Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey everybody, sorry for not being around yesterday but thanks for being nice to Dutch while I was gone. Not sure if he told you, but I've been super busy trying to get this 1000 pugs situation under control. I'm afraid the whole thing is worse than I thought. Like, way worse.

I don't know exactly what I'm dealing with (yet) but I heard my human say something about +300 people signing up for the mailing list thing on the first day. Yeah. 300. One day. Not good.

I really liked Mookie's idea of drugging my human so I can spend more time searching HAL4 for clues and maybe accidentally deleting anything with the word pug in it. So I asked Google about it and found out that drugging someone can be kinda hard to do. And possibly really scary.

I guess drugs aren't easy to get and if you do it wrong, the person mi
ght never wake up. I don't want my human to do the Big Sleep, I just want her gone for a little while. Y'know, long enough for me to snoop and delete without getting caught.

So I asked Google if there's a way to make a humans sleep that doesn't involve 1) drugs or 2) accidental forever-sleeping. Google said I should try turkey or an overdose of sugar. My human's not a big turkey-eater so that won't really work. She's not a huge sugar-eater either, so I was really getting frustrated... until I remembered an incident that happened this time last year involving a cereal box.
A sugared cereal box.

Here's the deal. Every Halloween, these monster cereals come out and my non-sugary human tries to eat them because that's what she did when she was like 5 years old or something. Totally weird, but it must be a human thing because Bellatrix's dad does it too (except he likes the chocolate dracula and my human likes the berry monsters).

Anyway. I remembered that last year my human went into some sort of sugar coma sleep on the couch after she ate a bowl of the monster cereal. So I sneakily asked Bellatrix if maybe her mom could buy some monster cereal for everyone. Her mom loves holidays and shopping and stuff, so I knew she'd totally be into it.

Well, my plan totally worked. Franken Berry is in the house. Now I just need to get my human to eat a great big bowl of it.


Anonymous said...

"Berry" sneaky, Puglet! Ha ha ha get it? Berry! BOL Good luck with your maneuvers! Hope you find out lots. :)


Noodles said...

Wow Puglet - does your human really get sleepy with sugar overload? or maybe it is the NOSTALGIA (whatever that is) that makes them sleepy and not the sugar?!?! Cuz sugar DOES NOT affect my Mommys one IOTA!
Franken Berry and Boo Berry . . . huh, might be worth a try.
Love Noodles

Payton said...

Genius, Pug! Be sure to let us know what you find out after your human eats all that monster berry stuff...and try not to eat it before she does. My dad has already gone through a box of the blue and pink boxes so I know it smells yummy.
PS. Funny you should pose with the pink box today...after seeing you with Dutch's pink bunny yesterday, everyone might think that you have a pink problem. Hehee! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
Turkey or sugar does nothing for our mom..but give her a bowl of pasta and BAM she is in snooze ville.

We went to know just like Payton..all of a sudden you've gone pink! We can totally see you dressed up like the pink monster on the cereal box.

HAHA, we are rolling laughing at the thought..sorry puglet we couldn't help ourselves.

Ellie, Emmmitt & Eli

Buddy said...

oh pug....breaking into HAL4....sugar OD on your this your rebellious teen years coming through??
love your mischievousness anyways.

Anonymous said...

Remember Puglet Baconator, we’re depending on you to go to any and all lengths of find out more "stuff" for us. If you can pull it off, you'll be just like that Tom Cruise dude in Mission Impossible. You're our all time hero, even if you are a closet “lover of the pink”

Roxi, Riley & Lea
The Jersey Shore Puggles

Crabbie Chris said...

Wait one used my mom to put your mom into a sugar coma? Brilliant!! My dad loves Count Chocula and candy corn, both good for some serious sugar highs. You are very serious about finding out what the fuss is with 1000 pugs. I'll add to your nightmare....hehe...picture this...1000 pugs all biting your back fat! Hoho ha ha...I crack myself up.

Anonymous said...

Heya cousin Puglet,

We are just a bunch of very creative pugs! *giggle*!

Turkey or sugar does nothing to my human as she does not eat anything alike, so I do not have to try. She goes off to sleep when watching a certain soap opera - unfortunately me as well as I am always resting in her arms. Not good enough ..

Anyway,I was saved today from near desaster. My Mum bought a new bag for me for travelling in busses and the subway. The bag is sooo cute - it came in blue and pink with flowers.

