Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I got soooo distracted by the whole destiny/parrot thing that I completely forgot about the baseball game we went to last Friday.

Not just any baseball game - this was a real, professional baseball game in a big giant stadium with hot dogs and popcorn and everything. Once a year they let dogs come and watch and our spotted friends Miley and Boka's human got us a few tickets (THANKS Laurie!). The teams playing were the Oakland A's and Los Angeles Angels and I think we wanted the A's to win.

Honestly, it was a little hard to follow the game at first. I know all about baseballs, but the rest was a bit confusing. I also didn't understand that the little white specs down on the field were just people. Kinda freaked me out when they started running around. Both teams looked exactly the same to me, so I wasn't sure how I'd know if/when our team was the one doing the right thing. Luckily whenever our team did something good, everyone nearby would get all excited and ywll real loud. That definitely made it easier to follow along.

By the third inning thing, I was totally into the game (and brother Dutch was fast asleep under a blanket, dressed in his bandana "Babushka", apparently just like last year). Our team ended up winning 7-3 and I got to eat a nacho, part of a hot dog and a whole lot of popcorn. Gotta love this baseball thing! Can't wait til next year.

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chasingtales2 said...

Love Puglet's little A's scarf!