Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The NPR radio dude talking about winter again this morning. Snow and freezingness and stuff I don't know much about. Then I remembered: oh, right. In some places it's January. 

The weather here has been so ridiculously not-normal, it's kinda hard to tell what part of the calendar it is. We should be wet and chilly, but  . Feels more like summer than winter. Only warmer. And sunny. 

So warm and sunny, the butts in my neighborhood are out:

Winter hat, summer butt.
Since I can't send actual warm sunniness to everyone freezing their butts off on the Other and Middle coasts, here are a few rays of sunshine from around here. I was going to call them pictures but Dutch said "rays of sunshine" sounded, uh, warmer. 


warm goofy trees

the day it was almost colder than 40 degrees
ME! (and sunshine too)


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Lucky you !! In Poland is more or less like that :(
Winter sucks :( Pucia

maryelent said...

Aww pug. You always make me smile. Thanks for the rays of sunshine. Here in Boston it's pretty close to 0. I hope you never have to feel that cold!

Unknown said...

Was that guy really showing off his BUTT!!! YIKES, if you did that in CT in January ...well lets just say you wouldn't do that:( 40 we wish! It's 9 degrees here and we are COLD! It's snowed yesterday looked liked soft fluffy stuff all we wanted to do was to jump in it but as soon as we made it two steps we all turned around and came inside to warm up our poor paws :( Baby it's cold out there.
Keep cool your friends
"The MacKay Pugs "

Mercy said...

Thanks for the rays of sunshine! We sure need them here in Chicago. You and Dutch look fab in your sweaters! Enjoy your beautiful weather.
Kisses, Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts to make us warm...BUTT (hahaha) that first photo just didn't do it for our mom. The stupid humans just spent 1 1/2 hours cleaning up all that white stuff up outside while we were inside barking (ie laughing) at them & snuggling!

Fro, Molly & Cleo

Sue and Annie said...

Glad it's nice and sunny. I'm also glad I don't live in your neighborhood or I would be totally disgusted with all the show.

Barbara said...

Summer butts! LOL!!!
Of course Dutch has on a pink sweater and you have on a skull sweater. Very appropriate to ward off muggers. We are in CA too, so we are appreciating this lovely weather, even if they tell us we won't have water!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pug! We're nice and toasty in Lafayette, too! A warm 70-ish this week! No one shows their tush in Lafayette, though... they just aren't free thinkers like you SF folks.
Lafayette Lola

Ollie said...

Wow. A totally naked dude walking around in January, it's definitely warm in SF. I feel for the guy, I'm a naturist myself and prefer going out "au naturel". Though you guys look mighty dapper in your sweaters.

It's minus whatever here. We've given up on numbers and just call it really, really cold.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

You two look adorable in your sweaters. I bet I know who made your Skully sweater, hehe, snort!


Pearl and Tessa said...

Heck, we can't figure out what is going on...we wake up in the morning and the fountain in the back yard is frozen....and then it gets nice and warm (70) by afternoon....and of course,dry dry dry....when everyone else in the country is getting slammed, we really need some snow! Have not seen any of those butts though...Very happy to have you back!

Pearl and Tessa from Auburn.

Anonymous said...

Puglet - enjoy the sunshine! Great pictures and thanks for keeping us all connected! Stay clear of those butt fellas! Love ya bro! -SpencerB

citydog said...

Puglet, it's 1ºF in Vermont at the moment, and we're expecting a low of -10ºF tonight. It was so cold today that when I was out in the yard while the big, hairy, non-Pugs were playing frisbee in the snow I was trying--somewhat successfully, I might add--to stand on just one foot because I was getting "snow toe" so bad in the other three.

I wish I were in SF for many reasons, but living where it's mild enough that 40º is sweater weather? I'll take it!

Iggy Pug in Vermont

South shore pugs said...

This morning it was 7 degrees and the wind chill of -10. We had 14 inches of snow here on Long Island which makes going outside to do our business difficult. We wish you could send some of your warm weather this way.
Hugs and kisses,
Rudy and Billie

Minnie and Max Pugs said...

Keep San Francisco weird...we guess.

Amy said...

Thank you for you and for Dutch and for the rays of sunshine, Puglet. It's snowing here in Colorado. Again. Sigh.

North Toronto Pugs said...

You guys look totally awesome in your duds. So glad you're back to brighten our lives...

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Um, thanks for only showing us his butt.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

It's sunny here in Seattle too, but not too warm! We laughed ourselves silly when we saw BUTT MAN!!!
Sherry and the Pug Squad

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
Yes, our weather sure have been unusual, to say the least. I like your rays of sunshine - especially the last one.
We could use a little - and I emphasize little - rain, though.
Love Noodles