She chose the blue one saying to the unsuspecting sales lady that I had already too much of this unfortunate trait in me as to choose the pink one. How unfair!

I love pink, this is an unexpected outing. I love pink and my name is Carlos Santana! *blush*

Love from Berlin
Carlos Santana, proud of his new traveller bag

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Man Puglet...what a great idea! I love it! This is the best sneaky plan you've put together in awhile...I love it! Uh, I may even try it myself to get some snooping done at my are the best at this detective stuff! Thanks so much.

Holdin27 said...

Very smart Puglet, you are a real genius. The most shocking part of this is you used someone to get someone besides yourself food. You must be focused!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks for the luck Dalia! I'm going to see if I can distract my human from eating all day so she will be forced to eat Franken tonight.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Noodles & the 3Es~

Sugar totally puts my human in a coma. I don't think I've ever seen her eat pasta, so I'm not sure if that works too. But if Franken doesn't maybe that will be next.

And, uh, what do you mean about me and a pink bunny? I mean, Dutch has a pink bunny but I definitely don't. You must be confused.

THE PUGLET said...

PS: My human thinks Franken kinda looks like a pug, but I'm not sure about that. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Please send some powerful JuJu to my baby Meatball. He had an upset stomach all last night, chills and was throwing up this morning. He would like his tail to curl back up and feel better so he can read your blog.
Luv Meatball and Julie

THE PUGLET said...

Heya JSPs,

Uh, wat's up with all the pink comments?? Hello! This is Puglet here today, not Dutch. You all must be confused.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey BellaT,

Yeah. Sorry about using your mom to help my plot, but you know how much she loves holiday stuff. I mean, you did blog about a new freaking Christmas collar yesterday - almost exactly 2 entire months before Christmas even happens!

And for the record? I'd rather have 1000 pugs bite my back fat than eat my treats.

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Carlos ~

You Euro dogs are all alike, with your pink love and everything. I'm totally certain Dutch loves pink because he is Dutch and not American.

I'm really glad you're proud of your new travelling bag though. Pugs should always be proud!

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Maggie, I hope it works! I just received a very disturbing anonymous tip about 1kPugs from someone I can't name who lives in someplace I also can't name.

The human will sleep tonight!

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Holdin ~

Desperate times call for desperate whatevers, right? Yeah. I'm pretty sure this 1000 pugs situation is 1000% desperate.

I'm just glad I only had to score Franken Berry and not a Baconator or something. I don't think I'd be able to not-eat a Baconator. Not even to save myself from a million pugs.

THE PUGLET said...

* * * JUJU ALERT * * *

Meatball has a sick belly and needs some juju ASAP. We just sent a bunch of belly-fixing, tail curling vibes his way... please help him feel better soon.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Pug, Poland is "Halloween country" for few years now, but everybody ( almost) loves it:) because is so funny and stuff:) On 1th of November we have All saints holiday, which is not funny at all, people go to visit family and friends graves to light the candle, and halloween just day before gives us good balance :) I'm not sure if we have any halloween cereal but today I got some halloween edition of mini amerikaners and cupcakes which I will bake on 31th :)

Lots of juju to Meatball, get better soon!!!

I'm so happy for you Carlos Santana!!

Anonymous said...

Total sleep coma coming your way!

Pink said...

Puglet, pink is very becoming of you ;) wink wink

Pearl and Tessa said...

Don't know about the cereal, but sugar definately does it to our human also. Love your plan of attack!

Love the idea of Fraken and Boo...our last name is Berry, so must be some distant relative!

Pearl and Tessa

Ollie said...

Another plan would be to get your human all liquored up but she doesn't strike me as a boozer. One glass of red wine like a Bordeaux or a Burgundy and my human is ready to crawl under the table and nap.

Feel better Meatball! Sending healthy belly wishes your way.

Cerise said...

You are so clever Puglet. I have hacked into my mom's gmail account this is actually Molly.

THE PUGLET said...

Pssst... my human totally took the bait. Franken is in her belly and I can see her getting very sleepy.

If I'm not here tomorrow it means I accidentally killed my human with sugar or she woke up and totally killed me for hacking into HAL4 to delete 1000 pugs. Either way, please send help if I'm not here.

Anonymous said...

.. I told you we are so creative!

How can we come to help from Berlin in an instant if you are not here today? Some worry .. hope you are all well and happy.

Best regards to Meatball, we hope that his stomach is better, we send tons of juju,

Carlos Santana and Marieluise