Friday, August 21, 2009


So, yesterday we were at the dog park and I overheard my human talking about me. What she said went something like this:

Yeah, have to admit - I never really understood the whole Pug thing until now. I used to think they were just these weird little alien dogs. Y'know - kinda like E.T.

Alright, she said other things too. Like how wrong she was and how I'm the greatest dog ever, etc., etc. But the alien thing kinda bugged me. I also had no idea what an "E.T." is and wasn't sure if I could count it as a compliment.

When I asked my human for an explanation, she just laughed it off and kissed me on the head
. So of course I ran straight to Google for answers. And Google did help me find E.T. - "The Extra Terrestrial".... but now I have a whole new set of questions. Like, is that really what I look like??


Taryn said...

What a great post! Puglet really does look like E.T. I enjoy your blog and all the fun photos!

THE PUGLET said...

I really look like E.T.? Really??

And is that a good thing?

Like, is E.T. cute? It's kinda hard to tell...

Rosie the Party Pug said...

My Dog Dad says that when he goes to Pug meet ups it reminds him of some movie called "Close Encounters" when the aliens come out of the space ship. But he also tells me what a cute little puggie I am so who's ot say.

Mimi the mischeif pug said...

My human says how beautiful I am multiple times a day, Of course she says it in that silly baby talk.. " Oh how boodefull you is Mimi! Ur da most boodefull puggy in da hole wurld!" As long as she keeps giving me treats, I'll put up with it I suppose.

And you only kinda look like ET when wrapped up in that towel. Without the towel it's obvious you are different from an alien

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that someone must have had a pug when they created ET, the head tilt alone is absolute pug!