Friday, February 7, 2014

HOT PINK SUGAR SKULLS (with flowers on top)

Hello again everybody! If you read today's title, you already know this isn't going to be about Pug. He'd never go near anything hot and pink with flowers on top - but we all know I would. Especially when that hot pink sugary thing is a cozy mock turtle neck sweater!

Truth: sweaters are a struggle for me. I love them, but they don't love me back. Because whoever makes them doesn't seem to understand you can be big AND skinny at the same time. And also long. And chesty. Noodle+Mochi's mom offered to knit a special sweater like the skully one they made for Pug, but my human said that would be waaaay too much knitting. 


So for the past 10 years, I've had to cope with bad sweaters. Sweaters that try to strangle me in my sleep (legs through neck hole = scary!), make walking very awkward and peeing nearly impossible. But that all changed the day we walked into Jefferey's to score some free cookies.

And saw this:

They only had one left, in size XXL. And for a minute I was slightly heartbroken. But as soon as my human slipped its wooly hot pink goodness neck over my head, I knew. I'd *finally* found true sweater love. AND it was on sale. For 75% OFF!!!  

The only thing better than a cozy hot pink sweater is a cozy hot pink sweater on sale. And I don't care if Pug says I'm a copycat and is completely horrified to walk down the street with me. He's just jealous of all the attention my sweater gets because everyone else thinks it's a-maz-ing. 

Stay cozy!


PS: thank you for the snoring help! Pug slept on the couch last night but I got to stay in bed :D  I think a D-I-E-T might be coming soon. 

PPS: my perfect sweater also comes in turquoise


mlb7791 said...

Oh Dutch!! That is the most perfect sweater!!! I am so happy for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is A-MAZE-ZING!! I'm just sad that website doesn't have it in a size that will fit my doggies!

Mercy said...

Dear Dutchy,
Your sweater certainly is a-maze-ing!! Nobody wears pink better than you, studmuffin! And what's going on with you smiling at Droid's creepy eye?? You're becoming quite the Supermodel yourself. (Look out Pug, you've got serious competition!). Have a great weekend w/Thumbs and Pug :)
Untill next Friday,
Kisses, Kisses,

Meredith LeBlanc said...

You two are adorbs!

Meredith & Scarlet

Mary Ann said...

That sweater looks AMAZING on you, Dutch!

Butch and Sundance said...

Dutch, YOu look absolutely AMAAAAAAZING in your new sweater...and I think Puglet looks just a wee bit jealous....Keep on rockin that new look!

Barbara said...

That is a most awesome sweater and it is PERFECT for you!! I'm so happy for you!

Suki said...

Hi Dutch,

I loooovvveee your pink, flowery, skully sweater! You look GREAT!


Paco & Jackie said...

Dutch! You rock pink! That sweater is Awesome!! Pug, your sweater is cool too! You guys look great!
Paco the Pug.

Anonymous said...

Hot, Dutch, Hot!!!

Sammy and Neko

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

You rock Dude! You look so cool in that sweater! I mean it is the best and can't believe you found it in pink!! How lucky can you get? I bet everyone that sees you is gonna want one just like it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my pugness Dutch!!! Pink, skulls, flowers, and your adorable smile? I tell ya big guy, my little Rosie is starting to stare at you AND Puglet. Your sweater looks perfect on you sir. So happy your Mom found it for you.
Megan with Rosie, Madgie, Emmett& Dalia

Anonymous said...

That sweater is YOU, babe! Love, Megan F & Lola Pug

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Love both your sweaters!
Glad you got the bed, poor pug though! Not his fault he snores! Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Chang from Chicago said...


Brittany said...

That IS awesome!!


Anonymous said...

Pure perfection!

Anonymous said...

Best pink sweater I have ever seen. What a scene stealer. You are soooo cute

luv monkeypig

Noodle said...

OMP!! We love your sweater, Dutch!!! Our momma loves the sugar skull and thinks it's totally cool. She says she'd never be able to knit a sweater that's THAT cool.

Oh, and momma is totally tickled that Pug still wears his sweater. (Don't tell her we told you.)

Stay dry out there!
Snorts and grunts,
Noodle (& Mochi)

Ollie said...

That sweater was made for you!!

Carlos Santana said...

You look simply gorgeous in your new sweater, Dutch! A beautiful, dignified gentleman and ever so fashionable.
Well, about snoring and pugs, I was going to write to you but then my thumbs fell ill.

I snore like hell, excuse my language and as it happens my human got so much used to it that she cannot sleep without my snoring. Before me, she had to use classical music to fall asleep. See, I am saving on energy costs as well, apart from the comfort I am giving her.

And - she snores, too. So I guess we are giving nightly concerts, luckily there is no audience. But I love her, never mind her snorning.

Your pug friend Carlos Santana from Berlin