Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TRIP PART ? : Mountain Eatables!

I kinda forget where we left off, but I don't think I got to the part about how much there food they have in Truckee. And I don't just mean the wild stuff you'll probably get in trouble for eating, like dead frogs and cat poo. Nope. I mean real, completely eatable F-O-O-D.

I really wanted to go to Burger Me. When we walked by it smelled a lot like a Baconator, but better. Waaay better. The sign said "real. fresh." and even though my human doesn't eat burgers, she likes that kinda stuff. But I guess lots of people like that kinda stuff because Burger Me was packed! Maybe next time, my human said, then told us to keep walking.

So we walked until I spotted this sign. My stomach wanted to eat at Jax Diner way before I saw the 'Guy Ate Here' sign, but knowing that Guy the TV food guy who drives around the country eating good food ate at Jax, made me want to eat there even more. But Jax was also packed. I guess goodbye-to-summer weekend isn't the best time to eat? My human told us to keep moving. Again.

I was really starting to wonder if we'd ever get to eat any of Truckee's food... but then I saw another sign. This one had a bone on it and signs with bones usually mean dog stores. Since all the humans were busy eating at Burger Me and Jax, I knew it wouldn't be packed.

Of course I was totally right. Scraps wasn't crazy busy, but it was full of tasty eatables. A whole entire case full of them. Not exactly mountainy eatables, but definitely not the kind of stuff we usually get to eat. I picked out a blue cupcake looking thing with little colored dots on top and Dutch picked out a pink poodle. Of course.

I was so happy to get a taste of Truckee that I didn't even care when my human left our eatables to melt in the car when we went swimming. My blue cupcake still tasted supergood and Dutch said his pink poodle was divine.

I hope I don't have to wait another whole year to visit Truckee. And I really hope the next time we go I get to eat at Burger Me and Jax Diner.

* * *

Uh. The official Special Day calendar is now on the right month (somehow July has been hanging on the wall until now?) but we missed some specialness during our Truckee trip. So...

Much specialness to my girl Lola in Lafayette and Frodo's sister Molly way over in NJ. Also sending some Whelp Day happies to Reggie in Frederick, Maryland. More than one person in the last week said I look skinny, so I'm pretty sure my human will have no problem giving me loads of extra snacks to celebrate your days!

Ok, maybe not LOADS of extra snacks...


Barbara said...

Man, those look deeeeelishus!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we almost posted on yesterday's post that you needed to try Scraps! Yummy! We are guessing that you probably missed the yarn store, but there are usually Saint Bernards hanging around there...yarn isn't terribly exciting except to our human.

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about the smells that must have been comeout of Burger Me has got me drooling like a fool. I'm so glad you were able to eat at one yummy place at least.

Happy special day to Lola, Molly and Reggie. I've got some cookies I'll eat in your honour.

Pug Slope said...

Burger me, man! I can't believe your mom made you pose with all those signs and didn't even let you get one taste of a burger. While your blue cupcake thingee looks pretty tasty, I think you're still owed some more treat-age, Puglet.
-Love, Sid.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

oh Pug you look ridiculosly cute !!!! and I realy love the pink poodle Duche picked I bet it was super yummy !!! you had great goodbye-to-summer weekend! kisses Gosia

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, posing so cutely with all these signs and getting nothing to eat. How cruel! I never had a burger, incidentially I am going out tomorrow to celebrate a birthday. It gave me a very good idea of what to order ..

The cupcakes look nice, I also never had a cupcake - plainly ridiculous. I think I am missing out on many things.

Your holiday sounds so nice - thanks for photos and notes and hopefully another break comes up soon for you all.

A happy day to Lola, Frodo's sister Molly and Reggie. It is not that anybody has mentioned lately that I look skinny but I will have some cookies in their honour!

Pug greetings from Berlin
Carlos Santana

Ollie said...

Patience is a virtue, expecially when standing in a food line. Too bad the cafe did not have chance to add a Puglet Ate Here sign.

I'm a big fan of Guy who goes around America eating super-sized delisciousness and then describing it for the viewers! One of my favourite shows.

A neighbour mentioned in the elevator that I looked lean and athletic. My human says lean does not mean skinny, so no extra treats like three cookies.

Happy Day Lola, Molly & Reggie! I'm only getting one cookie but one is better than zero.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...I so enjoyed catching up on all your adventures, I've been on a mini vacation, whatever that means. Anyway, I am glad that you finally got a taste of Truckee and really giggled when you said Dutch (of course) picked a pink poodle!

Happy Day to all! I want to go get my treats now!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, that picture of you with you head turned back is soooo adorable

Payton said...

Wow, Pug! So close, yet so far... Hope you hold your human to her promise of "next time". I would have totally eaten the cupcake and poodle in the bowl, so I am so impressed with your self control!
PS. Lots of treat wishes to Lola, Molly, and Reggie!!

pugsx4 said...

Pug, it looks like you had to pass up a lot of good smells but in the end you and Dutch still got a great treat. Glad you are having a great holiday.
Shout out to Reggie! That is where we live too!

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Ohh looks fabulous!

Crabbie Chris said...

Those bones/treats all look so yummy!! I hope that Dutch's pink poodle made up for his having to (gasp) camp. Too bad you didn't get to eat at any of those places....at least you did get a yummy out of it.

Minnie and Mack said...

Super cool walk down in Truckee! I partial to pink, so hope Dutch liked his pink bunny.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
We would eat anything from a place called 'Scraps'. Not sure about the pink poodle but the blue cupcake thingy looked pretty good.

Ellie (with yet nother cast on my leg) Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio