Friday, October 14, 2011


Hello everyone, Dutch here. You must be bored after so many days of our trip downtown. Pug thinks it was an "adventure" because it was only his second time there. But before he came, me and our human used to go there a lot so to me it is not so adventurous. Just a very busy place full of feet and strange smells.

There is one downtown place I love to visit: Anthropologie. It was the first real human-store I ever went in. My human took me there once to buy a sweater (for her) and I will never forget how nice everyone was. The counter-people gave me cookies and everyone pet me so gently. People don't always pet gently, but everyone there did.

It's been 4 years since I last set paw in Anthropologie. I remembered it being warm and fuzzy with lots of pink, but things have changed. There is not much pink now, but it still felt warm and fuzzy to me. Everyone was just as nice and there are splashes of pink if you know where to look.


Anonymous said...

Dutch, you are becoming quite the supermodel. You're so handsome and photogenic. And also quite the blogger. You and Puglet make a great team (and your human thumbs, of course)!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

OMG Puglet and Dutch!
My pug sister Stella, who lived in San Francisco, is now in London, and soon on her way to NYC, also loves the Anthroplogie stores! That is because her momma works for the company...They are a very dog friendly store (and so is their parent company Urban Outfitters), so Stella was able to go to work with her momma almost every day! She used to take the Muni to work in SF and also the Tube in London. When Stella moves to NYC next month, she might even be able to commute by water taxi from Brooklyn to Manhattan! She is a real "city girl" and very well-traveled for being only almost four years old :)
Treats and Licks,
Eddie the Pug

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Spelling error...meant to write "Anthropologie"...blame the gimpy paws again!

THE PUGLET said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I don't love Nikon the way Pug loves Nikon, but I'm learning to tolerate photographs. I've even created my own signature move, not unlike Pug's Jimmy maneuver. It doesn't have a name, but when I do it, I pretend to be relaxed. It's what you see in the first photograph.

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

Nothing you guys say is boring. You are lucky that there are so many dog friendly places to go to. My mom has been taking me to more places since we moved close to Missoula. Dog park, doggy stores to pick out bully sticks (LOVE), a parade, and one place with these furry animals with long necks (still don't know what they were)! I'm stll getting used to being in strange places though. You guys seem to be comfortable anywhere.

Treat Lover said...

Dear Dutch,
Don't let my human read this, she LOVES Anthropologie, it's her favorite store. We don't let her go there anymore because she always ends up spending all of our treat money! I think if she read this, she would feel compelled to go there. We never get to go with her because it's right across the street from her work and she sometimes sneaks over there on her lunch hour (and we didn't know it was dog friendly).


PS - I love pink too!

THE PUGLET said...


Stella sounds very adventurous! I did not know Urban and Anthropolgie are related. They are much like me and pug - related, but not alike (our human calls us the odd couple).

It all makes sense now - Anthropolgie *and* Urban both loved us.

Anonymous said...

Seeing beautiful Dutch to kick off my weekend, priceless.

Have a great weekend, everyone !!!


moPSY+MISIOber said...

I love when you blog Dutch! You are so calm and gentle and sweet. You are just that super doggie that everybody would love to have as a friend. Have a lovely and pinky weekend. Kisses Gosia

THE PUGLET said...


Furry animals with long skinny necks? How troubling. Please be careful.

Don't worry, I used to not be comfortable anywhere. I was 3 when I found my human and moved to San Francisco from a kennel in someone's backyard. Everything was scary. I promise, it will get easier.

Crabbie Chris said...

Dutch!! The sign says you're on sale, I'll buy you...hehehe You look so chill just hanging out. Mom says I'd be too much of a spazz in a human store.
Oh BTW, you're looking nice in your pics, like a model.

THE PUGLET said...

Psssst, Coco ~

I think they have cookies at Antropologie. Dog cookies! We didn't go downstairs this time, but I remember the counter-people down there had a big jar of cookies. They were very generous with them too.

Pearl and Tessa said...

