one nation & honestly drew strength from being an American

-- I want so desperately for us to return to the feeling of being one nation again. Can we please be adult enough to get to that place without having to endure another tragedy? I apologize if my wording is awkward.

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet

My Mommy #2 says that EVERY day she thinks on the events of 9/11.

Not just the good events like her boss's birthday or Mommy #1's adoption-mate's birthday. No, she thinks on the bad that happened and how it so completely changed our world.

Little things throughout the day bring back memories of that day.

Gone was the sense of safety we Americans had grown up with. Gone was that sense of freedom and infallibility. Gone, I guess was our innocence. In its place was this new paranoia, fear and sadness; and an awareness that not everyone in the world believed as we do.

So on Sunday we will honor those who died in 9/11 and their families who survived this tragedy. And we will continue to foster the hope that one day we not only have risen from the ashes of the twin towers stronger and more aware - but also more compassionate and understanding of the world.

Love Noodles

Barbara said...

I lived in Los Angeles at the time and a friend called and said "we're at war now". I asked him what he meant and he said "turn on your tv". I thought it was some kind of weird special effects - a plane flying into a building. Then all of a sudden, it was real. I was stunned. Then I wanted a flag, big time. Like Dawnelle, I too felt part of the whole nation. I want that feeling back too.

Anonymous said...

Also remember..... good deeds can/need to be done EVERY day, not just on 9-11.

Lola and Ziggy in Dallas

Anonymous said...

So many people left that day Pug. My son was born that day. The circle of life. Many will leave but many will come. So, I have a birthday to celebrate that day!
Kris in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

We didn't have our sweet Lola then, either. My friend called and woke me up after the first plane hit. I thought it was an accident...until the second plane hit. I was glued to the tv and was stunned silent watching everything unfold. I had to go to work, and I wad terrified leaving Whitney at pre-school that day. I was scared driving to work, and it was so quiet all day. We listened to the news on a radio, and it just seemed the stories got worse and worse all day. We couldn't escape, it was all they talked about on tv and radio.
The stories they have been showing all week about the 9/11 children is heart breaking, but they are so strong, and beautiful, and have made their families and their country proud.
Lafayette Lola and the fam

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

my momma was a senior in high school when it happened, a long time before i whelped. she was at school and when the first plane hit, teachers decided whether or not to turn on the tv. she was in her third period class, and the teacher had the tv on when the second plane hit. everyone was sad and could have used a pug to hug away the sad.

Deb and Daisy said...

I live just outside of Calgary Alberta Canada. 9/11 made us cry. We too were fearful and wanted to do anything to help. Some planes were diverted here. We started fund raising to try and get something positive going. It is a day of remembrance not only of the people that died that day but of the ones injured, the ones still dying, the armed forces that died and the ones still fighting around the world for peace and justice. Pray for them. Thank you Puglet for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Puglet,
It is a good thing that you commemorate 9/11 in your daily column.

Everything has changed since ... I was not born yet but I have watched TV yesterday and saw the towers burning. I kept very quiet.

Poor people. Poor families, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

My Mum worked on that day in the office, it was at this time an Arab Embassy in Berlin. She worked for the Ambassador.

He called her in his office and the TV was on. Mum could not believe what she saw. All her Arab collegues came in to join her. Everybody cried. Everybody knew that a change has happened. Mum had very nice, cultured colleagues.

Mum's late husband was an Arab journalist. He was on a business trip and called Mum and also cried. So did Mum's sons, her eldest son died a few months later in a boat accident, also on 11th but in April.

This shows you that there are many normal, good-hearted people, European or Arabs who suffered when 9/11 happened, were deeply shocked and cried and still cry for the victims. And were very afraid what was going to happen ...

We will light candles on 9/11 in memory of the victims and their families, the whole American nation. Many others here will do so and we will have memorial services all over Berlin and Germany.

We should never forget ... and pray that our world will be a better one, for humans and animals at large.

We will think of you all with sadness in our hearts,

Regards from Berlin
Carlos Santana and Marieluise

Anonymous said...

