Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I broke into HAL4 last night to look for more Top Secret Stuff clues. I found a bunch of pictures from the weekend, but still have no idea what it's all about.

Like this dude in the mask. We met him in the mural alley when my human was taking TSS pictures and video of Dutch and Frank. He was painting a new picture and was totally cool about letting us invade the space he was working on. My human was superexcited about that.

Masked Dude kinda freaked me out at first because he sounded like a giant human pug. And I mean Freaked. Me. Out. But once I figured out the pug noises were coming from the mask thing, I was cool with it. I even did some supermodeling for Nikon while he painted.

Yeah. About that...

I want everyone to please remind my human (again) how awesome I am at this modeling thing. I mean, do you see Dutch or Frank posing with a scary masked dude? No. Frank tried to eat him and Dutch was too busy pretending to be a model to actually be one.


While Dutch was off posing like some sort of poser-model, I was supermodeling my butt off. I almost got eaten alive by a killer bee, but I didn't break my concentration. Because that's what separates the supermodels from the superposers.

Even bees can't stop me.

You won't see Dutch staring down a bee *and* posing at the same time. Nope. And you definitely won't see him Jimmying on some cold, hard curb thing that's skinnier than he is.

Super Model.

I guess my part could still be coming. Because if I am the star of the TSS, I probably shouldn't be spending most of the time at home or stuck in the back of Mazda.


Payton said...

Here, here! Pug, as much as I like Dutch and Frank, we may need to get serious about this TSS stuff and ... boycott it! Yep, that's right! Tell your human that the Daily Puglet followers demand to see Pug in the TSS - as the primary STAR and SUPER model - or we will walk and refuse to watch it! *Gasp* Ok, I'm feeling a bit nervous and queasy about saying that...because I really, REALLY want to see the TSS! But just look at you, Pug, being so brave fighting off psycho masked men and killer bees all for your craft. I will be brave too and keep my ultimatum in the comment.
PS. I still can't get over Dutch "coming alive" with Nikon. He's not at the Pug level of modeling, but he's come a long way!

Frankie from Seattle said...

Those pics are awesome!! I hope you find out what the TSS is soon and find out how you can get into it!!

Anonymous said...

You are by far the most super, pugalicious super model ever. Whether posing with a freaky alien-looking mask dude, jimming it up on a cold, hard curb or crossing the line over into the danger zone to stare down a killer bee, you do it all with such ease and purpose. It must be very hard work.....we can only imagine, but you certainly make it look easy. You’re the BEST super model EVER.

Kuddos to Dutch. Looking like quite a poser, dude! Then, again, you've learned from the BEST - your bro Puglet Baconator.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Ollie said...

The first photo with the guy in the gas mask freaked me out! I though you went over to Greece to join the protest over government austerity measures. But then I saw Dutch. I can't picture him at a violent protest; eating a macaroon in Paris maybe, but not attending political skirmish.

You're right Puglet, stars don't get stuck in the back of Mazdas. From what I've heard, you're suppose to get a big trailer full of humans to feed you while they rub your paws and tell you how wonderful.

I think you need to speak to your human about this.

Sabrina said...

I think you and your followers need to demand equal screen time for you in the TSS. Dutch may be more of a "conventional model" with his long legs and skinny neck, but clearly being "plus-sized" has not affected your mad modelling skillz--in fact, you work harder for Nikon than Dutch who just has to stand there and look pretty (although, I'm amazed that he is becoming so friendly with Nikon!).


THE PUGLET said...

Heya Payton ~

I'm glad *someone* appreciates my talent. I mean, bees are scary. No way Dutch would ever pose for Nikon with a bee in his face. I'll make my demands and see what happens!

THE PUGLET said...

Seattle Frankie ~

I saw something on my human's calendar about the TSS "launch". October 23rd! That means there's still plenty of time to make me the star, don't you think??

THE PUGLET said...

Awww, thanks J.S.P! I'm going to point those things out to my human. BEST and EVER. Yeah!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Ollie!

You are SO right. I should totally be getting paw massages. Or even better, butt scratches! Not a huge fan of people poking at my feet but I love a good butt scratch!

PS: Dutch said he would love to nibble on a macaroon with your international self.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Sabrina ~

Apparently this is about more than Dutch's skinny parts. Frank is practically the star of TSS, remember? He's not exactly, uh, little.

You're totally right about Dutch's new love for Nikon. I think his head is starting to get big.

Anonymous said...

Pug, I have a theory that maybe Frank is just your stunt double and you are really the star. You know all the good looking actors have stunt doubles so they don't mess themselves up. Keep up the investigation.
Paula from Delaware

Anonymous said...

Puglet Baconator you are absolutely precious and the most amazing supermodel pug!! I cannot imagine your human would overlook you for the staring role. Keep working it for Nikon and enjoy this super awesome "summer" weather!

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you looked totally scared of that bee, but totally held your concentration--a mighty feat indeed! I think Dutch is starting to become better at modeling, but no one will ever outmodel you! You are the original supermodel pug!!

Can't wait to see how you get involved in the super TTS project!!

Waiting with bated salmon breath...

Anonymous said...

LOL Freaked. Me. Out. That was the best thing ever, just made my day.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this blog. I'm addicted. In fact, Puglet, you might have your first internet stalker!! ah! (and yes, you are the star, always!)

CarlaKH said...

I just have to say how much I just love this blog. LOVE it. No matter how my day goes, I always look forward to my Daily Puglet fix.

Stephanie said...

Puglet, I first saw you in a video being all cool and smooth with your recycling prowess. Then I came across your blog, and I was hooked. Were I a fellow pug, I would aspire to your pugaliciousness. Rock on!

THE PUGLET said...

Awww ~ thanks Anonymouses, Carla + Stephanie. My human says there's not enough love in the world for me and she isn't 100% wrong. I LOVE love, so glad you love (or LOVE) me!