Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You've probably noticed my life has been ridiculously boring lately. I mean, why else would I talk about eating and sleeping and poo so much? Well, I mentioned this to my human last night and she said I was right.

Bacon = yes. Puglet = right.

Sometimes my human can be so smart! She can also be superstupid. Because somehow she thought life is boring meant drag Dutch + Pug out of a warm bed before the sun is awake, pile them into the back of Mazda and drive off into the darkness. The freezing cold darkness. 

Yep. That's pretty much exactly what happened this morning.

Don't get too excited though. We only went for a hike with the cows. Not exactly exciting but better than boring. The cows have been busy making babies (and pies) so I ate pies. Pies are cool. I saw a coyote. Cool. When the sun woke up it got nice and warm. Cool. I mean warm? Whatever.

Anyway. Everything was cool until Dutch almost got us killed. Yes, killed. By a mob of angry momma cows. He'll probably say it was my fault but I swear I did nothing wrong. There was a baby cow standing there in the middle of the trail. He looked kinda fun so I tried to play with him. Maybe I barked a little. Big deal. I was on a leash. The baby cow was not. He could have run away if he wanted to.

Then there was Dutch. Running around like a headless chicken because cows are soooo scary. This is when things got not so cool. Because of course momma cows don't know Dutch is a total wuss. Or that he's slinking around like a freaking cheetah because he's terrified of cows. Nope. They think he's going to eat their babies.

The thing about momma cows is they kinda stick together. So if one of them wants to kill you for stalking their baby like a freaking cheetah, they all do. Google says it's because they're herd animals. All I know is it means we were totally outnumbered today, like 5 angry momma cows to 1.

My human didn't get the whole not-so-cool cow moment on video because we had to run away. Like RUN. But if you listen close, you can hear a whole lot of angry mooing coming from the herd of angry momma cows running across the hill to come kill us.


Hugo the Portland Pug said...

Oh man! When cows ATTACK! If only they all knew that Dutch is the most gentle of creatures they wouldn't have had a problem at all!

Be careful up there!

Barbara said...

Well, it's a good thing you RAN!!!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Who knew that cows were so fierce???

You looked cute in the video though :-)

Scarlet & Meredith

Mary Ann said...

I'm so glad it was only "near" death.... and we can read more about your adventures!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the photo?

Mercy said...

Wow Pug! you must have been scared pooless! Hum??? My brother (the cat, yes cat, total embarrassment...) told me cats have 9 lives and he will be aroung F-O-R-E-V-E-R to torture me. Anyway, it seems like you've gone through 2 or 3 lives already. Are you sure you're really a pug?? I mean, maybe you are really a cat who has schizophrenia and thinks he's a pug. HOLY POO!!Just something to think about....
Kisses, Kisses,
P.S. I'd like to hear Dutch's version of the cow-near-death-experience.

Pug Slope said...

Glad you guys all escaped unharmed! I've never seen a cow before but if that one in the video is just the "baby", I'm pretty scared to see how big a momma cow is.

Your tail really has some amazing movement in that video, Puglet. I wish mine could move like that but it's pretty much locked into position. What's the secret to a hypnotizing tail?!


Unknown said...

Dude, how can you say your life is boring, you had a bacon truck fire in your neighborhood yesterday!!! Better than hanging around the house with your "sister" all day while it rains enough to make a river in the back yard. It was definitely a "rainy night in Georgia!"

C. Penfold McGee

Holdin27 said...

Hi Pug, not to put a damper on your hiking fun, but you should be aware that to a coyote, you are basically a butterball turkey being delivered to their doorstep. I used to walk Lucy on Mt. Diablo all the time, and then one day saw a coyote on the hill across from me. When he noticed Lucy, he got down in a stalking stance and ran toward her. I scooped her up and he followed me all the way to the entrance. I did some research later and it said a bunch of dogs are lost every year, so be careful out there!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my Ginger(pug) is a heavy weight, cause Hawks can't swoop down and grab her up for a snack like has happened to smaller dogs! There's something GOOD to say about being 25 pounds YEA!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Dutch was right, afterall. Cows are scary!

Unknown said...

Good point, Anonymous, Puglet should use that argument every time the thumbs get's onto him about his tubey-ness, "Hey, I'm just trying to make it harder for the hawks to carry me away."

C. Penfold McGee

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Another great adventure Pug! Man, I wish I could go find cows! You'd think my human could find some with us living in Texas...Google says we have some here, but haven't seen one yet so thanks for sharing your fun with us!

pug 376 said...




Sammy and Neko said...

We prefer cooked cows for dinner, not the live ones... mama cows are actually cool tho.. trying to protect the baby : )
Run, Pug, Run !!

Miley said...

Dear pug 376,

Please do not yell on this blog. This blog is a bright spot in alot of people lives. Its a minute that we can take from the realty of the world. Please don't ruin that. Like I have said many many times, you will get your photos I promise you that you will. I know that you will. If you want to email me please do.


Bailey and Buddy said...

Hey Puglet,

So, why are you on a leash? Is it because of the "poo" eating incident? Bummer, dude! Stop eating poo!

Bailey & Buddy

Sabrina PugTails said...

Pug, I think the best part of the video is when your human just decides it time to go. Now. And doesn't even take the time to shut the video. You know she means business when.

Charlie the Pugster said...

Does this make you and Dutch "Cowboys"?

Anonymous said...

HI Puglet

What u and your human are thinking about raw diet?I have heard so many good things and i am thinking should i raise my future pug up on it :)

Soon to be a pug mommy x

Anonymous said...

Dear 'Soon to be pug Mommy'-
I am on a dehydrated dog food made by The Honest Kitchen called Zeal. I used to have tons of allergy related problems (very common among pugs), and they ALL went away on this food. Also, because you RE-hydrate it before feeding, it's amazing how much less water your pug will need to drink, as he/she will get so much more in their food. Digestion is much better,my coat is beautiful, etc. It seems expensive, but a big box really goes a long way (about 6 weeks for 1 pug). Bonus- much fewer vet visits due to ear, fold, and skin infections!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that after 70+ comments on your blog about people wanting an update on their pictures you can continue to ignore people. Posting instead about your dog eating feces was well played. Who is Miley? Does she have any authority to post updates?

Miley said...

Dear anonymous,
Miley here I am Puglets bff, my mom and puglets mom have been friends since before either Puglet or I were around. No I don't have authority to post updates. But I know how hard Amanda is working on getting this project done. and what a great person Amanda is and that she is not scamming anyone.