Monday, October 24, 2011


We get a lot of emails here at Casa de Puglet asking me to tell everyone about different products and stuff. I totally love when the mail dude brings me things, but I only say yes to:

1) Things I think are cool.
2) Things I think you will think are cool.
3) Eatables. Never say no to an eatable.

Ages ago we got an email about testing out this stuff called Snout Soother. Sounded maybe-cool, but my snout was totally fine. No way I can test out a snout fixer if my snout isn't broken, right? Right. So I told them if I ever need any soothing, I'll let them know.

Well, last week at PugOween I heard my human talking to some other pug-people about "funky nose crust". My funky nose crust. I guess she started noticing it in pictures a few weeks ago and thinks it's gross. She tried cleaning it off like dirt, but it's not dirt it's FUNK so normal fold-cleaning techniques didn't work.

Before: Nose Funk!

One of the pug-people said you can get rid of Nose Funk with something called Bag-Balm and a little scraping. I asked Google about it and found out the technical term for Nose Funk is Nasal Hyperkeratosis. Google also said Bag Balm is for freaking cow udders so I reminded my human about the Snout Soother.

We emailed the snout people and I swear like 2 seconds later th
e mail dude stuffed a sample through our door. My human smeared some on my snout last night. I licked the first smear off. And the second one. Didn't taste bad or anything, but by the third smear I was kinda over it.

My human wasn't completely happy at me for licking off the first two smears, but I reminder her that the soother is 100% natural. She reminded me that poo is too but I'm not allowed to eat that either.


It will take more smearing to fully test the powers of Snout Soother, but I know lots of pugs have Nose Funk so I'll keep you posted. Hopefully my snout will be 100% Funk-free really soon.

* * *

Today isn't special, but yesterday and Saturday were. Happiness and cookies to Lucy (East Lansing, MI) who celebrated Whelp Day on Saturday and even more happiness and cookies for Benny (So Glensfalls, NY), Kahlua (Cinn... Ohio) who were special yesterday.

PS: My human's sister Alison was also special yesterday. She lives in Denver where it's supposed to be 76 today and snowing on Wednesday. I don't think snow is what she wanted for her special day so much happiness to her too!

* * * UPDATE: snout status * * *

After: almost Funkless!

Holy SPAM, check out my snout. After Pearl & Tessa said their Funk just pops off after using Pug Butter, my human rubbed my nose a little and BAM! Off it popped.

Well, there wasn't really a BAM! or a pop (that would be scary) but the Funk did come right off. No scraping necessary. My human took today's Before picture this time yesterday, after she rubbed my snout with a wet towel. We put the soother on last night during bad TV... so that means in less than 24 hours, my Funk is almost gone. Pretty cool!


Pearl and Tessa said...

Hey Puglet, we use something called Pug Butter...funny thing is the human who gave it to us also has French Bulldog Butter (and she has Frenchies)...put it on Pearl, the crustaceans (as we call them) were gone the next day. Probably same stuff. Tessa doesn't seem to have the crusty's. Hope it works for you, Pearls was pretty crusty (now that we think about it, time to put more on).

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
I have Funk on my nose too. Mom tries to scrub it off but it never comes off. We're going shopping for Snout Soother or Pug Butter cause girls shouldn't have 'funk' on their noses.

Ellie from San Antonio

Emmitt and Eli are sleeping they had a big weekend agility competition.

Anonymous said...

OH OH almost forgot...HAPPY DAY to everyone with whelp days.


Estelita said...

Hi Puglet!
You know how I can to buy these thing to my nose? They send to Brazil???


Treat Lover said...

Dear Puglet,
Thanks so much for the information. I will tell my human to get this for Chili. I've never had the nose funk, but Chili does, and my human has NO CLUE what to do about it.
We live in Denver too, like Alison. We are keeping our paws crossed that we only get a dusting of the snowy stuff on Wed., but this morning the weather people said 6-8" in the city. Rut ro!!!
Today it's supposed to be 80 degrees, and my human said that's a pretty good indication that some major powder is coming our way. I really hope she's wrong.

Happy birthday and whelp day and happy days to all!


Buddy said...

I didn't know you could get rid of the nose funk! I'll have to send my human out to get some right away!
Thanks for sharing the info!!!

Payton said...

