Thursday, January 30, 2014


So we finally got some rain. Not really enough to need raincoats or fix the drought, but more than enough for me. My human says the best thing about bad stuff like rain is it makes the good stuff (like rainbows) seem even better. 

Silly human.

ME: can't we just skip the rain part and buy some rainbows?
HUMAN: you can't buy a rainbow, Pug.
ME: can too.
HUMAN: let me guess, on the internet?

Duh. Of course you can't buy rainbows on the internet. But you can totally buy them at a store down the street from us called Noe So Cute. The little dude and his mom who own it are supernice, it's totally dog-friendly and always open. 

Kinda like the internet, but better.

Dutch says Noe So Cute is more like a stand than a store, but whatever. They sell stuff. All sorts of stuff. Stuff places like doesn't even know exists.

Like crossword hints:

 Untied knots:

 And whatever this is (something Dutch??):

And get this - practically everything at Noe So Cute is only FIVE cents. Well, except for Sunday crossword hints, shaves and haircuts. You know how many things you can buy five cents on the internet? Zero.

The only thing that could make Noe So Cute more awesome is if they sold bacon. You know how much bacon you could buy if it only cost FIVE CENTS?!? Hmmm. I wonder if they take special orders?


Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Oh man...what a place! We need a store like that here. Five cents for stuff is really cool. And you and Dutch in those pics just makes Noe so Cute that much CUTER!

Chang from Chicago said...

The one sign says: "Encryption Five Cents"!

Barbara said...

Puglet - don't buy a rainbow! I think you'll want to buy this instead.... bacon!

Anonymous said...

These may be my most favorite photos in a while !! So sweet! Love, Megan F & Lola the Pug

jackie jade said...

ah too cute! just found you blog and my pugs want me to tell you hi and that they love your blog.
-- jackie - jade and oak

Ollie said...

I have an idea!
What about "Take Your Picture With Puglet & Dutch" (world famous celebrity bloggers).
In the summer, when all the tourists are there?
You guys are going to make so much money that you'll need to open a Swiss bank account.

Anonymous said...

SO precious! I want to go to this store.

Hal and Opal said...

Great pics Dutch and Puglet! Looking good!

Patty said...

Puglet & Dutch: You two sure look cute! Hugs from your friend in Nj, Patty

Paula from DE said...

Haha love the pictures! Pug, the last one makes you look like a real sales clerk!

Anonymous said...

Our mama had to laugh at the last one...our grandpa used to say that all the time. And we love that picture of Puglet. Wish we had a store like that here.

licks and hugs

Ladybug, Fannie May and Holly Berry

Stella & Roark, zee piggies said...

You are the most cute ones of all.
Stella and Roark

Unknown said...

I would pay 5 cents for a rainbow right now. :)