Friday, January 11, 2013


Don't ask me what happened to Wednesday and Thursday. I need a new human. Or at least a backup human. Or something. That's all I'm going to say.


Whenever I was here last, I'm pretty sure I told you about the mysterious phone conversation between my human and spotted-Miley's mom. Well, I've learned there are times when you should just come out and ask your human what the heck is going on. And there are times when you should ask someone who is less-grumpy and won't get mad at you for wanting to know stuff.

So I asked Miley what she heard on her end of the phone. She said she wasn't really paying attention because it had nothing to do with her, but it sounds like my human and Nikon are going back to the Eat Coast to shoot some pugs. It also sounds like she might go some other place too, but Miley couldn't remember where. 

Oh. And guess who isn't going to wherever my human might be going?


And who might get to go instead?


I asked Dutch what he knows and of course he knows nothing. But now he's all excited about meeting Sophie, eating Ben's pizza and sucking down whoopie pies. He's spent the last few days trying to decide which sweater he should wear on the plane, the pink one or the *other* pink one.



Mercy said...

Dear Pug,
Wow, that was really good intell you got from Miley! (BTW, are Dutch and Miley a couple?? Hope not, sorry Miley; I just want a chance with that hunk of burning love!!).

Anyway,I'm sorry you have to stay home but fair is fair. Dutch deserves time w/your human, I'm sure he'll bring you back a cheesesteak or something....maybe...probably not...

YOU have to mind the Casa while they're away - that's a big responsibility. You'll need to use all your superpug powers to keep the Casa running smoothly. Remember your are NUMERO UNO, you can do this!!!

As always, Kisses, Kisses,

P.S. It takes a REAL dude to wear pink.

Sammy and Neko said...

Seriously.... well.. Dutch needs to be away from reality sometimes. Happy weekend~

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Well, Dutch did have to stay home an awful lot last year while you were out meeting all of us, Pug. Maybe he should have a turn flying too. And we vote for dark pink.

We love you Pug!
Meredith & Scarlet

Buddy said...

Puglet, have your human make a layover stop in Columbus OH - I'd love to be your back up human while she away doing spotty stuff.

Buddy said...

oh...and mom is going crazy about the mixbook mail thingy......what gives?????

scarletts mom said...

Hi again Puglet I'm sure your human reads these comments as she allows you to post everyday! I didn't hear back as to what is happening with our Pug Pictures? I am from Miami and it has almost been 1 year?? Please something?? Anything??

Anonymous said...

Dark pink for the winter.


Poozles said...

Are you sure that Dutch is going with you? He's pretty big to fit under a seat and he's less brave than you are.

Poozles said...


Anonymous said...

Puglet, It may be Friday but it is also time for the Big Book that I'm wanting to buy so I am hoping that this is a big media blitz and book tour. Is that possible? xxx

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Here in Europe boys wear pink :) and Dutch is european :)
you must come to Europe one day Pug, I think it'll change you forever :) haha :)
oo and it's me in pink sweater (in the middle)

your friend Fred

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Dark pink or light pink....LOL!!!! Now that was funny! Hope it all turns out the way you want Pug...well, or the way you can handle cuz you probably won't like how it all turns out!

Miley said...

Hey Mercy,

ICCK! no Dutch and I are not a couple! He is why to old for me and he likes pink way to much! I like a stud muffin for a boyfriend!