Mr. Baconator! I am so glad that you've brought up this touchy subject. I have nose Funk too (on occasion). It seems to flare up when I go on eatable patrol. It's not my fault that us pugs have to smash our faces and nose into the ground just to smell around...that's just how we're made. Anyway, when I do this I get white crusties. Those come off, but the Funk remains. I sure hope that the snout soother works...then again I don't know that I want stuff rubbed on my nose. Oh, well.

Happy belated birthdays to Lucy, Benny, and Kahlua! Oh, and I wonder if I can get an even bigger cookie since it was "Aunt" Alison's birthday too?!?


Anonymous said...

Hi Pug, My mom tried a lot of things on my crusties but coconut oil works best. She buys it at the grocery store. Plus it tastes good and is nutritious so I kinda like when she applies it. (I used to run away.)

Otis Redding the shop dog in Seattle

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
Well I admit to occasional crusty snifferitis. My Mommy got this "natural" stuff for it (it looks like a large chapstick). I lick it off as it is tasty - and the nose crustiness remains because it is not on long enough to help. If your NOSE fixer-upper works, we may have to try it. For the OCCASIONAL crusties.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Happy whelp day, Lucy in East Lansing, MI and Happy Special Days to Benny in Soouth Glensfalls, NY) and to Kahlua in Cinncinatti,Ohio.
- Live long, eat treats and bark alot.

Happy special day to PB & D's Aunt Alison. Enjoy the crazy weather but please do not send it to New Jersey .... just yet.

Roxi, Riley & Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

THE PUGLET said...


Pug *and* Frenchie butter? Why not just call it Butter! Dutch stole butter off the counter once and says it's supertasty. I'd put something called Butter on my nose, even if it wasn't covered in Funk. Or crustaceans :)

THE PUGLET said...


You are so right. No girl should have Funk on their nose. Neither should any boy. It's not so cute.

Hi to the sleeping agile boys from me.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Fred!

I looked on the SS website and they can totally send soother to Brazil. Or anywhere!

Otis Redding in Seattle says coconut oil works good too, so you might want to try that first. I think coconuts live in Brazil.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Happy day to Lucy, Benny and Kahlua, we will eat celebration cookie:) happy day to Alison too!!

I'm waiting for Snout Soother test, because 3 nose funk here! We tried different kinds of stuff, sometimes it helps but
Pucia's nose funk is the worse and nothing can help:( If it's good and help you Pug we will try to buy it :) please let us know about all that's cool and come to your mail :) xxx Gosia

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Chili ~

My human really never messed with my Funk until now. When it didn't wash off, she thought it was part of my nose. A mutant nose thing? Gross!

My human used to live kinda near you in a place called Boulder. She says your weather is even more psycho than ours. Summer one day, snow the next? Crazy! I thought the whole fog thing was weird but white stuff in the summer is way weirder.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey MizzTree!

Don't worry, looks like a lot of us didn't know the Funk was removable. Hopefully we will all be Funk-less soon :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Otis Redding ~

Do you know Carlos Santana in Berlin? My human wanted me to ask that - no idea.

Anyway. Thanks for the coconut oil idea. We should do a Funk-Off and see which works better, coconut oil or Snout Soother. Especially since I love how coconut tastes.
Bellatrix gave Dutch coconut chips his Big 8 and I snarf up all the bits he leaves on the floor.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Payton ~

I know what you mean, my Funk gets dirty too and that makes it look even funkier. But when the dirt comes off, the Funk's still there :(

I didn't mind being smeared with snout soother. It made my human laugh though. Not sure why... maybe we'll have to video the next time.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Gosia + the 3 nose Funks!

Don't worry, I'll totally let you know if the Funk goes away. It looks like they can send to Poland too, so if it works, you won't have any problems getting some.

THE PUGLET said...

Dear OCCASIONAL crusties,

Uhm, I mean Noodles. He hee. Don't worry, you'll know when I know if this stuff works.

PS: At least your Funk isn't full-time. Mine seems to be :\

Anonymous said...

We found this website for the Pug Nose Butter stuff:

Chang and Family in Chicago

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, be warned. This from Otis Redding (posted on Friday's post by mistake. I blame BLogger).

My mom told me to tell you that the coconut oil takes a couple of days of application and then the crusties will start to pop off. She said something about exfoliation but I couldn't stay focused because I found a stale tortilla chip on the floor while she was talking.

