Friday, June 27, 2014

DUTCH FRIDAY: slight panic

Hi again! I'm a little anxious right now so I can't completely tell you how amazing our trip to the spa was, or that our hike in the redwoods was soooo Zen.




I don't know if you've noticed, but humans talk a lot. Even quiet humans like mine. I used to try to understand every word but it was very exhausting so now I mostly just listen for my name, important words about food or love and clues that something bad might happen. 

Bad things like what our human said yesterday:

Blah blah blah so we don't die driving back down the mountain.

So much scary!

ME: what do you think that means?
PUG: uh, that she doesn't want to kill us?
ME: and the mountain part??
PUG: oh, right. Hmmmm. Uh. Ooooooh!

The way he said ooooooh made the words die and mountain feel even scarier and bad. 

ME: ooooooh what? What ooooooh?!?
PUG: dude, it's Pride weekend. 
ME: ???
PUG: you know, camping?
ME: oooooh. Noooooo!

If you've never spent the night in a tent (or NOT in a tent), camping is almost worse than dying on a mountain. It is dirty, there are bugs, you are forced to eat out of baggies. Camping practically *is* dying on a mountain! 


Pug says I'm a princess for feeling this way about the "great outdoors" but I believe the outdoors are much, much greater when you aren't forced to sleep in them. Walking through the trees is zen. Sleeping with them, not so much.

Ok. Breathe. Breathe.
My human could have been talking about a movie, right? Or a book? Probably a book. Pug could be wrong. Maybe this year we will stay in the city with the naked people and become one with the rainbows. We could watch the parade!!  

Breathe. Breathe.

I'll let you know next week. If we survive.

Kisses with kisses on top,



Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Oh man....we feel how scared you are Dutch...don't blame ya! Hope you can just hang out with the bare skin peeps and not have to be out in the wild woods!! parades are nice...right?

Anonymous said...

Dutch, I totally agree with you, no sleeping in the beautiful outdoors and I am a bigger princess than you because I need an american standard toilet! Nothing wrong with a few streakers.

Bunk The Pug said...

Oh my! Good luck! My mama hates any and all things camping (or whatever else might get you dirty, sick, bit, etc) so my papa and I would never use the world camping in front of her. If you've got enough kibble, you're good to go.

Unknown said...

Dutch and pug. Ernie vacated the city as well. Naked people scare him. He is new to camping so not sure.

Charlie the Pugster said...

Oh Dutch, I don't like camping either! The outdoors is just too big at night! A bear could just come in and sleep with you! Or maybe even SIT on you while you are sleeping! Ugh, it's dark nearly everywhere at night! Maybe your human could camp without you two!

Julie, Quin the Pug and Stuart the. Not-Pug said...

Dutchie, maybe you could sleep in Mazda, instead of the tent? No dirt, no bugs, solid walls, a nice cushion?

Harry the pug from Oz said...

Dutch and Pug it'll be ok cause your much loved! Can't wait it hear about it!!!! Love you Mariah and Harry xxxx