Monday, October 17, 2011


So, yesterday we went to some thing called Pug-O-Ween. I guess it happens every year but for some reason I never got to go before.

If you're not a pug or don't know about the whole 'ween' thing, Pug-O-Ween is a costume party for pugs. I'm pretty sure 'costume party' is human code for you-will-be-forced-to-wear-silly-stuff. But parties usually mean loads of food, and Pug-O-Ween was no different.


Parties also mean games. Me and my human played a game called Catch the Cheese. It's like Catch the Hotdog, only with the cheese from a piece of pizza. Bellatrix's Man tried to video it, but I caught the cheese faster than the video could film it.

I also tried to win a pug race but got blocked by some little pug at the finish line. Bellatrix won though and shared some of her prize with me. Sweet Potato Salmon something. Yumm.


Pug race tip: if you're not fast, find a friend who is. They'll probably feel bad when you lose and share some of their prize (even if they don't feel bad, their human will probably make them share).

I didn't have to wear anything silly because apparently my costume only works if I'm with Dutch and this was a pugs-only party, but most of the other pugs were dressed. Don't tell my human I said this because I get guilt-cookies whenever she makes me wear stuff, but some of the costumes were really cool. The mummy pugs were my #1 favorite:

It was kinda hard to hear through all the AWWWWWWWWing, but
I'm 99% sure the mummies names are Lizzie and Louie. You should have seen all the iphones and Nikons and Canons come out when Lizzie and Louie showed up.

Best. Costume. Ever!

Lizzie the mummy

Louie the mummy.

PS: Don't you dare tell my human this, but don't you think me & Dutch would make awesome mummies???

* * *

We have lots to eat about today. First, Saturday was special for MeiMei + ChoCho in Melbourne (like< Australia). Then Sunday was also special for Eagle (location unknown) and for Miss Ellie's Gotcha Day down in South Carolina. And now TODAY is special for Prunie. Prunie, I don't know where you live, but happy day to you!!


Payton said...

I'm not into the costume thing either, but I think I would tolerate it if food was involved. Looks like an awesome party! And you are right, Pug, those mummy pugs rock!

Happy Day to MeiMei + ChoCho and Eagle and Miss Ellie's and Prunie! I will be eating a cookie in honor of your special days!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh My Gosh! All you did sounded like so much FUN! Uh, I don't care one way or the other for costumes, guess I put up with them cuz my human seems to be so happy when I am dressed up but now that I've seen the mummy costume, well, I might look forward to giving out treats this year. Thanks Puglet!

Happy day to all you mentioned..lots of cookies for me!

Barbara said...

My pups would be seriously mad if I dressed them up, but those mummy pugs are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Pug! I thought you were a crack-pug, and could have run super circles around all those other pugs?! Loved the pug mummies as well! Too cute.

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

First, Happy Happy to MeiMei + ChoCho, Miss Ellie's and Prunie.

Thanks for the Ween pics. This is the first one in years my mom didn't go. She's usually the agility demo person, and has been going to this event since they had it in a goat barn, "back in the day".

Our Ween is in 2 weeks. Yes, we dress up. But I LOVE the attention.

Pepper the Pugalier said...

Costumes! The bane of my existence! I always have to wear them. Sometimes I'm a bee, sometimes a red devil, and this year, BatPug. :( Why do humans insist on doing this to us? But at least we get lots of cookies. Mommy says she's excited to see you and Dutch in your costumes this year.

Anonymous said...

Our Ween is this Saturday. Mom promised us that we just go as pugs, not dressing up. ( hate it)

Happy day to all of you out there~

Lots of lovies


Anonymous said...

Our Ween is this Saturday. Mom promised us that we just go as pugs, not dressing up. ( hate it)

Happy day to all of you out there~

Lots of lovies


Noodles said...

As USUAL we MISSED Pug-O-Ween because of Mommy #2's work (LAME). I had the cutest costume all prepared. I will post it tomorrow. Mommy made me try it on and frankly I totally ROCKED it!
I think you and Dutch would look AWESOME as a Mummy duo!!!
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

I say costume-haters unite! I mean, I've never seen a human dressed up like a bee or a frog or a BATPUG!

Life must be so much better with thumbs.

Kinda love the mummies though!

THE PUGLET said...

Anonymous ~

I'm kind of a half-crack pug. But I still totally should have won. This little... pug... came out of nowhere and totally blocked me. Ask Bellatrix's mom - she was on the receiving end of me and saw everything!