PS: We read an article yesterday about the rescue dogs who were searching for victims in the debris.
It said that many New York citizens came to the Towers with their dogs to help. Some of the dogs are still alive and their photos were shown. A book was published here on these 9/11 dogs. Let's also remember them. Carlos

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not-forgetting. I didn't know anything until I got in my car listening to KGO going to Physical Therapy, it was early, both buildings were still standing. I can remember many people at the Physical Therapists just glued to the TV set, silent. Like someone else said, once I got to work we were all like zombies, someone brought in a tv set. Didn't understand then and still don't how people live with so much hatred that they would even fathom something like this.

Tessa was a young lass at the time, happly romping with her bud's at The Wrinkle Ranch...and tells me she doesn't remember much. Pearl was born yet. But I did have the comfort of my dogs at the time, Katie and Barney, and lots of friends.

It was a terrible day, its hard to believe its been ten years. Its profoundly changed all of our lives. Suddenly, some things didn't matter, and friendship and family (and the dogs) were much more important.

Kris, Pearl and Tessa

moPSY+MISIOber said...

It's hard to belive 10 years have passed:( I also remeber that day :( I was finishing my work, and man on radio said that small plain hit one of the towers. Accident like this happens. But when I arrived home I knew it wasn't small plain and even worse it wasn't an accident. We all watch tv that day, there wasn't any regular programs, just New York. Me and my mom cried so much. As they said on Polish tv on that day we all were Americans :( Next day in every Polish window at the same time there was a candle, we all were with you :(
After last year tragedy, when Polish President and other 93 people died in plane crash (which was totally different situation then 9/11) we can better understand what you felt at this terrible time.

We will be with you on Sunday too !


Anonymous said...

Mimi & HarleyBean here. We weren't born yet, but our mom had two other dogs then. She said the day was so sad but she was so glad she had two pups to snuggle with while she cried. She said one of her old neighbors died in the Pentagon and she just kept thinking about her friend's husband, son and dog. She had to go to work that night at the baby birthing factory and she kept turning off the TVs in her patients rooms because no baby needed to be born with all that awfulness playing over and over again on the screen. She cried every time a baby was born that night.

Coco the pug (and Chili too) said...

Dear Puglet,
I wasn't born yet either. I asked my human if she remembered and she did. She remembers it much like everyone else has mentioned thus far. Watching on TV and not knowing what to think. Then seeing the 2nd plane hit the tower and lots of fear and sadness. She told me she was supposed to leave later that week for her very first trip to NYC. Her boyfriend at the time was going to be in a wedding that weekend for one of his HS friends. They waited to see if the airlines would resume commercial flights in time to make it to the wedding. By Thurs of that week, they decided to jump in the car and drive from Denver to NYC. She said she was scared, and her parents and friends didn't want her to go, but it ended up being an unforgettable experience, driving across the heartland, seeing American flags hanging from houses, trees, highway overpasses, etc. She developed a renewed sense of patriotism. As they were driving into NYC, she could see towers of smoke where the WTC was. They pulled up at the venue just in time for the rehearsal dinner. They even had to change their clothes in the car out in the parking lot. But his friends were so happy to see them, and the wedding was beautiful. My human says that we have to always remember that life goes on, and the best way to defeat the people that want to harm us is to continue living, celebrating life, and spending time with family and friends. Thanks for the post Puglet!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Puglet & Dutch -

Just a thought here: Perhaps as a 9/11-related good deed, your human can take you both to visit a Veterans Administration home.

After the attacks, I think we all recognized exactly how much we take our freedom for granted. American soldiers make the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy those freedoms.

Dogs may not be able to donate money, food, or clothing, but I think we can all agree that they can sure "donate" a lot of love. I'm sure they would sincerely appreciate it.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi everybody ~

Hearing your rememberings is making us all warm & fuzzy inside. As awful as the day was, it seems to have touched everyone way down deep. It's taught me that even really bad, terrible things can also be really special. Not sure if that makes sense but I hope it does.