Otis Redding

- - -

The Funk is going to POP OFF?? I can hear my human ewwwwwing already.

Pug Slope said...

Good luck with the sniffer treatment, Pug. My 'rents sometimes put Bag Balm on my nose because they read someone else recommending it. It seems to work pretty well even though it's meant for cow udders. Luckily my nose doesn't get crusty too often.
-Love, Sid.

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
No crusties on my snout but I wouldn't mind some coconut oil, anyway.
Happy day special canines and human! No treat for me :( I stole a slice of pizza. Hey- it had imported pepperoni from Italy. I'm not going to miss out on that!

Anonymous said...

Heya Puglet,

My nose is not crusty or anything, but I know that some of our pug breeder friends recommend simple vaseline to use in such cases. They told us it works!

Pug noses are important, mine is very smooth and my mum cleans it twice a day, morning and evening with these baby tissues which you can buy at the drugstore. She also cleans my eyes and folds around my face twice a day, but especially my nose fold with a fresh mild baby wipe.

Sometime *hehe* my nose fold contains rocks and stuff in the evening - I am outside a lot with my Mum and sniffing the ground, like yesterday in perfect autumn weather and today in very cold xxxx weather!

Hope your nose gets de-crusted and we wish the same to all the pug friends here! It is in fact common with pugs.

Happy belated welpday to Lucy, Benny and Kahlua! I will claim my three cookies right after my secretary finishes typing this.

Pug greetings from Berlin and some snorts .. Carlos Santana the one with the shiny nose (not to confound with .. you know who!)

Pearl and Tessa said...

Our human has even found grass in Tessa's wrinkles (well, she did come from "The Wrinkle Ranch").

When we looked for the pug butter site today, there were a couple of google listings for pug butter, and other slang pug words...humm. Anyway, the stuff that comes out of those wrinkles can also be called pug butter.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey everybody - almost all the Funk popped off like Pearl & Tessa said! I just posted a picture. My snout is soooo much cuter!

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
My mom googled the ingredients, found something about Vitamin E oil, wouldn't you know she has some. Mom put some on my nose, I'll let you know if 'E' works.

Ellie...hope my nose is uncrusty by tomorrow.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

My Momma already ordered the stuff from Amazon...I got some Funk goin' on! Will let you know if the Snout Soother works for my little brown crusty nose...and she thought it was from eating cat poo :0

Crabbie Chris said...

Thanks a freaking lot Pug. Mom totally bought me "Pug Butter" and then forgot she had it....she reads your post today and next thing I know I've got some weird smelling crap on my nose! I like my crusty nose, so what gives?

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

I wanted to say THANKS to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. My BEST birthday present was having my human come home after being away for ten days. I was SUPER happy to see her. She gave me TWO fun new toys and I played with both of them. I got to eat an Entire ice cream cup. I think that was because she missed me so much and even thought I looked a little less chubby. The only down side to the celebration is she made me wear the silly "Birthday Boy" bandana she got me last year. Overall it was a GREAT day!!!


NiceNursePDX said...

I found the snout soother and tried on my fawn's nose and the black one's funky fold. Hope it works!

THE PUGLET said...

Let us know if it works, Eddie!

(ps: poo doesn't make your nose crusty, it just makes it brown. But don't tell my human I said this because I'm not allowed to eat poo)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Nice Nurse,

I hope it works for you like it worked for me. My nose is 100% de-Funked. Makes me feel so much cuter.

Anonymous said...

I've tried both the Snout Soother and the Pug Butter and the Snout Soother is far superior. Better ingredients, better consistency and works faster. My dog does lick it but it still works - amazing.

Tried Bag Balm before and that seemed to hurt her. Something in there like menthol or something that burns.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Robinette said...

Oh this is great news! Weezer the Pug has some very nasty nose funk, so I think we need to try this. Thanks Puglet!

Robinette (and Weezer the Unsuspecting Pug)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I really want a pug but my parents say no and are not gonna change their minds. How do I play with pugs for free in Massachusetts?

Mary said...

Oh, Pug! You have helped me so much with the Pug snout butter idea! My humom just uses a washcloth to rub off my funk! I'm gonna trip her in the hallway to see this post!
Thanks again,
Pug hug,
Noodles (not the one with the bowl!)