Bella Morkovich said...

So sad we didn't hear about this! Is there a San Francisco Pug-only mailing list that we can get on so that we don't miss out on any future pug fun?

Crabbie Chris said...

I had such a great time yesterday!! I'm still in recovery. I totally halled ass over that finish line and was happy to share my bag o' goodies with ya pug.
Spencer won his costume contest!! I bit your back fat (I think dad got it on camera!) and food was everywhere. It was awesome.
You were robbed of your win. That pug totally body slammed you at the last minute. You did win all the loudest "ahhh's" though for your cheese trick. I thought I could snatch it from ya, but you're fast! I had fun with ya!

Pug Slope said...

I bet if the prize for winning the race was a Baconator, you would have zipped past everyone else, Pug.

Those mummy costumes are great. I bet Louie and Lizzie garnered oodles of treats for wearing those outfits. If that were true, I see no reason why you'd NOT dress up like a mummy-pug.

-Love, Sid.

Ollie said...

You pugs are a tolerant bunch when it comes to putting on a costume. I can't imagine a beagle costume party- there would be a lot of whining, whimpering, howling and food fights. Our idea of a party is to run around, do a lot of sniffing and swarm any human with a treat. Organized games are a tough one too; only 3 out of 10 will cooperate.
Happy Day MeiMei, ChoCho, Eagle, Miss Ellie and Prunie!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

I feel your pain, Pug. I lost my race last year, when I should have had it in the bag. I flew to the finish line, and just as I came close to winning, a millions arms came at me, reaching for their pugs. I FREAKED OUT, turned tail, and ran just as fast in the other direction.

I didn't have a winning friend to help me drown my loss in treats.....

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Gracie, that's so sad! This the second race I didn't win. First was at last year's Pugtacular - I made a serious detour and headed straight for the food table.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Ollie!

Except for the tolerance part, you pretty much described a pug party:

run around - check
do a lot of sniffing - check
swarm any human with a treat - triple check!

Pugs might be a little better at organized games - maybe 4 out of 10 will cooperate :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Sid,

You *know* I'd do anything for a Baconater!!!

Maybe even dress up like a mummy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Last year our mom dressed us up which believe us we hated. Well except for Eli, he'll do anything for attention.

We're going to steel the Mummy costume idea, mom promised us this year when she hands out candy to the neighborhood kids, we can help.

Can't wait to scare little kids in our Mummy costumes.

Happy Day to everyone on Pugs b-day list.

Ellie, Emmitt & Eli BOO!
The SA Pugs

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Pug didn't you go poodle on someone during the race?? I love the mummies, but they don't look happy, hope they got lots of treats!

Happy to MeiMei and Chocho and Eagle and Miss Ellie's and Prunie ( the cutest name ever!!!)
Hugs Gosia

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you and Dutch should dress up like mummies for one of your posts, even if it's not for Halloween. It would look awesome! A pug is already halfway there my human says!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Puglet's and others B day wishes. we are 3 years old now (= human 21 years) and our human said that we should be more responsible from now on. (but dad, we are always responsible)

MeiMei + ChoCho
Melbourne, Australia

Anonymous said...

This year the three of us are going to be lobsters and our man is going to walk around carrying a big old pot pretending to catch us to boil us (OMG .... how scary is that gona be???) Last year we were butterflies, or something close to it, until we started face wrestling and things got out of control and wings were torn. Mom was not very happy. We're with you Puglet .... costume haters unite!!

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Nicole said...

Mummy Pugs absolutely rock!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Pug,

We went to the Pug Parade this weekend. Last year Gracie, Maya and I wore flower costumes. PINK flower costumes. We sat in one of those cart things that babies ride in behind bicycles. It was all decorated with artificial flowers with a sign that said "Potted Pugs". We TOTALLY rocked and were the hit of the parade. We won a prize for every catagory we entered. This year my human was lame and didn't have much time to be creative. We only won in "Pug Multiples". We were all reindeer and even though we only got third place people LOVED us and took LOTS of pictures. Getting dressed up although humiliating is so worth it because we get LOTS of treats. Pug don't feel bad about the race. You did way better then I did last year. When all the humans were telling their pugs to come I just sat there. Yup I SAT and didn't move an inch. I was a TOTAL LOSER!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to MeiMei, ChoCho, Miss Ellies and Prunie!!!!!!!


Eagle The Pug said...

Thanks for the shout out for my special day. I'm six!