Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hello everybody! I'm so glad to see you!! It's been a very long time and there are soooo many many things I want to tell you about - but today I'm supposed to talk about Pug. And because I'm nice, I will.

Even though I feel sick from a pee infection and would rather much rather talk about warm & fuzzy things (like my new pink sweater), I will talk about Pug. I am that nice. But first, for the record, I'm not 100% convinced Pug didn't fall off the cliff in an attempt to ruin my birthday and/or get sympathy cupcakes. He swears that isn't true but I still have doubts.

Now back to the cliff...

My human knew from seeing other humans on the evening news that climbing down a cliff to rescue your dog usually ends in everyone being rescued by the Coast Guard. But there weren't many other options.

ME (DUTCH): maybe you should just call the Coast Guard people?
HUMAN: uggghhh, there will still be helicopters.
ME (DUTCH): yes! And Pug will be on the news. You know he'd love to be on TV again.
HUMAN: ughhhh

Then along came a man on a bike. My human pointed to Pug on the cliff and explained the situation. Bikeman didn't think the cliff was steep enough to kill anybody, but agreed it would not be good to climb down it. At least without a rope. So Instead of calling the Coast Guard, my genius human asked the nice man on the bike if he knew anyone at the harbor with a rope. 

I kid you not. 

Why a rope seemed like a better idea than the Coast Guard, I have no idea. But we all know my human isn't excellent at thinking about all the things that might go wrong so hanging by a rope off a cliff probably sounded just fine. I would have gone for a helicopter, but that's just me. 

So Bikeman peddaled off and we waited. And waited. And waited. Do you know how hard it is to stand around doing nothing when someone you love is on the side of a cliff, freaked out and cackling? It's hard. Very hard. My human took pictures and called Miley's mom to make herself feel better while I just stood there getting an ulcer.

A few minutes later, three new men came along. They had Vizslas, not bikes, and I got in trouble for grumping at one of them for having testicles. A Vizsla I mean, I don't care if men have testicles or not.

Vizsla-man #1 thought Operation Rope was a really bad idea and suggested we call 911 instead. He mentioned a helicopter. Vizsla-man #2 thought it'd be better to go to the bottom of the cliff and get Pug to go down instead of up. He volunteered to stay up at the top with me so Pug wouldn't think we abandoned him. Vizsla-man #3 just shook his head and said nothing.

My human wasn't sure if Bikeman was even coming back with a rope and wasn't entirely sure what she'd do with one if he did, so she decided Viszla-man #2's plan was probably a better idea. She handed me over to one of the Viszla-men, told Pug to hang on and headed for the trail down to the beach.

She didn't make it very far before running into Bike Man. He had a rope.

Now, I don't know a thing about ropes. But this one looked extremely scary. Here is a close up:

See what I mean? Scary. My human used to tie herself to ropes and climb giant rocks all the time and didn't seem to care, but I could tell by the way the Viszla-men were looking at the rope that I wasn't the only one who was afraid. Bike Man said he got it from his friend's crab boat like that was supposed to make us all feel better. This didn't help.

I really want to tell you what happened next, but just thinking about it is really stressing me out. I'm feeling a bit faint. Must lie down. 

More. Tomorrow.

Love & kisses,


PS: Please tell Pug I had to leave because my bladder is sick so he won't make fun of me for being a princess. 


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Yikes! We're so nervous! Please hurry back tomorrow!

And Dutch, we hope your pee feels better.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Oh my... this is so scary just reading about it and seeing the pictures! -SpencerB

Unknown said...

We can't wait until TOMORROW!! That's like 4 days to a pug! Please please please don't leave us hanging!! No pun intended, sorry this cold weather is taking a toll on us.

Candace and Chiquita said...

Wow, this story truly is a cliffhanger...can't wait for the rest of the story!

Candace and Chiquita said...

Wow! This story truly is a cliffhanger, literally and figuratively!

Can't wait to hear what happens next.

Hope you feel better soon Dutch :)

Candace and Chiquita said...

Wow! This story truly is a cliffhanger, literally and figuratively!

Can't wait to hear what happens next.

Hope you feel better soon Dutch :)

Carlos Santana said...

