Monday, March 15, 2010


When I woke up yesterday, my human said she had a big day planned for us. First, I was going to learn agility. I've been waiting for like years to try agility and it turns out our spotted friends Boka and Miley have a practice course in their back yard. After agility, we'd go to Pug Sunday (East Bay style) and have some more fun.

Sounded to me like the best day ever made.

So we did the agility stuff. And by we, I really mean me. Dutch was sort of afraid and Frank just ate cookies. I went up and over this giant A-shaped thing, weaved through polls, jumped over a jump waaay higher than it should have been for a pug like me, and ate lots of cheddar goldfish. Except for a scary see-saw thingy that whacked me on the head, it was all fun and not at all scary.

After I'd eaten about half a bag of goldfish, my human said it was time to take a break. I wasn't ready to stop having fun, so when Miley started a game of chase I was all for it.

But Miley is FAST and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't catch her. So I decided to go with a Plan B: the ambush. I would let her come to me then BAM! launch a surprise attack. So I waited and then BAM! Except the BAM! wasn't me doing any kind of ambush. The BAM! was Miley plowing into me at mach speed.

My human didn't get a picture of the BAM!, but Miley The Destroyer did the exact same thing to Flat Puglet last week right when her human happened to be taking a picture:

Miley didn't mean to hurt me, but after the BAM! it was really hard to walk. One of my front legs hurt so much I wouldn't let it touch the ground. I'm usually a pretty tough guy, so this totally freaked out the humans. There was lots of poking, an ice pack and a pill that made me feel good.

Thanks to the stupid gimpy leg, there was no Pug Sunday for me yesterday. Don't worry - I'm doing better today. A little gimpy, but I can still woop Frank's snail-tailed butt at Couch King.

* * *

Today the flat me visits a pack of very cool recycled Bassett hounds in Florida. He meets a space dude, a spider and some other native creatures.... and gets his very own special Haiku.

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Noodle said...

Hiya, Puglet!

Noodle here. I'm new to this blog stuff, but my new human family thought I'd enjoy reading yours. I had no idea there were so many adventures to be had. I've been missing out!

So, yesterday my humans had a big day planned for me as well. We went to someplace called a "dog park." There were a bunch of dogs of all sizes and smells and they all came with their humans (who all sat off to the side chatting with each other.) Can you tell me what I'm supposed to do in a place like that? There were SO MANY smells! I was off exploring every inch of this place and my humans kept saying I should run and play. Who has time?! I tried to pee everywhere everydog peed, but I ran dry. What's a pug to do?

How do you do it? How do you have time for all these adventures when there's so much sniffing and peeing that needs to be done?! My humans said we'll go there more often and then maybe I will be more familiar with the place, relax, and play. I dunno, that place is HUGE!

By the way, today's featured Flat Puglet was here at my forever home the day I arrived! While he was here, I had to do all the peeing! That guy NEVER pees!!

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh no Puglet! I hope your leg is all better, gosh not a good weekend all around for us pugs! I know Spencer was bummed you didn't make the east bay pug Sunday. I always have to miss it because mom works. If I was there I would kiss your gimpy leg and make it feel all better.
I'm glad you liked agility....I have to wait until I'm older, but mom says she's going to have me give it a try. I am glad you got all those cookies, running around should always mean more food!

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry that I hurt you, I didn't mean to. I was just so excited to see you. Please come and play again I will try not to run so fast so that you can catch me.

Miley - not the destroyer

Archie and Melissa said...

hi puglet!
oh we are so glad you are feeling better today! you look so happy in agility training.
we cannot wait to see more!
m & e

Arlo The Pug said...

Poor Puglet! I'm sorry you had to miss out on pug Sunday. Maybe your human will make it up to you with treats, or going to the park... But I do hope it feels all better soon so take it easy and milk it for all its worth! hehe. Love, arlo.

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Big bummer about the gimpy leg but at least you got to do cool agility stuff. My dad heads to East Bay tomorrow and you know what that means - no Popeyes this week. Ugh! I told him not to eat any while he's out there or else. Mom and I plan to do some catching up on the bloggy while he's gone.

Stubby xoxo

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

I'm so glad you got to try agility. I hope someday you'll be competing with us. I hope your leg feels better. I have a big sister, Snap, who doesn't know her own strength. Mom says Boxers are "all feet", and is terrified that she'll break us someday. Hasn't happened yet - we're sturdy, us pugs.

Arnie the agility pug

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Noodle!

Welcome to the blogosphere :)

Don't worry - dog parks can take some getting used to. It took Dutch 6 months to learn what they were all about (he's kinda slow) and I usually just skip the playing and hang out on people's laps. Sooo many laps to sit on!

Thanks for picking up the peeing slack for FP. I think he was holding it in until he got to Denver so he could write his name in the snow. That little show-off!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Bella-T ~

I feel totally good today, but I'm stuck on leash for a few days just in case. How are the tonsils? [backstory: BellaT ended up in the ER with a wad of grass wrapped around her tonsils].

THE PUGLET said...

Is OK Miley, I know you were born without brakes and didn't mean to BAM! me.

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh - thanks Arlo!

I totally forgot about milking it. I think I feel a limp coming on....

THE PUGLET said...

M & E + Arnie ~

Yeah, agility is fun. I'm going to enter a beginner contest and see what happens. Even if I come in last place, it'll be fun and there will be cookies.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Stubbs.

I'm still super bummed you're not coming to SF. I think I have a plan though. More soon.....

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Get well Puglet! Guess what??? I went to my first pug event EVER yesterday! FP and I went to SNRP's St. Pugtrick's Day and had so super much fun! My Mommy will e-mail you all the photos soon! Pug Hugs, Las Vegas Lola

Smushie Ranch said...

We're bummed to hear you didn't make it your Pug convention. You and Frank should both ambush Miley!

Stella, Gunther and Betty

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet man- we missed you & Bellatrix at PugSun yesterday. It's not the same without my favorite buddies there. I am glad to hear both you & Bellatrix are feeling much better and, with the weather getting better, we'll hopefully see more of each other real soon! Agility sounds real cool and with all your posing abilities I bet you rock. You're so smart and listen to your human really well too, I hope we all get to see you in action someday. The only thing I can do is climb on picnic tables and leap off the human doesn't like when I do that though..she thinks I'll break my curly tail or something. I only do it to show off in front of Bellatrix; she likes to leap through the tall grass so I bet she'd be good at agility too.