That store is one our humans favorites...there is one in Roseville, in the same shopping center a new pet store is openning this weekend, supposedly has an indoor dog park! We are checking it out this weekend...will go by Antrhopologie and look for ccokies!

Pearl and Tessa

Payton said...

Hi Dutch,
I'm just so impressed with your improved modeling skills! I'm so glad everyone was so nice. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Dutch I wanted to hear more about your adventure! So short and sweet! Don't tell Puglet, but you area nice breath of dog air from time to time. We love hearing from your eyes the world you see...

Anonymous said...

You and Puglet are TOTALLY an odd couple!!! lol it's awesome. You two should do a post about that! it would be hilarious, and, um, er, interesting

Pink said...

Dutch, I love that you love pink! You're such a gentle, abiding creature : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch,
We are like you, a nice ear rub, scratch our heads, pet us gently, remember some of us didn't have it so good until we found our forever homes.

We don't know what Anthropolgie is but we would love to find out.

San Antonio is so anti dog friendly
sigh :(

The jealous pugs
Ellie, Emmitt & Eli
PS Lucy the house cat ate a geco today..can't wait to see what she hacks up tonight...on the rug !

Pepper the Pugalier said...

Dutch, for some reason your comment about people not always petting gently made mommy tear up. She said she'd love to pet you gently (Puglet too). I think it might have something to do with the baby that lives in her tummy, apparently it always makes her cry... Anyway, You guys are so lucky that you get to go in places. We have an Anthropologie here, but it's NO DOGS ALLOWED. :( Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! It's nice to be able to live vicariously through you. :D

Suki said...

Hi Brother Dutch,
Wow! Anthopolgie! What a cool store. There is one in Austin, right next to HOJ. Mom just called the store to make sure they are Pug-Friendly. The nice lady said "we can't wait to see your LOVELY Pug!". Maybe I can score some treats like you did.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you mention Anthropologie, my human just calls it Anthro since she knows it so well that she says they are on a "nickname" basis. Last time my human went to the one in downtown Toronto there was a very spiffy pug hanging out in the cash line. She said no one seemed to mind since he was very well behaved. She says she won't take me there for fear of "excitement overload". I've tried to explain to her that jumping up on people is common courtesy to relieve them of any extra food or treats they may be burdened with and to offer them a soft ear and head to caress.

It was cool getting your take on things're so chilled out compared to Puglet.

Kisses Zoe from Toronto

THE PUGLET said...

Hello E's,

I'm glad you understand the need for gentleness. Pug is not gentle!

THE PUGLET said...


I didn't mean to make your human (or the baby in her belly) leak. Please tell her to tell your local Anthro that the Toronto, Austin *and* SF stores like dogs. Yours must not have gotten the memo.

THE PUGLET said...


I think you will love Anthro' and of course they will love you back. I think the HOJ would probably love you too. Look for a waterbowl by the front door - that's how we knew it was OK to go inside.

PS: very strange, our HOJ is right around the corner from Anthro. I wonder if they are related too.

Vinny the Pug said...

Greetings Puglet and Friends! I just viewed your video and found that we have something in common. I too love to climb, though I did my climbing in the Sonoran Desert. Since my move to New Orleans where I now live, I don't get to climb anymore because there are no mountains here. You've got a very nice blog and I enjoy reading your postings.

I will talk with you again soon. Please tell Dutch hello for me as well. Until later, take care and don't forget to walk your human.


Vincent Thomas Pug
aka Vinny the Pug

Jazz Girl Pug said...

Jazz here...just wanted to tell you that my housemate, Gus, and I were inspired by The Daily Puglet to start our own, called Pug Snort Report. I don't know if we're allowed to post the link here, but our guardian tells us it's a "blogspot" (are they the spots you have, Dutch?).

Ollie said...

For a big city, Toronto is not the most dog friendly place. You hardly ever see a dog in a store and if you do, they're usually those teeny guys being carried in a purse.
When my human sees a dog in a store, she always makes a point to go over and say hello to show her support. And when a dog gets thrown out of a store, look out!! She asks for the manager, then in a loud voice tells everyone in store that she will never shop there again because of the way that human and his/her dog were treated.