This is terrible! I always wonder why we pugs get into mischief so easily - I guess it comes from our unique character attributes which make us pugs.
I have been involved in many hair rising incidents, my "she" has become rather accustomed to it and takes them as they come. But I have never fallen off a cliff. My holiday at the Baltic Sea is approaching. We better take a rope.

Kind regards from Berlin,
Your cousin Carlos Santana

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

You're killn me!!!! Sorry about your bladder Dutch =(

Mercy said...

Dear Studmuffin,
Sooooooo good to hear from you!!!That is one scarey story! Your human is VERY brave and so are you! You have always been, and will always be - MY HERO!.... and my studmuffin!
Kisses, Kisses,
PS. I would have bitten the Viszla's balls too....

Mercy said...

Dear Dutchy,
Oh, no, I just got something that said ERROR 503 when I tried to submit this. What is a "503"? , sounds like cop talk. Anyway, You have always been and will always be - MY HERO! You are so brave and I'm glad you are back!
Kisses, Kisses,
PS. I would have bitten the Viszla's balls too,,,

Barbara said...

Oh man, installments!!
Feel better Dutch!

Mercy's Mom said...

Anybody else having trouble reading the robot words? This is the way everything looks after a bottle of wine...
Mercy's Mom,

T,the Pugs and a BT said...

Hi Dutch! We missed you. Sorry you aren't feeling well, get better ASAP. This is definitely a cliff hanger of a story about cliff hanging. Although we don't think Pug did it on purpose, but oh my we are hanging on the edge of our seats for the rest of this story!!

Oh and mad pee pee juju on it's way.

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Dutch thankyou, how scary! Cant wait for tomorrow. Love to see a pic of the sweater too <3

sue and the gang said...

I am so nervous poor pug hope you are feeling better Dutch

Anonymous said...

Feel better Dutch!
Also??? This may be the most triumphant return to blogville. Ever.
We miss y'all so much! :-)
Pug Hugs, Megan F & Lola the Pug

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are feeling bad Dutch. That Puglet is something. I bet Amanda was really scared.

Anonymous said...

I neglected to wish Dutch a Happy Birthday, please excuse me. So sorry you are not feeling well, I wish I could cuddle up in the nice fluffy blanket with you :)

Oh are making us wait another day to read about the daring rescue! We will be waiting to read tomorrow...same bat time same bat channel!

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Dutch sending juju hope you feel better soon. Pug I'm loving every minute of this, not you falling off the cliff the adventure. Soooooo glad your back we miss us some Puglet, Dutch, and Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Dutch and Amanda are back!!!!!!!!!!......and all is right with the world!
Love, Max, Grace and their humom

The Devil Dog said...

How dare you leave us hanging!!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the rescue. It was a rescue, right????

Roxy & Lucky

PS We are REALLY glad you are back.

citydog said...

Yay, Dutch! I'm *so* glad you, Puglet and Amanda are back, although I wasn't expecting such an exciting return!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

That is not Morse Code!
Hope you are okay Puglet!
Eddie the Pug

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, Dutch. We can't wait for updates !!

Sammy and Neko

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are back! Your adventures are so way cool!! We stay pretty much in our yard, don't get to be off our leash much on the outside! Scarey is the word that comes to me! Here in Ft Lauderdale we don't have cliffs! Can't wait to read how this ends. Later Grumpy and the others~

Mercy said...

Hey Miley,
Just checking in to THANK YOU for all your updates when Pug & Co. were on their sabatical. That was very kind of you, especially since you had your paws full with your new babies. Thanks again, Miley, YOU ARE THE BEST :)
Kisses, Kisses,

Miley said...

hey Mercy,
Thanks for the shout out. Yea I have been busy with the kids. they are all leaving to go to their new homes now. Take care

Ollie said...

You guys are back!!!
For starters: Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas & Happy Thanksgiving.
This is a ginormous happy surprise.
Better than finding an entire Big Mac on the sidewalk which is a once in a lifetime event!
Waaaaay better :)

Katherine said...

Dutch! You're freaking us out! I mean I know Pug ends up being ok in the end, but I want to know how!! Ahhh!!