Friday, October 7, 2011


Ok. Before I say anything about anything I just have to say how awesome it was to hear from everyone yesterday. And when I say awesome, I mean like bacon awesome.


I asked my human if she could print out all your comments and hang them on the wall above my dog bed so I can read them over and over again.
She said she'd think about it; Dutch said my head would get huge, explode and make a terrible mess from all the supernice things you said about me. I think if he knew about all the secret crushes I'm not supposed to tell him about he'd be waaay into having Daily Puglet wallpaper.

OK. Now I have to tell you about something really crazy that happened last weekend. I don't 100% understand the whole thing, so if what I'm about to tell you makes no sense - don't feel bad. It made no sense to me either. Even after I read a sign with all the rules on it.

Because last Sunday there was a petting zoo outside our house. I mean, like right outside the front door where cars usually go. And instead of goats and sheep and stuff Google says usually lives in petting zoos, there were great big freaky animals. Like this human-sized raccoon:

There was also a ginormous fox, a superfreaky chicken and a gorilla. Yeah. Right in front of our house.

Now. You have to understand that right-in-front-of-our-house is my territory. I don't even like when strange dogs are in front of my house and here was an entire zoo of giant furry freaky creatures. I was totally NOT happy. And just between you and me, completely furrreaked out.

I barked my head off but the giant furry things didn't even blink. They were not afraid of me at all.
My barking did get the attention of the zoo's human, a supernice dude named Riley. He told me not to worry and promised the giant furreaky animals are all really friendly.

Riley also explained that his zoo was
there to raise money for PAWS, a group that helps people and animals stay together if the humans gets too sick or old. He didn't explain why they were doing it in front on my house, but my human says PAWS is awesome so I was cool with it.

I even posed with Riley for a ton of people taking pictures. I've never seen so many iPhones! Rumor has it there's also a video of me too - a "very hysterical video" - but my human hasn't found it yet. I'll keep you posted on that. Unless it's too embarrassing, then I'll just pretend it never happened.

* * *

Happy Gotcha Day to my man Massimo here in the Bay Area! Massimo is a huge fan of eating socks, but my human says we'll be eating cookies to celebrate his big day. Let's all eat cookies for Massimo :)


Barbara said...

Wow. That's just weird, Puglet.

Payton said...

Pug, how do all these things happen to you? I guess it's just your crazy cool animal magnetism that attracts all sorts of creatures. But I must say that this was a weird one. Although the pictures with the "ring man" turned out cool.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Noodles said...

That looked DIFFERENT. I wanna see the video, though.
Love Noodles

Treat Lover said...

Dear Puglet,
I don't like those human sized, furry animals either. They are always at this annual fundraiser we go to for the local shelter. Once, one bent down and tried to pet me; and I would not stand for it! I barked my head off! There were lots of actual humans standing arouond and they all laughed, but my human was really embarrased, and made me promise not to do it again. Whatever! Now I know I'm not alone, or crazy! Thanks Puglet!


Sabrina PugTails said...

Puglet, you have the best adventures. I met one of those huge furry animals at the SPCA Walk this summer. I walked right up to him and demanded snuggles and pets. He was really quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We would love to see the video!!! Must find!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you have a crazy awesome life! Seriously, I don't think any pugs get more action than you do!! So many adventures!!

The Adventures of Puglet! You should write a book!

Ollie said...

Going freaky for a good cause. I like it!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians.
Massimo, I'll be enjoying some turkey just for you.

Payton said...

Oh, goodness, I totally forgot to wish Massimo the best day ever!
And happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, be really carefull with those big furry things. I once saw a big furry shark try to eat my sister Schotz. Really it did, I have proof my mom took photos, they are on Schotz's page If see them again just run don't try to bark at them they will just come up and grab you and put you in their mouth and eat you..

Boka dog-enough to wear pink

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Ok I'm little jealous! You have best adventures during the weekdays and also on weekends! I want some of these, like 10% :) and todays pics!! You + Riley look like you would go back to the past directly to RHCP's Soul to sqweeze video set! I love the last pic just Love! Have a great weekend Puglet, Dutch and your Human!

Massimo! Best wishes and hugs from us!!

Ollie score something really jummy on your canadian holiday:) kisses Gosia

Anonymous said...