PS: Gosia, I think you and my human were listening to the same radio man - even though you live all the way in Poland.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh - and Carlos is right about the dogs. My human was reading about them last night when I suggested her 9/11 good deed should be a tribute to the rescue dogs. She didn't find any of the 9/11 dogs here in the SF Bay Area, but did contact the local search & rescue people & offered to do Frolic pictures of their dogs.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

We weren't born yet either. Our mom was in the Air Force in Texas, teaching a group of Reserve students from NYC. Thankfully, her students' families were all safe.
Our mom reminds us of that Disney princess that landed in New York or Pollyanna. She doesn't watch violent TV or movies so seeing these things happen in real life was absolutely horrifying. She still can't look at the images without getting sick to her stomach.
We will spend this weekend with the TV off. We are going to live life, enjoy the sunshine and love deeply. Our mom has been about public service and volunteering since she was little so that hasn't changed. She admires people who can come together to grieve and celebrate, but she's just not one of those people.
We all need to remember, but we all need to learn, too. Learn how to live again. How to trust. How to love. How to see people for what they are, not be blinded by any one characteristic.

Payton said...

Hi Pug, this is such a great post. I wasn't born yet either. My mom worked on an Air Force Base. At first everyone started talking about this small plane that crashed in NY, then when the 2nd plane hit, everyone went into a huge conference room showing the news coverage on two "movie" screens. Then when one of the towers fell, we were all ordered home. She says she remembers exactly what the living room of the apartment looked like that day and what she was wearing. She was quiet and still like your human. We will have to come up with something to do in remembrance.

Pugs2Luv said...

We were, like so many of you, not born yet. Our human remembers almost everything about that week but can't remember where she put our leashes the day before...the day before the attacks she started a new job right next to the airport and couldn't get over the pressure she felt every time they came in for a landing. The next morning she was listening to traffic radio when they announced that a plane had crashed into one of the Towers in NYC. She turned on the TV and watched the second plane crash into the the 2nd Tower. She was numb; the worlds reality could not catch up to the events of the day. She went to work and could not get used to the silence of all the absent airplanes in the sky. She always says she wished she had her pugs to hug that day. The very next day she almost forgot she had a follow-up DR's appointment, they put her in the exam room right away(which never happens) the next thing she knows the Dr was telling her she had a brain tumor and needed surgery & radiation.
We came into her life after her surgery & her recovery was not going so well. She needed a pug to help her smile again; Yoda was that pug. But he need some pug friends so that's how we came into the picture. Now our human says she will never be without her pugs, especially for weeks like that terrible one ten years ago. We may not be able to make big changes to the world but we will do everything we can to put a smile in her world and every other human we meet.
~Zoey & Phoebe

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
I wasn't born yet either. Mom was at work with the radio on when she heard the devastating news. Everything came to a stop, everyone gathered around the radio like zombies, crying. Everytime the phone rang, they all jumped. All the phone calls were from family and friends wanting to hear the voices of their loved ones. Mom couldn't wait to get home and give her lab, Indy, a hug; glad Indy was so comfortating to her. Instead of Mom celebrating her birthday, she pays tribute to every one affected by that terrible day, including the rescue dogs.

What an awesome thing your Human is doing Pug, picture of search & rescue dogs!!

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
I wasn't around when that horrible day happened but my human remembers...
- not believing the radio at work; going home to turn on the tv and then not believing the tv either
- my human's parents at a small seaside town on the Adriatic at the time and their frantic call: was it a plane, a bomb, a war?!
- people evacuating downtown office towers because we're so close to New York
- the complete silence on the streets, no people, no cars, no sound except for the screech of fighter jets intermittenly flying overhead.
For our good deed we sent a donation to Search Dog Foundation( that deployed 13 teams to help at ground zero and continue to help in disaster relief all over.

Anonymous said...

I was at an animal welfare conference in Crystal City, VA, for those who don't know that is right next to the Pentagon :-( It was a very hard time and I will never forget.