Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So there's this building between our house and a whole bunch of other places we go. It's pretty much like every other building, except it's got signs stuck all over it. Angry signs. Scary signs. Confusing signs. 

We can learn a lot from this building...

Angry signs

You know a sign is angry when words are underlinedcrooked and bold in BIG LETTERS with a ! thingy at the end. My human says these are a sign's way of yelling at you. 

I guess I would yell too if I was getting, uhm, peed on. And I guess the sign is being kinda nice by yelling PLEASE! But don't let the yelling fool you. Aways remember: signs are just human words written down. Just because you're getting yelled at, doesn't mean you have to listen. 

Warning signs

You should probably pay at least a some attention to any sign that starts with WARNING. Trust me on this. You don't *have* to do or not do or whatever the sign says, but bad things might happen if you're not careful. 

Think: cliff. 

Or the c-word and reproductive harm? I don't even know what that is.

You might also want to think twice about any sign that says entire State of California knows something. Or at least thinks it does. 

No Signs

No signs are kinda everywhere. My human forgot to take a close up of the NOs, but I'm pretty sure you'll know a NO when you see it. This building has two of them: one for smoking and one for something called trespassing. 

Of course smoking is a NO no-brainer, but I have no idea what trespassing is. I'm guessing it's probably not too terrible because all the letters on that sign are tiny but Dutch does not agree. 

He thinks a lot of tiny letters are just as serious as a few underlinedcrooked bold BIG LETTERS, but I'm not so sure. Thanks to Miss Gimpy, I can't see what the stupid sign actually says so I have no way of being right knowing the truth. 


So for now, let's say NO signs are somewhere between serious and... a suggestion? If anyone out there knows more about this, please speak. Especially if what you know makes me right.


Chfnman said...

Sorry Puglet, gotta go with the big spotted guy on this one! No is a word to be respected. It usually is a gentle warning that ignoring it would result in some type of harm to you. In other words its a "be safe, not stupid" word.


Sue and Annie Fannie said...

Well, Puglet, you do have to kinda pay attention to signs. You can get in trouble if you ignore them and someone sees you doing what the sign says not to. Once in a while I try to ignore one, but my human won't let me. Says it's for OUR good? Whatever.

Pug hugs and kisses,
Annie Fannie

Meredith LeBlanc said...

All we heard growing up is "No means No" from the adult type people. But sometimes if you ask enough, no means yes.

Meredith & Scarlet

Noodles said...

Puglet, I- like you - am tired of hearing "No" all of the time. I know I tend to PRETEND not to hear it at least 50% of the time. BUT when it comes to a "NO" on a building and not coming out of my human's mouth - well I gotta side with Gampy on this one. You know, he is very wise.
Love your FURiend, Noodles

Ollie said...

The no pissing sign I take offense to. Public things and places are a city dog's community board. So lift your leg high and proud and make your statement be known!

Stella & Roark, zee piggies said...

What is a boy dog to do. This is rude.
Roark ( and Stella who pees on his pee)

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Puglet Pal,
Your most recent adventures have all involved signs. My momma is a teacher and reading is an important skill. You might not agree with the signs, but I agree with Gampy that NO is an important word kind of like BEWARE. I just want you to be safe because there are lots of other "naughty" things you can do to have fun like eating cowpies or trying to steal Dutch's next pink cupcake! I just wish I could go on hikes in the hills or to the beach like you. My pawrents are so lame...get the joke?? I am sooo very glad that "thumbs" is giving you some screen time again:)
Luvvies from,
Eddie the Pug
Pee Ess,
Where can I get a Baconator??