Saturday, September 3, 2011

TRIP PART 1: Texas or Hell?

Blogger and Droid REALLY aren't getting along for some reason, so I might have to tell you about our trip in a few posts.

We got in the car. I was excited. Dutch was worried about maybe having to camp.

I took a nap and woke up it was hot. 101 pug meltingit degrees hot. Dutch said camping=hell and hell=hot. Everything out the window was brown and crispy so I thought maybe we were in Texas. My human said it takes more than a few hours to drive to Texas (and hell). So I decided to take another nap. Told her to wake me up when we got there. Wherever there was.

A little while later I woke up to the sound of my human whining. She was on the phone with Miley + Bokas mom and e en though we were on the highway, the car was parked. Everybody's car was parked. And my human REALLY REALLY REALLY had to pee.

The sun went down before everybody started driving again. It took so long, my human almost had to pee in our bowl. It was 'Blair Witch' dark (again, no idea) by the time we got to where we were going...


Barbara said...

Oh man, pee in your bowl? You'd have never been able to drink out of it again!!

Sabrina PugTails said...

I'm hanging on every word. Puglet you sure have a knack for giving us a tidbit without actually giving anything away.

Frankie from Seattle said...

Wow, that really sucks!!! Hope tomorrow goes a little bit better!
~ Frankie

Anonymous said...

Sorry you got off to such a sucky start...our human got in same mess yesterday coming from a conference in Napa (we didn't get to go, stayed with Granny Nanny)...everyone was going up 80 to get away...maybe you three were in one of those cars...we asked our human, she didn't see you.

Pearl and Tessa

Max the Jack Russell, Pearl and Goldey and Autumn said...

Wow!!!!!!! Your human almost peed in your bowl????!!!!! That is sad! We totally agree with Barbara. Oh! So Miley and Boka are going with you? Maybe your going to Tahoe!

Payton said...

I can't imagine having to hold it for that long! Your poor human! I'm getting excited to find out where the mystery location is. Hope you are having a blast and not really in hell.

Anonymous said...

Suspense .. eery. You poors being locked in this car for hours. The bowl issue, hehe - humans are just like pugs, believe me. I know the whining. After all they cannot just lift their leg, can they? Once again it seems that pugs have a clear advantage over humans, only they should not know. Be nice with your human and comfort her. I always do in such situations.

Waiting eagerly for part 2, 3 ... of your adventure.

Bored greetings and so far no adventure, only Sunday morning, yawn

Carlos Santana from Berlin

Kahlua the Pug said...

I bet there will be food when you get there. And be careful, don't let the bears eat you, Puglet!

Anonymous said...

You and Dutch both look a little worried there! Not to worry, you won't be meeting any blair witches!

Jen said...

Oh Puglet, I wish you were here in Texas, then we could play all day. My human likes to take me and my sister to the lake so we don't over heat in this 110+ degree hell heat.

licks and sticks,