Friday, February 1, 2013


 Hello everybody. It's me. Dutch. Puglet is on strike because he didn't get his bacon. I'll let him whine tell you all about that himself. So much drama over a few bites of bacon.

So be it.

While Pug is off pouting, I would like to tell you some truths about our hike with the cows last week. And by truths I mean all the truths - not just the ones that make me look bad. Pug already told you those.

Truth #1: cows are big
Truth #2: mom cows are big and mean
Truth #3: mom cows are big and mean and extremely scary

I don't care what Pug says, all these things are a million percent true. Anyone with half a brain cell would be afraid of cows. My human doesn't understand this because her brain is gimpy. I don't know what Pug's excuse is.

Truth #4: Pug eats gross stuff
Truth #5: Pug rolls in gross stuff
Truth #6: Pug is grosser than gross

Pug wasn't on a leash in that video to protect the scary baby cow. He was on a leash because he got in trouble for eating poo and rolling in nasty stuff. I don't know what the stuff he rolled in was, but you can see it all over him in today's picture. Gross.

Truth #7: I have spots but am nothing like a cheetah

Take those truths, Pug!

Love + Pink 4ever,




Jazz Girl Pug said...

Oh boy, really wanted to take some of that cow pie home, didn't you? It is sort of color coordinated, too. Wouldn't it be great to have a smell button on your blog that could let other dogs virtually roll in those pies? We could do that without getting our humans mad at us. Unless we rolled on the keyboard or computer screen trying to wear it too.

Anonymous said...

Totally busted!!! LOL

Tattoo #930 said...

So Duch & Pug why won't your human give the other 999 a update? It really isn't fair.

Michelle + Myko said...

you are not alone dutch, those very same east bay cows have scared me and my mom before. even though pug cannot keep the poo away, we are glad you are all out enjoying yourselves. you deserve it!

pug love!

Charlie the Pugster said...

Dutch, I'm with you those cows are scary!

LuLu, I forget my #! said...

Where's the video? I want to see

Anonymous said...

Dutch, Thank you for the whole truth and nothing but. I love Puglet but as a small guy he does exhibit some of that Napolean stuff. And then to roll it slime, yuk. xxx

Anonymous said...

Dutch, you said it and totally busted Pug! Now we know all the truths! :)

Mpls Pug who never received anything said...

I agree with Tattoo 930. This is ridiculous! I have better things to do everyday then scan through this stupid blog hoping I might get some sort of update.

Amanda you are unprofessional, selfish, and disrespectful to everyone involved in the 1000 Pug project. If you can't provide an update, the least you could do is provide refunds. Crook.

Anonymous said...

Those of you posting mean, negative comments on this delightful blog ought to GET. A. LIFE. meanies... Karma- peeps.Karma :/

Janiepug said...

Has there ever been an explanation of why we have not received our pictures?

It's been so long I forgot.....

Janiepug said...

Anonymous: I love this blog. I was honestly thrilled to meet Puglet. I trust Amanda...but a few words would to far in managing people's expectations.

Anonymous said...

Dutch, Puglet and Amanda, This blog is a gift and a joy and I look forward to it and am upset whenever Ms Gimpy screws up and fails to post. I hate weekends because you are off. If anything went wrong with your huge enormous giant endeavor just say so, so that people who are hounding you and thinking you have screwed them can stop and grasp and comprehend and deal with it. I love you!!!

Mercy said...

Dutch!! Good to hear from you!! I suspected Pug wasn't telling the whole truth.... Dutch, you obviously take pride in your appearance and don't roll in the poo and mess up your sexy B&W coat. (Shhhh, I think Pug is jealous of your spots!)
I'm w/you big guy, Cows are scarey!!!PINK 4EVER!!
Kisses, kisses,

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said... when Dutch takes over the blog! You go big guy! Gotta get all the truths out no matter what they are! I love you Dutch! AND I love everything about this blog!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Amanda that she cannot take a few minutes out of her day to acknowledge those whim so graciously supported her project? Selfish, indeed!

Pug Slope said...

Hi Dutch!
Puglet really is a true dude's dude. I mean the guy is like a sweaty, burley lumberjack. If he could grow a big beard, he would. While I admire his ruggedness, I can't really condone his poo-consuming activities. I'm with you on that one.


Ivan said...

Puglet or Dutch can you ask your human to update my human and the other 998 humans on their photos? She is great on keeping us updated on other things and let her know that doing so is very important for many reasons.

It's like having a bacon treat right in front of you,but you can't get to it. Tell Amanda that is how my human is feeling and she just wants to know what the status is, and that is all.

(I also left a copy on facebook/ 1000pugs because I am certain the other 998 are as curious as us. I also tried to leave a phone message,dialing was tricky but the mailbox was full.

Really really hope to hear something soon