Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I was really happy when the balloons started to grow. Y'know, after waking up at 4:30 - in the morning - to see them all. Pretty soon, they were sprouting up everywhere.

I learned it takes *awhile* to blow up a great big giant balloon, so instead of standing around waiting for them to be full, we went looking for The Bees. We lots of nice people along the way (and only one or two meanies who grumped at my human for bringing us). For the record, the festival website said 'dogs get spooked by all the people and unpredictable sounds that balloons make, so please leave your pets at home!' -- but technically, no one said ever dogs couldn't go to the festival. I mean, we weren't afraid of the balloons. Even brother Dutch liked them.


It didn't take long to find The Bees; lots and LOTS of other people wanted to see them too. While The Bees were busy inflating, I met the pilot of Joey Bee (the blue one). His name was Todd and, being a pilot and all, he knew all sorts of stuff about flying. I told him all about my flying dream, about Operation Kitty Hawk. He told me all about flying, and about his Mini Pinscher dog.

My human asked Todd if I could get in his Bee's basket, so I could get a feel for what it's like to be a real flying pilot. Todd was really nice and said he'd see what he could do. When I heard that, I almost peed with joy. A real balloon's basket? With a real flying pilot? Yeah!

The only problem with the basket was that I was too short to see out of it. Pilot Todd apologized and explained that balloon baskets aren't really made to for Pugs. I didn't mind though. I still got to see the inside and Pilot Todd showed me how everything works.

I now know why my earlier flying attempt didn't work. I now know you need the following things to fly: a great big balloon, a basket, and some rope... a giant fan, tanks of gas, a little bit of fire, and someone like Pilot Todd, who knows what they're doing.


dw said...

Wow, that's great that you got to see the inside of the basket! And I'm so glad you didn't miss the balloons! You are indeed one lucky pug!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing about your adventures with the balloons! Hey maybe some day you will get to fly...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet - glad you got to see the Bee Balloon!

We're still voting for you - have you heard if you won anything yet?


THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, they had to tip the basket over so I could see inside. I had no idea everything would be so.... big. It was all very exciting. And TOTALLY worth sitting in traffic for.

And Frodo (+ everyone else).. thanks bunches for voting! The voting stops Sept 20 and on Sept 21, we'll find out if I won (paws crossed!).

My human says we can enter every week, so she took another picture of me & the soda yesterday. I'll have her post it so you all can see.

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! What a great adventure at the balloon festival. It must have been so cool to see all the big balloons despite two meanies who didn't want you there. If they don't want dogs to attend, they should just say "No dogs allowed".

Being too short is the story of my life. I have problems in the car, in the kitchen, everywhere. I'm so glad the pilot tipped the basket so you could see all the cool stuff inside.

Funny little story - a balloon was flying above our backyard and it was really low. The field where they land the balloons was a few miles away, but it looked like they were going to land in our park. I wasn't scared, but you could see the people's faces in the balloon and they were a little concerned.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...


So you have Popeyes AND foxes AND balloons where you live?? Can I come live with you?!?

Funny, my human flew in a balloon once and she said theirs landed in the parking lot of an office building. I guess flying and steering don't always go together?

Stubby said...

Of course you can come live with me but I'm betting that your human and brother Dutch would miss you terribly.

I can't bring the foxes or balloons to you, but I can send some Popeye's. It's delicious and I'm sure you will love it.

Pee-s: My dad is on an airplane from San Francisco to Chicago right now. He has been there all week and I can't wait until he gets home. I never get to go to San Francisco.

THE PUGLET said...


Yeah, I guess I'd be missed. I have an idea though - since you never get to go to San Francisco, and I never get to eat Popeyes, maybe we could switch places for a little while?

You could keep Dutch and my human company, and I could help your people eat their Popeyes. I mean, we're both pugs. I'm sure no one would notice. Whaddya think?

Stubby said...

That is a great idea! You are so smart Puglet.

Do you like the snow? If so, then we could switch places this winter. I don't like the snow anymore, not like I did when I was a baby. I would love to spend some time this winter in a warmer climate.

THE PUGLET said...

Uh, what's snow??