You absolutely ROCK!!!!!

I have problems with things in front of my house too. I can't wait to see the video.

Vinney from Warwick RI

Ollie said...

Thanks, Gosia!
I will definitely steal some extra turkey when no one is looking. My portion size is always way too small!!

THE PUGLET said...

Yup, weird and DIFFERENT.


Nugget said...

My human saw those giant furry animals at a hotel in Denver once and they scared the bejeezus out of her. That's cool they're helping PAWS though!

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Patyon ~

Riley the ringman/lion-tamer was totally nice. We must have posed for like a million iPhones. I think maybe people thought I was part of the petting zoo??

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Coco, you are so *not* alone. I totally barked. Even Dutch barked and he doesn't do stuff like that. People were scared of Dutch because he's big and loud, but a whole entire crowd laughed at me. Sometimes it really sucks to be short and snoutless :/

THE PUGLET said...


I can't believe you cuddled with one of those things!! The zoo's furreaky gorilla gave me a cookie and I was so freaked out I almost couldn't eat it.


THE PUGLET said...

Hi Anonymous!

My human says she's been "writing" a book called 'The Adventures of Dutch and Puglet' for like two years. She must be using invisible ink or something because I have never seen a single page of it.

THE PUGLET said...

Seriously, Ollie?

It's Turkey Day in Canada??? Isn't it like way early for turkeys?

THE PUGLET said...

Gosia ~

My human says +1 on the Riley/Red Hot Chili Peppers thing :)

(everyone else: I have no furreaking idea what they're talking about)

Anonymous said...

LOL "invisible ink" I must say I tune in for your irreverence's what brings me here every day

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
CRAZY, FREAKY! Can't wait to see the video.


Anonymous said...

Bo from Sacramento says:

Puglet, dude - you and Dutch are so lucky! So many exciting adventures and encounters.

The look on your face (side view picture) is priceless - pure shock/amazement. You really look like you just saw something that you just can't believe!! You have to be the most photogenic Pug ever. Mom and I really hope to meet everyone at Casa de Puglet some day!

Can't wait to hear about the next adventure. Happy birthday/whelp day/special day to everyong and Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone in Canada!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug,

WOW there is so much excitement in your neighborhood!!! Those BIG fury dudes are pretty scary. I would have been barking like crazy and Gracie would have barked so hard she would have ruptured something in her lung again. Do be careful as we never knew crazy, maniac barking could be so dangerous. If you ever find the video let us know as we would LOVE to see it. My human saw a video of three pugs in a French commercial today. We're going to post the link here so everyone can see it too. We hope it works. If not look for it on You Tube. It's called "Nouvelle publicit├ę Citro├źn C4 HDI, les chiens - 2011". I don't have a clue what they are saying but those pugs are AWESOME!!!!! If we didn't know better we would think this was your human's top secret project. Just saying.......


P.S I almost forgot to wish Massimo a very Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope it was extra special.

Anonymous said...

PUG! Dude! Thanks so much for remembering my Gotcha Day! You're the best, Pug! My humom has been so busy, running around like a chicken with no head so I have not been able to borrow her thumbs!! We love you, your human and Dutch! You guys ROCK! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Oh! BTW, this is Massimo! Thanks to Ollie and Misiober! Sooo sweet!

P.S. A whole family of raccoons come to our house and cause havoc. My auntie says that if you buy an owl statute they won't come back. They're scared of owls I guess?

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

You are right, one needs to defend his own territory! I usually do, even the old Labrador next door knows this by now. He lives there for years, but what is time?

I saw these furry things once in the City and boy, did I bark at them. And I recently met two Lamas and I told them what I think of funny creatures with huge eyes! I was really very brave and was able to warn many people standing by - another good deed of mine. I did not like, however, that everybody laughed.

Happy Birthday to Massimo and lots of turkey, yummi. We wish all Canadian friends a nice Thanksgiving.

Super photos, thanks Puglet. I am glad I am not the only pug who is on constant guard defending his territory.

Pug greetings from Berlin

Carlos Santana

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

You know how to find the fun, for sure!

Max the Jack Russell, Pearl and Goldey and Autumn said...

Wow, Puglet! We wish we went to the petting zoo with you! :) We are dying to see the video!

Max the Jack Russell, Pearl and Goldey and Autumn